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Magina Anti-Loss guide

April 7, 2015 by WordZero
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Bfury rush

DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

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Mana Break

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Magina Anti-Loss guide

April 7, 2015


This is the first guide I have made on DotaFire, so if this guide has grammar problems or is short ect, everyone has to start somewhere. It'll be good. Now this guide is for Anti-Mage, an extremly strong hard carry that can both farm and kill quickly, although your main power will be with the lategame. Although other carrys will outcarry you the point of anti-mage is that he can farm up 6 slots quickly.

What is Anti-mage?

What he is:

A hard carry best for late-midgame/early-lategame
A strong mana drain hero
A hero with an easy escape
A hero who is very tanky to magic damage
An extremly fast farmer, especially with Bfury

What he isn't:
A semi carry
A support
An early game hero
Tanky (until lategame)
The hardest hard carry


Mana Break
Mana Break is what gives Anti-Mage huge damage to enemy heroes. Your right clicks will both drain 28/40/52/64 mana per hit, but also deals 60% of that burned mana as bonus damage. This is very strong throughout the game, for it can be used early game to harass the enemy, especially melee heroes where you can trade hits with ease, and also in late game when you have high attack speed mana break will deal huge damage to opponents, but thats only if they have mana. If they have no mana, or they are a creep with no mana, you will deal normal damage. But if they are a hero with no mana, then its time to use your ulti on them, which I shall explain later. This is the reason why Manta style is great on Anti-Mage for the Mana Break works with illusions.

Anti-mage's blink is technically the best blink in the game, the distance travelled being almost as much as blink dagger, and at level 4 a 5 second cooldown. So basically if they don't have constant disables to stop you from blinking, nor do they have physical burst damage, then it is an amazingly easy escape. You should use this to easily chase or escape, this makes up for your lack of disables. This also means that you can farm even easier in the jungle, just blink around the jungle going from camp to camp, killing them and moving on, and thanks to the mana regen from Bfury, your blink will hardly cost you.

Spell Shield
This move is easy to understand. It does what it says, its a spell shield. It gives you a huge amount of magic resistance, up to 50% more magic resist. It means that any magic damage hero won't really do anything at all to Anti-mage, so he can fight against those high magic burst heroes without much harm.

Mana Void
This move goes very well with his Mana Break, all you got to do is hit them a few times, then ult them with this and it will do a huge amount of burst damage to the target, and the same amount of damage to everyone else in its AoE. It also does a very small stun time, so if there is an Enigma on the other team getting a 4-man Black Hole but forgot to use his BKB, then its time for you to ruin his day.

Yeah, stats. You'll need these earlygame so that your not a twig. And the int helps if you need to spam out your blink. It sounds boring just going for stats, but earlygame, these will be heaven for you.



    Need stats, so the Iron Branches are very helpful.
    Need regen to stay on the lane to farm.
    Now for the quelling blade/stout shield. If you are sure you are going up against only melee, or you will have good support and you can get the easy last hits, then get the quelling blade. If anything else, like against ranged, or you will get harassed a lot then the stout shield is a must. You can pick up the quelling blade after you get your bfury for fast farming.
Early game:
    Pick up boots, for you know.....speed and such.
    Get ring of regen first, for you can get it in the side shop.
    Then get the
Battle Fury. Whatever order you get the components in is fine I just prefer the mana regen and extra damage of the Perseverance.

Mid game:
Power Treads. You know, need attack speed for anti-mage and such.
If you are going to get Vlads, now will be your time. The thing is if you get the bfury at a decent time and your farm is safe in your jungle don't get this.
Yasha. Damage dealing and so forth. Can make into Manta whenever.
Manta Style for illusions use Mana break too.

Late game:
Skull Basher. Your attack speed will be decent by now so this item wrecks.
Heart of Tarrasque so you and your illusions are basically unkillable.
Butterfly. Huge damage, attack speed, and those lovely stats.
Boots of Travel to get to those fights fast and to stop wasting money on TP scrolls.
Upgrade your Basher into an Abyssal Blade, for the stun, and huge damage.

Assault Cuirass helps you push, if your team is 5-man, or if your team has a carry that's doing better than you to support that carry.
Monkey King Bar is if they have some kind of evasion, example:PA
Divine Rapier if you are really behind in the game and need a desperate chance. If you are ahead, I wouldn't recommend getting this item because of the throw chance.
Vladmir's Offering again, if you need to flash farm it up, or if your team has a few melee heroes. It is better if someone else on your team can get it.
Scythe of Vyse because this item is too op. Easy disable, can win games easily. (thanks SatomiCappucino for the suggestion)


Earlygame your gonna wanna farm to hell and back. Farm like mad. Try and get a lane with a support, duel or trilane, and farm it up. You can get kills early with help, because of your mana break damage, but don't waste time. Farm until you can get your battlefury. If its going well, then you might not even need boots until after your bfury. If its going badly, going for vlads instead is fine.

More farming to do here. After you get a few of your core items you can fight, but just try and keep up the farm. Farming is the aim of the game for Anti-mage.

Its time baby. Hopefully, your farmed as hell and can fight like a god. You can split push very well too using your bfury, and you can just win from that.

Friends and foes


Any support hero that can make sure you don't die in the early game and can score you easy kills is a friend of Mr No-magic here. Examples:

Crystal Maiden is strong because of her strong disables in the early game. Also the mana regen is always nice if you need to spam blink a lot, but shouldn't happen much.
Lion is always strong with any carry, due to his high amount of disables and damage early on, and Hex is always strong.
Shadow Shaman again, basically the same as Lion, just instead this hero can give you very early tower pushes,
Vengeful Spirit is just an OP support. Easy stun, can save you with swap, has an armor reduction spell with Wave of Terror
Dazzle can keep you alive easily with Shadow Wave and Shallow Grave, and can reduce enemy armor and keep your armor up.

Foes of the Magina are heroes that have lots of stuns and silences because they will stop you from blinking away from the fight if you are in danger. When you Examples:
Skywrath Mage Ancient Seal is basically impossible to deal with until you have your manta to remove it.
Night Stalker lots of silences, and can chase you down in night.
Troll Warlord the miss chance from his axes will destroy you
Phantom Assassin she will outcarry you and destroy you, also her evasion is a ***** to deal with.

Teh end

Yeah, basically thats how you get the easy wins with Anti-Mage. Check out some of my other guides when I actually make them. This one really wasn't the best, please leave any CONSTRUCTIVE feedback in the comments, thanks.

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