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Invoker, An examination of Friends and Foes

July 19, 2012 by Madfoxinator
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Xr Kyuz | February 17, 2014 1:00am
Is good
Martys (1) | July 20, 2012 7:56am
Countering Pudge with EMP is really expensive way, EMP cost 175 mana and for successful landing it you need to use tornado (125 mana), just keep hiding behind creeps and should you get hooker make sure you send a tornado on him so he does not Dismember you, otherwise if playing Quas- Exort getting two forge spirits and staying in between them is a good tactic, leaving Quas on 4th level makes them have smae attack range as you meaning they'll always stay next to you, getting hooked instead you.

Templar Assassin- Invoker is a direct counter to her, both tornado and defeaning blast knocks her out of Meld revealing her, Quas will help you shake off the spilled damage from Psi Blades, try not to stand in a direct line with a creep in between two of you so she can't damage you. Although Refraction counters your cold snap, should she directly target you, your creeps will quickly tear it down so your cold snap can have its effect, try not to stay alone without creeps in your lane, awoid denying last creep of your wave and instead retreat and towerhug until next wave arrives, getting an early Magic Stick can help you capture charges when she casts Refraction to boost her last hitting and spilled damge, save the charges for the time you need to cast ghost walk.

Now I guess I'm expected to contribute with my experimence of countering other anyoing heroes. Let's see...uhm... nope, I got nothing. As Invoker if you go mid you easilly outlane any char, your Quas gives you insane regen. Funny storry of mine: I laned agains Shadow Shaman and he keept hitting me with Ether Shock, even with my regen the avarage health of mine was slowly dropping but one thing I knew for sure, he will run out of mana, so when he did, he did that mistake of trying to last hit with Clarity potion active... cold snap and two Clarity buffs gone. So I killed him and everyone lived happily ever after. Cold snap is a counter to any harras, if they engage cast cold snap and attack them, your damage and the stun that suddenly happens a lot more often cause creeps are attacking them should scare them off, if not you might even kill them, well if the damage they deal is too threatening, better baail out and regenerate.

It's all about punishing them, if they attack you, they get agrooed by your creeps, cold snap and suddenly they can't move, they can't run, they are getting a buckload of damage from your autoattacks and from your creeps, you don't need to worry about damage from enemy creeps as your Quas heals you. If they get too close to your tower without creeps, with cold snap they're doomed. And if all goes to hell, Magic Wand and ghost walk are your best chances. For quas-exort invoker... you better stay out of danger....

So basics to success, get a two levels of Quas then whatever is your second element you want to level, then if you're getting harrased too much get third level to Quas, otherwise leave quas for later, you want to have at least 4 points of quas until level 12, unless you're wex-exort, but that I don't recommend
Madfoxinator | July 20, 2012 4:44am
Any comments which can contribute will recieve credit with a chapter headline
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