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Lina, the 4 strike Nuker

April 12, 2013 by Durin
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Build 1

DotA2 Hero: Lina

Hero Skills

Dragon Slave

2 3 7 9

Light Strike Array

1 4 8 13

Fiery Soul

5 10 12 14

Laguna Blade

6 11 16


15 17 18

Lina, the 4 strike Nuker

April 12, 2013


Welcome to my first guide. As I played Lina a lot in original DotA and now in DotA II, I am doing this guide to show how I manage to build stuff and abilities. English is not my mother language so I am sorry for any inconveniences.

This is my so called "4 strike" build for Lina. Your key features for killing are
Light Strike Array + Dragon Slave + Dagon + Laguna Blade

Items & style

Early game you want to buy Tango 2x to make sure you get enough health on the lane. Lina is a squishy hero and a few hits are enough to lower down her health to half. You will also find yourself using a lot of mana and that's why I always carry a Clarity. Gauntlets of Strength give you a bit of strenght so don't be afraid to harass enemy heroes on the lane. You will also find it easier to last hit as you strike for more damage. It's a bit unusual to buy a Magic Stick immediatelly at the beginning but I always find it useful - after I run out of Tango and Clarity I already have a few charges to save myself from occasional gank.

Mid game get a Bracer and Boots of Speed as soon as possible. Try to get a lot of last hits and don't be afraid to strike the enemies as you have powerful abilities. If you keep finding yourself out of mana, you can buy Void Stone first. It's not very expensive and it gives you more space for attacking as you are able to use your abilities. However, the key item for my play is Dagon. Combined with the abilities, it's a deadly combo.

Late game you can turn your Magic Stick into Magic Wand if you wish. I highly recommend building Desolator to increase your power. For me Bloodstone is a kickass choice for Lina. As a squishy hero you need health and you need mana as well. This gives you both and increases your regeneration rate a lot. I like getting Boots of Travel afterwards. Sometimes if I have a lot of money, I buy Aghanim's Scepter


Let me explain how I use my abilities in a combo. Try not to use your ulti Laguna Blade first. The cooldown is not short and you don't want to waste it. When ganking a hero first stun him with Light Strike Array, then immediatelly pull out a Dragon Slave and then decide. Is he hit enough so you can finis him with a Dagon or does he need more? If he needs more hit him with Laguna Blade and he should be dead. If not you still have your Dagon. With this combo you literally have 4 nukes in your sleeve and if you don't miss your stun you have a great chance to score a kill.


Lina can be played both on side lanes and on mid. When playing mid always watch the "Missing" messages. When ganked alone you really don't have much chances to get away.
Try creeping a lot early game and don't be afraid to attack enemy hero but only if you are sure you would be able to get back in time so the others don't kill you.

Enjoy you 4 strike combo and good luck.

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