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Legend Commander (for newbies)

September 3, 2017 by DioX
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DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

1 3 5 7

Press the Attack

9 13 14 16

Moment of Courage

2 4 8 11


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+400 AoE Press The Attack
+30 Duel Damage Bonus
+8% Moment of Courage Proc Chance
+30 Movement Speed
+75 Overwhelming Odds Damage Per Hero
+20 Attack Speed
+1.5 Mana Regen
+7 Strength


To early junglers - Go get a life and a high school diploma

To 30 min still no duel win or low duel win dmg LCs - Play with bots

To people who keeps saying wrong information about LC which are true - You're a threat to society

My mother is being sued for nothing because of a FB conversation which the one who tried to sue can't do anything about it and so stupid that I have to roast her before she tries something stupid and wrong so this inspired me to make this guide. I keep getting distracted and made me throw game and started going there first.

Also I keep getting Jungle LCs and I keep flaming about how stupid they are and so on I will make that change to stop LC junglers from ruining game.


Legion Commander is a nuker, helper, tank, escapist (dispel heal and speed), harasser and a good hard carry if you play her right or nothing gets in your way

If you try to jungle with invisible heroes then you lose the match with a bad KDA ratio and your wasting your 10 mins in jungle than lane.

If you don't believe me then DON'T AND NEVER COME BACK OR READ MY GUIDE. Just block me and get a life.

Skills and Item Build


Overwhelming Odds is a magical damage (nuke), speed and crowd control spell that does aoe damage to all enemy caught in that circle.

Press the Attack is a heal and dispel single target spell

Moment of Courage is a lifesteal and instant attack when attack and the chances is 1 out of 4 hits from an enemy's attack. So be wise about it and don't get cocky if you have few damage as LC. So you better start getting duel wins and items that helps you get dps if you want to keep fighting.

Duel is a spell that is single target and forces you and the targeted enemy to attack each other to the death. {good combo with Press the Attack and Moment of Courage also Blademail and you have to do it fast and safely to get instant duel wins.

Item Build

Start with tangos , Quelling Blade if needed to farm, and stats iron branches or the Magic Wand also your main item is blademail and initiating items.

then the early, mid and late game will explain the rest.

Early Game

Go help team control the lane. If there's a PA with 2 supports on bottom lane then go bot, mid or top and try to help them rather than jungling early. You might get first blood or get tons of kill because of Overwhelming Odds

if not then go on any lane and farm there than wasting your time in jungle waiting or afking to kill creep... or die ignorantly from neutral creeps or Riki who keeps backstabbing you because your afk until your dead or came back in the jungle with a few friends who wants to bully you for kda ratio and fun.

If its successful then you and your team will have a good time rather than a 20 min end lose. with 100 kills on the enemy team while your team has 1 or 0.

Save money for initiating item to get duel damage and always ask team for help to get duel damage and win also if your team are a bunch of *******s then find another way. You're a grown adult who can google.

If you want fast game then pick 20% xp gain and farm hard and earning duel wins and push hard

Everything else sucks even the 30+ damage and 10% more lifesteal proc also the -8 Press the Attack

Mid Game

Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade you decide and don't be stupid on selling it if you can't see in my guide because your deciding if blink or shadow blade. Its initiating item and Use Shadow Blade by selecting a target to attack then attack it first to use the bonus damage from shadow blade then use blademail then Duel . If its Blink Dagger then blink, use blademail then Duel

IF your team is middle fingers then don't be a ***** and do everything yourself. Because you're better than them. Seriously you are if your a professional LC player after you listen to my guide rather than other guides.

If Desolator then go desolate their armor and win duel easily

If its Satanic you picked it because of enemy team having blademail like Axe then use satanic to counter attack him if he uses it and calls you to attack him and kill you because of blademail. Also if your having issues with magic users like Zeus but not Pugna or Bane even with Desolator because those heroes are too flexible and a good initiator to stop you from getting duel wins rather than Earthshaker or Tidehunter

Late Game

Get everything. End the game.

Thank you and that's the guide.

Yeah, I don't like that song I like this one better.

Your best companion in your team

Sven helps you grab them also bait them

Zeus helps you win a duel fight by nuking damage

Dazzle will initiate and if your dying from duel win he can save you. If he's in the other team then repick her... you can't anymore its 2017. Just find a way to stop his pleasure.

Mirana stun will help you get secure kills if she is enemy then you're bad time begins

Bloodseeker helps you find low hp heroes of 25% below

Pudge does a good initiation and both of you are scary and will make the enemy team pee with intentions.

Any heroes with stun to stop them from escaping will do like Earthshaker

Supports like Crystal Maiden will help you win a duel safely

Laners like Anti-Mage will help you with crowd control to make the enemy team forget about you because they don't know if they're being ganked or not because Anti-Mage was in lane and can be seen in Mini-map rather than Phantom Assassin she's also scary but easy to gank if you're a nuker also if Axe is in your team and is not in the lane then the enemy team will be focusing on both of you to stop from the cancer that ruins the fun

Enemies that are the best or worst

Supports are easily demised by LC if the enemy team doesn't care about them

Fragile Low armor heroes can be a good thing to LC if she speeds up the attack

Low hp heroes are easy to rekt

Attack dependants are easily lifestealed by LC's passive attacks.

The worst scenarios are LC being stunned or baited by dueling and gives free duel wins away.

Because of:

High damage physical
Strong Dispels
Armor weaken because you don't have your durability items yet.
Ghost Scepter
Ethereal Blade
Orchid Malevolence
Scythe of Vyse
Linken sphere
Skull Basher

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