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IMBA Mortred guide for Pub games

July 6, 2012 by kavaron
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IMBA Mortred guide for Pub games

July 6, 2012


Mortred in my opinion is in the top 3 best gankers in Dota. He is easy to play with just 2 button skills (Q and W), has an escape blink, passive evasion and radar stealth. This guide is for not so advanced players with lower APM. In competitive games you see the pros always pick items with active skills but for Pub players the more buttons they need to push during the battle the more difficult it is to be effective. So this is guide is how to kick *** with ease.


+Insane DPS
+Very long range harassment
+Escape mechanism
+Best chaser in Dota
+Easy to master (just 2 skills with buttons)
+Very low mana cost for skills

-Mediocre Stat gain
-Enemies focus on you 1st during team battles

Early game

At the start you buy a tango , a stout shield and a quelling blade in order to become effective in last hitting and avoid getting ganked. You can chose any lane but prefer one with a melee partner like Ursa, Riki or any other strong DPS hero. The reason is that at level 3 you will start getting very aggressive in the lane.

Before hitting level 3 DO NOT USE any skills as you do not want to drain your mana.

You need to buy Poor Man's shield first before boots boots since it will help you kill the creeps and avoid using the tangos too often. Buy boots after poor man's shield because you have blink to chase or initiate an attack.

Don't forget that you can use dagger to last hit creeps. This is very useful in case your lane opponents are more skilled than you and they have long range. You can just hug the tower and throw daggers to last hit creeps.

As soon as you hit level 3 and get 2nd level dagger, you will start harassing the enemy hero with the lowest HP. If you see a chance you could even try killing him. At worst case he will retreat having very few HP. When you get your 3rd level dagger you will have to spam it on your enemies since it has a very low mana cost.

Next item is the ring of health . When you buy this head immediately for the jungle and farm, farm farm.


Now you have Battle Fury and you kill creep waves and clear the jungle in seconds. You have to participate in team fights and when not ganking, chose to jungle as more as you can. Don't forget that you are the best chaser/finisher in the game because you have a perma slow with insane range (Q) and a blink (W). When you get Skull Basher very few opponents can fight you 1vs1. After Skull Basher get immediately Black King Bar

Fighting Tactics/Tips

-I always start the fight throwing a dagger. Right after I throw it, I W-blink and I am hitting my opponent. Usually after 2 seconds they try to retreat and that is when the dagger reaches it's target (because it travels slow) and I finish him.

-When you need to run for your life you can easily W-blink on a creep that is far away or even a teammate.

-Prefer not to initiate a fight but jump after the battle has started and blink on the squishier opponent. If you are lucky with the crits you can kill someone in 4-5 hits. (which btw the first 4 hits come very fast after the blink)

-You can use W-Blink many times even after you jump on an opponent even on the same opponent or you can even swap targets in the battlefield. You have spam this as well when jungling since it helps you cover distances faster but mainly because the 4 quick hits after the blink kill creeps instantly.

Item Comments

My Item build is very straight forward. I chose Skull Basher instead of Monkey King Bar because the stun is amazing. It is very nice to get 2 1k crits on a stunned opponent. If the enemy has very high DPS melee heroes like Ursa and Riki pick Blade Mail instead of Assault Cuirass and you can kill Ursa 1 vs 1. Also if they have a lot of magic damage (Lina, Leshrac) get Hood and replace Poor Man's shield. BKB is also core item and get it after Skull Basher and before Assault Cuirass.

Leave Assault Cuirass as the last core item. You need Cuirass because it helps you a lot to survive and also you get Basher stuns more frequently due to the attack speed bonus.

If you get extra rich upgrade Helm to Satanic and Skull Basher to Abyssal Blade

Skills Comments

Your 1st skill you max is the dagger because you can harass, last hit creeps, chase and finish off opponents. Worst skill for Mortred is Blur in my opinion. After the huge 20% passive evasion, the rest skill gain is awful and not worth investing to. I prefer to get stats instead of 5% evasion.

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