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Furion as Carry

February 20, 2012 by Laminatedweasel
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Carry Build

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Furion as Carry

February 20, 2012


I know this is a totally unconventional build and way to play Nature's Prophet, but please at least try this build before you decide its not going to work. I win the game for my team constantly with this build and it is by far more effective than any other build I have ever used as Nature's Prophet.

Early Game

Building as a carry, you want Furion to take the middle if at all possible at the start of the game. Furion has an extremely good farming auto-attack with 600 range which allows him to deny and last-hit almost every single creep if played well.

The Blades of Attack give Furion the extra damage to allow for easier creep farming in the beginning, as well as the initial item for the Phase Boots he will be getting following this initial buy. The Phase Boots not only constantly save your life, but also allow you to get that one last golden hit on a hero. Phase Boots are also very useful for Furion when he is being chased and needs to allow him time to be able to port out of the situation, I usually phase-boot run out of their sight and into some trees and quickly double-tap my Teleportation to auto-port to main.

An uncommon item that I like to get early-game is Maelstrom. This item is huge for increasing your ability to quickly push back lanes by yourself, as well as adds a huge amount of damage against heros since it procs quite often. After obtaining this item, using Sprout on hero at about half health, you should be able to easily kill them before your trees die off.

Mid Game

Basically continue your strategy of farming creeps and teleporting to gank for the other lanes (which is extremely easy for Furion to be able to quickly return to his lane after helping). After obtaining Mjollnir you will attack like a beast and do even more damage with your lightning proc. Also, obtaining the Crystalys is key to your success.

This biggest flaw with Furion as a carry is that he has almost no offensive abilities. Other than Sprout allowing for you to hold someone back for a ridiculous amount of time, all of your damage is item-dependant. Once you do get the items, and have the ability to teleport and sprout, while hitting crits for 400 damage every second, you can very easily kill any hero you come across.

Late Game

Late game, to allow Furion to be able to single out a lone target and be able to hands-down kill that individual, I like to get my hands on Orchid Malevolence. This allows you to kill Anti-Mage or Queen of Pain and stop them from blinking out of your trees, and Riki , Bounty Hunter , Clinkz , and Broodmother from being able to stealth.

Here are some examples of my build at work to show its effectiveness:


Furion is an extremely versatile character, allowing for him to be a fearsome competitor in team fights, and a great defender in losing battles. Pushing lanes into the enemy's main while they attempt to push lanes into your's, forces them back and allows time for your team to regroup.

Nature's Prophet needs to be very aware of the map at all times and know when he needs to stop pushing a lane, or he will be killed constantly as they are expecting certain lanes to be pushed by him and will set up a gank.

Hope this helps enlighten a more aggressive and fun form of playing Furion :)

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