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im maybe faceless but im not maceless

November 4, 2014 by SomeGuides
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DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 12 13 14

Time Dilation

2 5 8 10

Time Lock

3 4 7 9


6 11 16


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im maybe faceless but im not maceless

November 4, 2014


faceless void is a hard carry hero that based on farming.
Because facelees is a hard carry hero he MUST farm well at the beggining of the game

facelees based on is att. speed whice is realy helpfull when he use Chronosphere
to gank enemies.
he also based on is attack whice also preety helpfull when he use Chronosphere

facelees void preety storng hero and what realy cool woth him that even when there is some sucks matches he can kill every time


so here iil tell you abut items why they good for and iil even tell you abut the items that can kill faceless...

Quilling blade that item realy good at the beginning of the game its will help you to get a lot of last hits and its realy good for hard carry!

Mask of Madness this item realy realy goooooooood with this item you get Life Stealer
and huge amount of att. speed whice is realy helpfull when faceless use is Chronosphere
and that item can give you the option to farm at the natural camps...

Battle Fury this item realy good becuase if is CLAVE you can gank bunch of creeps fast and even kill 3 enemies that stand next to EACH other you can use your Chronosphere and then gank all of them!!! this item realy good if you got the

Mjollnir that item ****ing good -_- he can help you kill a lot of enemies at the same time and push fast becoase you can kill the creeps faster!!!
that item realy good with your Chronosphere

Daedalus thsi item will give you realy good crit. and help you kill faster its realy nice item to get with faceless

Butterfly this item will help you survive litle bit with this item and your Backtrack its going to be hard to kill you and you can kill them with your awesome POWER

Desolator this item will get the towers and your enemies down fast becuase of its awesome armor red.

Monkey King Bar like the Abyssal Blade this item will bash the enmy and help you gank faster

with thsi item no one can stop you you can use any item you want jut pick but remember you must but the first thing and then pick from the late game items!

and now the items that will kill you and make you wanna leave the match...

Blade Mail every Damge you dealing to your enemy will damge youself and that deadly. becoase lets say you fight pudge and he actived the Blade Mail he got more hp then you do and the Blade Mail stay for 4.5 sec. and faceless void deal huge amount
of damge in 4.5 sec. and then your enemies can ill you and it will be simple for them!

Scythe of Vyse that item will silcne you and turn you into a pig and faceless with is low hp will die realy fast!!! so if you se some one that you think he may buy it dont let him farm or get any gold!!!

this 2 items realy deadly against faceless but you can still win the match if you know how to play this hero!


here its the place to show you the aweomse abilties of THE time warrior "faceless void"

so faceless got 4 abilties:

Backtrack that skill its just like the evasion skill of pa its just make your enemies miss there att. this skill realy helpfull whne you in a middle of a fight its can save you sometimes from death and you can take little bit more risks then any other hero!
this skill also good cuase its can dodges the enemies abilties!!!!!!!
so its realy good skill for ya!

Time Walk this skill will "teleport" you to a place that you want to when you upgrade it to the last level you can travel up to 1300 range and where you land every hero creeps or natural creeps that in there [from the enemy team] will slow down by 50%
and its even slow there att. speed and all of this stay for 3 sec. that Enough time for faceless to kill...
this skill preety good to get faster to place or farming fast at the natural creeps
its actully an escape skill at the beginning of the game and taht why you must level him first...
its will help you escape your enemies and taht allow you to be an offlane hero and you can play safe!!!!

Time Lock this is my favorit abilies on faceless its will make your enemies "stun" what its actully do its will stop the time only on the hero you hit atleast for 1 sec. on heroes! its got 25% to proc. on the last upgrade and that the most helpfull skill with faceless.
you can use your mask of masness and the you will hit faster and maso of madness that combine with your Time Lock will stun the enemies for ever and will help you kill faster.

actully there was one game i played faceless and i fight Spirit Breaker he use is Nether Strike and i use my Mask of Madness and with the Time Lock i killed him before he even hit me with the Nether Strike

Chronosphere thsi abilty will make a black hole that will stop the time!
every one in it cant move [towers,friends,foes,creeps!!] the only one that can move in it its you and that realy helpfull when you gank some one Easily all you need to do its go into the Chronosphere and use your maso of madness in it then you will get huge att. speed you need toi gank the one with the lowest HP after you kill him you may have more time then go to the next hero you see and hit him like a BADASS
you can gank tanks with this skil if your strong Enough and got the right build for him
when you use this ultimate your Time Lock will deal more DAMGE:
so when you use Chronosphere and actived your Mask of Madness you att. speed will become realy awesome and you will get more Time Lock hits and its realy good for ganks its will help you kill faster...


when you go offlane with faceless you must play safe but combine safty with farm you must farm as much as you can with him so if you offlane you need ro Practice on taking last hits when solo and on how to take last hits under your tower...
if you will Practice on that a lot you will be ready to offlane and that realy good for faceless he can level fast and then reach fast to level 6 at level 6 he can use Chronosphere to gank becoase your enemies will be level 5 or 4 and you will get 6 they will get low hp and its ez gank all you have to do its hit them and run hit and run and when thry got 50% hp just use your Chronosphere and its Easy gank!
if your offlane with good farming there is your build:

this is the 4 items that you need to get...
and now you got one EXTRA items to pick [more 2]
you can go up there and see my guide abut the items and pick them by the situation!

when some one going to off lane its realy Easy to level but its preety hard to farm and when you playing faceless you must farm to be good!!!
so DO NOT go offlane if you can farm well [practice vs bots or something]

when some one go offlane the tem often trust him and belive that this hero [in that situation its faceless] going to be realy strong and realy good so dont go offlane and Disappoint you team mate's!

Creeping / Jungling

Faceless Void can go jungke after he got Mask of Madness and its realy good becuase he can uograde is farm and its realy realy goood for him.
he can use Time Walk to go from camp to camp and kill faster with the Mask of Madness
any way jungle its realy good for hard carry like Faceless Void or Phantom Assassin
you need to farm well on the creeps at the beginning of the game and then get the mask fast so you can farm in camps!
the thing is:
when farming on the campa the farming is sured!
but when you going vs creeps you may lose your last hits so you must play good and practice abut your last hits!

jungke its realy good for faceless and actully its giving you the suproise effect sometimes!
when no one in the enemy team see ya you can come with tons of gold and gank fast becuase you farmed in the jungle..

i can tell you i play Faceless Void and that was suck match so i go jungle little but and ive become preety strong so its import for him to go jungle little bit with him!

another thing you can do its enjoy both of the world kill the creeps and dont w8 for the enemy next creeps stack go jungle and kill how much you can... then go back to creeps and do that thing for a while and you can get a lot of gold from that!!!

actully jungling its preety good with every hero


dont go to the natural camps when you can get last hits on creeps.
its better, its help you push and its giving more gold

if you bught Hand of Midas so go to the natural camps and use it on the creeps that got the lowest hp or should i say the creeps that give the lowest amount of gold..
so you can get the 190 gold from Hand of Midas and get the MAX. gold from the creeps!
Hand of Midas ots realy good pick for faceless that how you make sure your farming but i dont like to buy.
if you knwo you can farm on your own dont buy it its will be waste of gold :D

faceless actully preety good hero in creeping...
you going to lane with you Battle Fury and your mjolliner you can push fast to the tower ans when you reach the tower you can use Mask of Madness and push the tower down fast...
faceless is realy good hero when its coming to last hits becuase of is awesome attack and attack speed and its realy good for hard carry!


Faceless Void is preety good hero he is A carry,Initiator,Disabler,Escape hero!
eh can go mid offlane or normal lane and got realy fun build...
you can oush with him gank with him and team fight with him with basics dota 2 skills!
ou can go jungle and lane and farm well in both of them...
you can finish team fights realy fast if you using your Chronosphere in there..
you can gank easily there and getting gold fast and kill even faster with the ATT.speed items you need to buy like the [mask of madness]] and your Mjollnir
you need to get a lot of last hitswhen the game starts and get gold fast...
after your farming fast you need to buy stuff fast like i build it and gank!!!!!!
after few ganks you will get strong and you can gank more and more even if they got tank like Pudge you can gank him with no problem!
you can have fun with him and make sure you can win the game...
i dont have a lot to say here all you need to know ive wrote already just real this guide

and remember PRACTICE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!!!

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