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Invoker, The God Of Utility

April 18, 2013 by Marki_21
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Exort Pure

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

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Invoker, The God Of Utility

April 18, 2013

Basics To Invoker

Welcome to my guide on how to play invoker, one of the most flexible heroes in all of dota. Invoker's Pro's And Cons:
good damage thanks to exort
KICK *** last hitting
can always turn a fight around with early cold snap
If you are good at him you will earn commends :D
has an escape mech
Mana dependent
cast animation a tad slow, ~icefrog pls :)
Missile Speed Slooooooow

Pure Exort

This is probably the build that you nuke the sh*t out of everyone there, because your power in nuking can only be matched by a few, (Qop, Zeus, Lina, Lion, etc.) but what they don't have is your INSANE DAMAGE. thanks to exort you get plus int for your mana needs and plus damage to make your autoattacks hurt like hell

Item Build

You Need To Follow This Build Exactly.
Get Some Blades of Attack, Tango and an ironwood branch
1st core item will be a Magic Wand since it gives you heal and mana
2nd will be Phase Boots due to the fact the extra ms and movespeed are too good to skip
3rd will be Euls Scepter Of Divinity this bad boy will give you mana, mana regen and a whopping 2.5 second cyclone that helps you land all your combos.
Aghanims scepter is what you see in top 10 videos, pro invoker players invoking every skill in their arsenal within 30 seconds, this is your final core item
Force Staff this is the cheapest item for guaranteed escape mech, and a way to position yourself correctly
Blink Dagger this item is when you need more initiation
Black King Bar well this is for pesky magic users such as yourself that will hurt u a lot.
Ghost Scepter for those pesky autoattackers
Refresher Orb if your fingers can handle it, why not? :)

Friends And Foes

Tidehunter Sand King Enigma
Basically anyone who can initiate and set you up for a godlike meteor blast combo is your ally
Naga Siren this woman is probably invoker's girlfriend/s, her ult sets you up perfectly for almost anything
special mentions:
Dark Seer wow this dude in combo with you can make you get a rampage.
Bounty Hunter Slardar helps you with your sunstrike
Silencer Drow Ranger Doom Bringer
Anyone with a silence is a threat to your knowledge
Anti Mage Nyx Assassin
Mana Burners
Pudge If he hooks you you die instantly, it's not even funny
And Invi Revealing items, make your escape mech useless


Overall invoker is a pretty fun hero to play with, and if you own pub, it feels rewarding that your doing it with one of the hardest heroes to master. so gl and hf! :)


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