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Mid please!

October 19, 2012 by Silent
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DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

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Morning everybody!
Silent here with a guide to Phantom Assasin.. IN MID LANE!!!1!! By now most of you are scrolling long down to add a comment telling me that PA is not a mid hero and she should never be played there, but hold your horses. Please finish reading this guide and try it THEN tell me she's not a mid lane hero :D. Till then Enjoy.

I dont consider myself pro or think that this guide is 100% perfect. It's my first time writing one and i understand that people are smarter than me so if you have any critisim or suggestions please comment i'll use them to mend this guide :D

Oh and sorry for any ****ty grammer or spelling mistakes :D

Who not to play against.

So far there's 2 heroes i'd avoid in mid. Now most of the time if you play smart you can still beat these guys in mid lane but if your reactions and decisions making skills aren't very good you will lose to them.

The first hero I would avoid is a Quas Wex Invoker. This guy has a lot disabling moves. You should be able to harass with no problems but the HP regeneration he gets from Quas can make your harassing useless if you don't keep at it. If you do play against him you Stifling Dagger to scare him away from creeps and farm and go in for kills when you know cold snap is on cooldown.

The other hero is Puck. Now puck cant really hurt you, no one can really hurt you if you play the way I've told you to play. What makes puck a pain in the *** is Phase Shift. Remember you should never go in to attack an enemy hero unless you are sure you will get a kill or think that they will run away instead of attacking you. To get an opponent's health you will use Stifling Dagger but Puck can easily avoid it with Phase Shift. This means that unless the creeps are on your side he will avoid all your harassment and will probably end up harassing you.

Like I've said you can beat anyone in mid. it all depends on how smart you play and on how good they are. IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE AT MID LEAVE AND LET SOMEONE ELSE TAKE OVER

Phantom Assassin's Lore

Through a process of divination, children are selected for upbringing by the Sisters of the Veil, an order that considers assassination a sacred part of the natural order. The Veiled Sisters identify targets through meditation and oracular utterances. They accept no contracts, and never seem to pursue targets for political or mercenary reasons. Their killings bear no relation to any recognizable agenda, and can seem to be completely random: A figure of great power is no more likely to be eliminated than a peasant or a well digger. Whatever pattern the killings may contain, it is known only to them. They treat their victims as sacrifices, and death at their hand is considered an honor. Raised with no identity except that of their order, any Phantom Assassin can take the place of any other; their number is not known. Perhaps there are many, perhaps there are few. Nothing is known of what lies under the Phantom Veil. Except that this one, from time to time, when none are near enough to hear, is known to stir her veils with the forbidden whisper of her own name: Mortred.


Starting Items

Quelling Blade
Quelling Blade for Obvious reason. You will need to farm a lot Quelling blade gives you that extra damage to not only last hit but also to deny so that you can control where you your creeps fight in your lane :)

Ring of Protection
The reason you're really getting this item is to build it into a Ring of Basilius but the extra armour does come handy even though most of your opponent attacks should not hit you if you play early game right.

A nice healing item. 115HP isn't a lot but its enough during the early stages. If you know you're about to go in for a kill or to harass, take one of these for a little advntage over you're opponent

Early Game

Ring of Basilius
This item right here my friend! THIS ITEM RIGHT HERE! Is what makes you great at harassing The bonus damage helps with last hitting and denying while the MP regeneration allows you to spam Stifling Dagger. You want to get this as soon as possible, which shouldn't be a problem if your farming properly.

Mortred has a high base movement speed so you can actually go for the Blades of attack first and then the boots of speed. I prefer the boots of speed so that once you hit a target with your Stifling Dagger you can Phantom Strike to your opponent hit them 3 times before they can get under their tower :).

Perseverance is a great item since you allows you to regenerate HP and MP at a decent rate. This will allow you to remain in your lane for a decent amount of time and will also help get you back to a decent HP and MP after you just ganked :D Its also an item you will need to build your Battle fury.


Battle fury
This item makes you deadly in team fights. You should be around level 11 when you finish your Battle Fury. Your Coup De Grace should be at level 2 so your critical hits should hit around 600 damage. With the cleave it adds, farming a whole creep wave can now be done in 4-5 hits :D
Battle Fury, you are mine.

Black King Bar
Bonus STR and attack :D but most importantly the ability to go magic immune! This is a must buy for Mortred. Mortred is a squishy hero.. When their attacks hit. Unfortunately there's no missing when comes to magic spells 1 stun and you are most likely to die, so magic immunity is real important for Mortred. Just pop this off and kill all their squishy heroes :D
Black King Bar! They can't stop me now!


Vladmir's Offering
Time to finish off that little Ring of Basilius you got there. Vlads is a very nice item. The Aura from it will also help your team makes in team fights and the life steal will keep you alive in team fights. Yes this can be replaced with a Helm of the Dominator but I find Vlads easier to buy since you already own a Ring of Basilius plus I prefer the Aura it gives out.

Skull Basher
This late in game other carries with Critial hits will be able to kill you depending on whos side luck is on lol. With the high burst of speed you get from Phantom Strike you should be able to stun them with the passive given to you from a Skull Basher. Although its only a 1.4 second stun, that's a lovely windows to land 2 attacks and if you're lucky one of them might be a critical hit which by now should do around 1000 damage :D


So they're still putting up a fight? Well turn your Skull Basher into an Abyssal Blade and Buy a Heart of Tarrasque. You should no longer be dying. Stun their carry and kill them then kill everyone else =\


Stifling Dagger
This skill right here is what lets you harass a **** ton. At level 6 it will do 100 damage cost 15 MP and have an 8 second cool down. Most people use this skill for last hitting in mid lane it does more than that if you play smart you can remain in melee distance to last hit while throwing a dagger at your opponent every 8 seconds to harass and keep them away. When most people are hit they move back because they expect you to Phantom Strike to them, don't unless you are 99% sure you can get a kill or just want to scare them away. Once you reach level 5 The MP cost is so low that you will never actually run out of MP using this spell with a Ring of Basilius. Well you might.. but you probably wont.
Phantom Strike
Phantom Strike is a great skill. After hitting a target with a Stifling Dagger, use this and because of their low movement speed you should be able to get in 3 easy hits before they can get anywhere. Use this as soon as you throw your dagger. You can also use this as an escape tool since you can use it on allies. Although its not something you should depend on unless you have friends on some type of mic chat and you can ask them to get into range for you to use it.

An amazing passive this is, a truly amazing passive. First lets start off the dodge chance it gives you. This dodge chance is what usually saves your life when you make a mistake. Towers, Creeps and Heroes.. MISS MISS MISS! Turret diving with this skill is beyond fun. There's nothing better than surviving with 50hp after tower diving and then dodging the turret hits as you limp back to your side of the map. Secondly, Transparency. When an enemy hero is close you will go transparent, what does this mean? YOU SHOULD NEVER BE CAUGHT OUT WHEN THEY TRY TO GANK YOU. Make sure you watch her body. If she goes transparent and your mid lane opponent is nowhere near then fall back a bit and start farming with your dagger.
Thirdly, not appearing on the enemies mini-map. This might not seem helpful but when their jungler looks at their mini-map and sees there's no one in mid for him to gank he will not gank mid :D. Same goes with 1 on 1 fights unless the person you are fighting call for help or their allies are smart enough to actually check using their cursor then no one will know you are slaughtering someone lol

Coup De Grace

How something so deadly sounds so lovely I have no idea. This ulti is what makes you a straight up O.G KILLER SON! Yes 15% chance rate is low but the damage it does if you do get when it does happen is amazing. At level 6 Expect to hit around 200, Level 11: 600 and Level 16?! OVER ONE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!! This skill is why it's nice to have an level advantage with Mortred.

Play style

Level 1-11
First make sure you team-mates know you plan on going mid with Mortred. Just say MID PLEASE during character select and then beg them to allow you to go mid. They will call you ******ed and will laugh. What usually helps is if you tell them that if you die or find it too hard you will switch lanes.

Once that is done buy your Tango, Ring of Protections and Quelling Blade and head to the mid lane . STOP at the stairs near the tower and barracks. You will have to creep block this is because having the height advantage when fighting in mid lane means that you opponent has a 25% chance to miss you and the creeps. This lets you last hit and deny everything while always keeping him in vision to harass with your Stifling Blade. Take a look at the image bellow.
The Red box is where you want the creeps fighting. If its to close to the turret it will start hitting the enemy creep and will push your lane. If its to close to the bottom There will you opponent will not have the miss rate from being at a height below the creeps. Also notice that because of where the creeps are fighting invoker is always on in my vision. From that range I can harass him with a Stifling Dagger without him hitting me.

Don't only last hit it is the most important thing but since your opponent has a miss rate try to deny whenever you can. If you harass properly he shouldn't even get close enough to last hit a creep.

OH NO SILENT MY LANE HAS BEEN PUSHED. IDIOT! jk jk. It will happen every once in a while we are not perfect if it does happen and you are level 6 with boots of speed then go gank even if they close to their tower gank them if they are around 50% hp. They are most likely to be level 4-5 so they are weak and slow and have low armour. Use your Q to slow them down to make them even slower then Phantom strike in and you might get a critical hit in ;D. If you cant gank just go pick up a rune or harass.

Remember to rune control its really important against an opponent that is carrying a bottle. Even if they're ahead of you just use Stifling Dagger and blink to them then laugh as you beat them to the rune :D

Level 11+
You want to farm till you can buy your Battle furry. Just keep doing everything the same way you were doing it before. Gank whenever you can and harass all the time. Once you get your battle fury you will be overextending you're lane a lot so try to last hit and hit your opponent with cleave damage while harassing with Stifling dagger. Once they give 300-400 health go in for the kill. At level 11 Your Critical hits will do 600 damage so you will kill them very fast and very easily. Some people prefer to go in with Phantom strike first then hit them with Stifling dagger, don't. You want to throw your dagger first then Phantom strike in. If you get the timing right your dagger should hit by the time you've teleported to them allowing you to use Phantom strike to its full potential


Since I've planned on starting a YouTube gaming channel for a while now, I'll record a 10-15 Min video of me playing PA in mid with me explaining what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. Hopefully it will help people understand a little bit more about the way I play her, but first I have to find a match were my team-mates will allow me to play PA in mid lane lol. If I cant find one ill just do a voice-over over a previous game :D

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