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Omnikinght - Crusade to Peace

May 4, 2012 by DimensiO
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Crusade to Peace

DotA2 Hero: Omniknight

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7


2 12 13 14

Hammer Of Purity

4 8 9 10

Guardian Angel

6 11 16


15 17 18

Omnikinght - Crusade to Peace

May 4, 2012


Hi and thanks for selecting this Omniknight - Crusade to Peace guide.

Hopefully I haven't disgusted you with my items choices.
Sorry I can't create a better first impression but keep reading on and
I'll explain my choices and why this is in my opinion a very succesful
build for the Omniknight.

I suggest you read this guide instead of just using the item build and skill order.
Making this build work is about how you use the items/skills and not in wich order you place them.


So you might be wondering where are all the stat items? Where are the boots?
Well the thing is that you don't need them with omniknight.
Lets take a look at the choices step by step and I'll explain what they are
for and how to use them.


Use these to restore health instead of Purification.

You're playing the main support so this is a must.

RECIPE: You can buy the needed items to for the
soul ring at the second shop while laning.
This will help your team because the courier has one less hero to bring items to.

-Observer ward: If another player has bought the courier
already then you can buy some wards instead.


The first 3 items should be finished within the first 5-10 minutes of the game.
Try to get as much Last Hits as possible. This is oke because you will start
roaming when its finished and your allie will get all the Last Hits and XP he wants.

The soul ring will remove all your mana problems.

Time saver.

If you have bought wards instead of the courier
then you can skip this.
So your build is done and now you're going to start roaming.
Before you leave your allie, you will have to give him some wards
to keep him safe from ganks.

This item will give you pushing power and add a healing ability.
Buy the Ring of Regen first and then the headdress. Then finish the Mekanism.


This will probably be your last item and a great help.
It gives you a disable and movement speed which solves our boots problem.

Say you are winning and have some spare change.
Buy this book to strenghten yourself and add some pushing power to finish
the game faster.


If you need them or allies ask for them, buy them.


If you're going into late game you will have to choose one of these items to
strenghten your team even more. Analyze your own and your enemy team and choose wisely.

If you have lots of casters then this will give them a nice
offensive boost. Think of Zeus, Lina, Leshrac...

Grants everyone lifesteal. This one is handy to buy if you
have dps heroes and they didnt buy it themselves.

This one is also for the dps heroes but also helps the
slow hitting strenght heroes.


Slighty helps on the offensive side but choose this one if you
cant keep everyone alive.

When the enemy has realized that you are the one that is keeping
everyone alive they could send the dpsers to kill you first. If you start to have trouble
with this then buy the Ghost scepter.

Buy this if the enemy casters are dominating your team.


You should have all the support items you need before considering to buy this.
I know it looks silly to not buy boots in the early game. But trust me when I say
you don't need them. It saves you 500+ gold, this could be used for finishing your
Core items much faster.

Buy these if heroes like Tiney, Leshrac and other mana dependent
heroes are having mana issues.



Think about using this one first. If a player starts insisting you heal him in the early game then you are just throwing mana away. When you have a Soul Ring with a Regen Ring it is oke. But players should be able to take care of themselves.


Repel should be picked once and stacked last because in the earlygame you want players to run out of combat and then heal them so they can get back in.
A lvl 1 repel lasts 6 seconds while a lvl 4 lasts 12. You will have to wait 6 seconds more to be able to heal your ally. Midgame battles are very important so you need to keep them all in battle. A lot can happen in 6 seconds, you can lose the ods without one hero or they can catch up and kill the hero with repel on because you couldn't heal him.

Offensive: Throw this one on the carry first so he can start killing.
Defensive: Save it for the person who has the best pushing abilities.


Maxing this out second helps with ganks but also helps you run away from battles.
This is one of the reasons why you don't need boots.


You can use this one in various situations. Big teambattles, or saving someone from a gank where dpsers are involved. Maybe after a strong push and give players some hp regeneration if your Mekanism isn't finished yet.

How to play


Focus on finishing your early game items somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes. When you have finished the Soul Ring and bought the Flying courier leave the ally to farm. Before leaving him drop a ward so that he knows if a gank is coming.

Leaving the lane and not farming is the most imporant part part of getting this build to work. Omniknight isn't supposed to farm and it will take forever to get the build finished till the core. The best way is to support the other two lanes and get assist kills and towers.

Head over to mid and try to get a gank down. If it fails continue to the bottom lane where you will start to push. When the tower is down go to mid and do the same. By this time the top lane player should be farmed and ready to join the teambattles. Push the third tower and then just stick with the group.


If you're doing a great job people will simply follow you because you will keep them alive. So you're kinda deciding the pacing of the game. Let everyone know where to start pushing so that they are all together, this is where Omniknight starts to shine.

Try to stay on the move while playing Omniknight, stay in the back so they don't initiate on you. Then when the battle starts watch your team not the enemy and keep them all fighting.
Dota rewards agression and some new players tend to run away while the deciding moment is there. Try to get them back in there as soon as possible.

Don't start explaining your build to everyone or discuss about every choice you're making.
It will aggrevate everyone bacause they don't udnerstand the build and lead to a loss.
You're simply taking initiative, if they don't follow then just follow the players that always stick with eachoter.

Final words

Accepting this build can be hard, don't throw it away if it fails the first time.
Timing is important but also leaving the lane early game.

I hope you find the time and effort to test this build a couple of times and let me know how it went.

Thank you for reading and good luck!


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