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Magic shall not prevail

November 30, 2011 by bloodelv
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

Hero Skills

Mana Break

2 7 8 14


1 4 9 12


3 5 10 13

Mana Void

6 11 16


15 17 18

Magic shall not prevail

November 30, 2011


Anti-mage or sometimes know as magina is one of the heroes used mostly aganist enemies who depend on casting skills or the presence of mana.but he also got the best escaping mechanism due to Blink which has a superior casting range and 5 cool down seconds at level 4 which is also one of the best chasing mechanism.Building anti-mage is essential to focus on agility and attack speed to maximize the effect of Mana Break and some defence to be able to chase or get kills near towers which is easier because of his blink and base movement speed which is one of the highest base movement speed.Also anti-mage got the ability to endure magical damage thus staying in the battlefield during the gank for a longer time due to spell shield which gives him 50% magical resistance at level 4 which is so unique and what makes anti-mage almost picked when the enemy team got 2 or more intelligence heroes OR the presence of Skeleton King because Mana Break disables the effect of skeleton king ultimate which brings him back to life with full hp after death but although its passive it needs mana to be triggered so the non presence of mana makes skeleton king nearly worthless.
Mana Void is a skill which depends on how much missing mana the enemy got its also a good skill while chasing but also depends that the enemy has a high maximum mana points because after you build agility and attack speed you will probably decrease mana points too fast thus making a higher damage with Mana Void also sometimes used during ganks for its AOE

Pros / Cons

1.good chasing/escaping mechanism
2.huge advantage over intelligence heroes
3.good at tanking spells
so if anti-mage is well fed its pretty hard to kill him or escape from him late match

1.kinda weak 1vs1 early match as he doesnt have damaging skills till level 6
2.needs good farming


Start with Stout Shield and some Tango and Branches
then complete the Vanguard so he can tank skills and physical damage which is more important early match than buying the boots which he doesnt really need at the start because of his 320 base movement speed and the blink.After completing the Vanguard buy Power Treads dont forget to set it on agility then one of the most important items is Manta Style which works good with blink and the high attack speed by forming 2 images of you so when you are fed all you have to do is blink and use manta then keep chasing in 1vs1 battles you will probably have the upper hand because sooner or later the opponent will have no mana and will rely on auto attack and here comes the effect of vanguard and the skill mana void
then i would recommend going for Skull Basher because at this stage you got too much agility and too much attack speed which will increase the rate of stuns or go for Butterfly its up to you.and finally you can buy Vladmir's Offering for life steal

that was all about anti-mage hope it was helpfull

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