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Fiery soul of a Slayer: A guide for Lina

March 12, 2014 by TenshiN
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Build 1
Build 2

Hybrid Lina

DotA2 Hero: Lina

Hero Skills

Dragon Slave

2 3 5 7

Light Strike Array

1 12 13 14

Fiery Soul

4 8 9 10

Laguna Blade

6 11 16


15 17 18


Greetings to all the DotA-fans out here! My name is Tenshi'N, and today, i present to you a guide for my new favourite hero, the flaming mage, Lina! In this guide, i will present my own build for her, which aims to make her an all-round character, effective in all stages of the match, as in the actual combat, as well as with her usual support duties.

General Info

Lina is a ranged hero, and serves the roles of nuker/support/disabler, based on the in-game encyclopedia. Her primary stat is Intelligence, and, as with most Intelligence characters, her HP is on the low side, while her MP pool is pretty high. Her active skillset is based upon dealing damage to her enemies, but her passive ability is a really unique one, but i will describe all of her abilities a bit later.


1. Powerful nukes
2. Has a wide-area stun
3. High int grow, resulting in a decent autoattack power for a nuker
4. Attack range is long
5. Awesome multi-purpose passive
6. Great manapool

1. Fairly low base HP
2. As with all nukers, her nuke damage potential dulls out lategame
3. Only average movespeed (295)
4. Outside of her stun, has no support-ish abilities (Which is not really a con)
5. Hard to lasthit with, due to her attack animation


1. Dragon Slave: Your primary nuke, that sends a large wave of fire in front of Lina, damaging all units in its path. Has a long range, and a relatively low cooldown, allowing it to be used multiple times in a teamfight. Can target both enemy units and ground, but can reach farther when cast on ground in the general direction of an enemy unit you want to damage. With 280 magical damage on lv4, it will deal quite some pain to your enemies in the early-mid game!
2. Ligh Strike Array: Your useful stun. Target the area you think your enemy will be at, and after a 0,5 sec delay, all enemies in the area will receive damage and be stunned for 1,6 seconds. Requires some practice to land it effectively, but is really useful otherwise. Deals 280 magical damage on level 4. Neat!
3. Fiery Soul: Probably the most all-round passive in the game. With each spell you cast, grants you bonus attack speed, and a percentage bonus for your movespeed. And even better, it stacks with itself if you cast another spell during its duration! Up to 3 times! Meaning, at skill level 4, you can get 85*3=255 attackspeed and 7%*3=21% movespeed! And it is as awesome as it actually sounds!
4. Laguna Blade: Lina's ultimate, well-known in DotA. It is a single-target nuke, with a decent range and a lot of damage! 950 damage on level 3 speaks for itself. A world of hurt!

Playstyle notes:


Early game is really simple for Lina in terms of theory. Just get your starting items, which are a Tango and Salve for healing, an Animal Courier or Observer Ward for your team, and Gauntlets of Strength and Iron Branch as components for your future items. With your items bought, the next question is choosing your lane. Lina can do well on any kind of laning matchup, besides on a solo lane outside of mid. And if you ever have to solo a non-mid lane, opt for Observer Wards at start, as they can prevent ganks on you if placed effectively. If you are laned with a carry hero that needs farm, then opt for harassing your lane opponents, as Lina can do it really well with her long attack range. And if you are laned with another stunner hero ( Sven, for example), you should coordinate with him and get some early kills, as you can easily follow up with your Light Strike Array on a stunned opponent, as well as close in to maximise the amount autoattack you fire at the retreatee. By the time when the laning phase ends (usualy about 8 - 10 minutes into the game), you will complete your early-game items, and maybe will also complete your Power Treads. Why Treads and not Arcane Boots for an extra supply of mana? Treads have one main advantage for Lina: They can give you HP, and with your shoddy max health it is exactly what you need. Well, the attack speed is a nice addition too.


Mid game will not be too different from early game, except for participating in ganks, and relying more and more on Lina's awesome passive skill for the increased attack and movement speed it gives. Have someone retreating on minimal HP? Use the speed boost to catch up and get a kill! Need to run yourself? Do your casts and flee at a speed that will make Windrunner jealous! Also, it synergises really well with that Orchid Malevolence you will be getting. One other thing: never forget to ward. Even with all this firepower, you're still a support.

Late Game:

Late game heavily depends on how the midgame was played. If it all gone well and you roasted all their sorry ***es, then you will be at your peak. Aim your stuns, cast your spells, and fire away! If it did not, then go put some more wards and prepare your defenses. After that, it is all the same, just remember to be extra careful.

Item build justification:


Why Orchid Malevolence?

-Mana Regen!
-More autoattack DPS!
-Increased Manapool!
-Built-in single-target silence!
-Cheap components!

Why Bloodstone?

-Even more mana regen!
-Even more Manapool!
-More Health!
-Health Regen!
-Pocket suicide, if things go wrong!

Why Shadow Blade?

-Even more autoattack DPS to stact with your passive!
-A solid escape noone expects from Lina!


Why Desolator or Daedalus?

-More damage for your passive!
-Armor reduction!

Why Refresher Orb?

-More damage? Seriously?!
-Double ultimate! Lazor pew-pew!
-Do you really need more regen?

Why Shiva's Guard?

-You had health, now you have armour!
-A lot of Intelligence!
-An additional nuke!

Build 2: Another Lina

Another build for damage-oriented Lina. In this case, the starting items remain the same, and early items are neraly unchanged, except for Void Stone which replaces Sage's Mask for obvious needs of mana-regen and it will be used later as an ingridient for Refresher Orb. So, the starting items mainly serve as means to boost Lina's survivability, while Core items do increase your damage output. However, unlike the first build, it does not rely heavily on autoattack damage, but mainly on magical damage, which is drastically increased by the means of Dagon (Which shouldn't really get upgraded past level 3), and Refresher Orb, which also gives a bit of physical damage output and other useful stats.
Main point of this build is reaching astronomical amounts of single-target damage (Q-Stun-Ult-Dagon-Refresher-Repeat) while also partially solving your problems of low HP-pool and mana regen, along with giving a bit of autoattack damage, while its main downfall is large manacost of the full nuke combo.


So thats it, thank you for reading my guide for a semi-carry hybrid Lina! I hope you liked it, and it helped you at least a bit with your spell sheningans! Also, do come again later, as i plan to update it, adding some fun and useful stuff.

P.S: Also, check out my Guide to Viper!

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