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Fire in the Hole! A Guide to Laguna Lina (7.02)

February 25, 2017 by The Jade Dagger
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soreslands | February 28, 2017 4:33pm
My standered lina build i usually go shadowblade rod of atos then a bloodthorn, it seems to give a very powerfull mix of spell casting damage and rightclick.
The Jade Dagger | February 27, 2017 8:48pm
Secondly, Lina is squishy and people might see a way to take you down whilst Soul Ring is activated :/
The Jade Dagger | February 27, 2017 8:47pm
Oh. Well, I've tried this build in game and it seems to be fine. I did try Phase Boots and I didn't really like them. Besides, -25 second respawn time shouldn't be needed if you're a careful player and you don't die. Bloodstone can take out just about all respawn time, even on lvl 25, if you are getting plenty of charges.
Dimonychan (43) | February 28, 2017 1:33am
Besides, -25 second respawn time shouldn't be needed if you're a careful player and you don't die.

By this logic, buybacks aren't needed if you're careful and don't die. And HP isn't needed if you're careful and don't take damage. But you will take damage. And you WILL die because you're playing one of the most paper cores in the game, and unlike with others it doesn't get better later. In any normal game dying as Lina is inevitable, in difficult games you will die 7+ games and it's completely normal. However, every second spent in the tavern is a second not spend earning gold or getting **** done around the map.

Usually -respawn time talents are one of the worst in the game, they're mostly given to supports or cores without farm priority pretty late into the game and they don't accomplish anything most of the time. However, Lina IS a farm priority hero with high farm speed and she gets lv10 at ~12 mins as a core which is early enough to have impact. If you read analysis on +GPM talents, almost always they factor in how long will this talent serve you until the game ends. It's the same thing with -respawn time, if you die just 5 times after acquiring it(which, as I said, usually happens) that's already 2+ minutes not spent dead but acquiring money, taking objectives etc.

It's not amazing by any margin, I'd prefer the old 250 mana/20 damage talent choice, but +60 LSA damage is just terrible.

Especially it makes no sense to forgo -respawn time when you're so adamant about getting Bloodstone for whatever reason. You will usually not go over 20 charges unless you're completely stomping, and 20 charges give you -60s(85 with the talent) once, then you respawn with 13 and that's 39(64 w/ talent) seconds only. When you're level 25, you are dead for 100 seconds, so it makes total sense stacking -respawn time.

You're only telling people what to do once you're set and you're doing good, but now how to do good when things are bad. People don't need a guide to win with Lina when they're 10/0 15 minutes in. People do, however need a guide on what to do when their mid is camped by 3 heroes and they're 0/4 after the laning phase, their other lanes are falling apart too and they only have Arcanes Null Bottle 10 minutes in.
Dimonychan (43) | February 28, 2017 1:43am
[Gonna go a lil bit off topic with this one, it's more of a rant]
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Dimonychan (43) | February 26, 2017 8:31am
1) If you go for Bloodstone you get Soul Ring. It's way more mana sustain than Arcane Boots, HP loss isn't a problem as long as you're not tanking creeps too much, and it eliminates the need for Arcane Boots which are terrible if you're not going for Lens-Aghs or smth.

2) Get Phase Boots instead of Arcanes and max your passive 2nd. It's way more damage aganist everything and it's extremely efficient because you only need to cast LSA(which is also cheaper for some time since you don't max it) to keep the stacks up and the passive does the rest for you. With Phase-SR you can easily clear the whole jungle with an efficiency no other build can provide and this is super important because your spells cost a stupid amount of mana to sustain.

3) Bloodstone is redunant. It is a very passive item, and you do not absolutely need it to sustain yourself like Storm Spirit or Timbersaw do. If you want survivability AND sustain, get Linken's. It provides the very same things as Bloodstone in a lesser amount, with a great active and some stats on top.

4)Either get Aghs, or completely revert your talent choices. There are basically 2 ways you can build core Lina - you eihter get Lens, Eul's, Aghs etc. , instantly burst a key enemy hero in a fight and then throw spells around, OR you don't get those and go rightclick. You are trying to build a caster Lina without Aghs, which is her best item by a large margin. If you want to pick up -Slave cd and spell amp, by all means do it. But get Aghs then, caster Lina without Aghs makes no sense, and it's not just about piercing spell immunity(which you don't always need).

Also, no matter which build you go, and regardless of what position you're running Lina in, -25s respawn time is better than 60 LSA damage, it's just something you should always opt for.

5) You generally don't want to jump into fight as soon as you're 6, similarly to most other mid heroes. A counter-gank TP or an occasional smoke gank is okay, but running around forcing fights is just extremely risky and generally not rewarding. Your goal is to take down enemy mid T1 tower, get Eul's/SB as soon as you can and then go for pickoffs. Think of Lina as of SF in this regard.
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