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Every Carry's Dream

February 2, 2012 by Wararchon
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Get at me Bro.

DotA2 Hero: Dazzle

Hero Skills

Poison Touch

2 5 8 14

Shallow Grave

3 10 12 13

Shadow Wave

1 4 7 9

Bad Juju

6 11


15 16 17 18

Every Carry's Dream

February 2, 2012


Poison Touch
Poison touch is a great spell, once you get it to lvl 3, otherwise it's a subpar slow. It slows the enemy to a stun over 1/2/3/3 seconds, and it does mediocre damage over time. However, the slow is amazing once you get it to level 2/3. It has great range, nice cast time, and it will set up for a lot of kills, trust me. Also, since you basically use it for its slow, there's really no reason to rush its 4th level.

Shallow Grave
5 seconds of non-death. That's amazing. It lasts longer than any stun, and it will allow for your hard carries to dish out 5 seconds of damage without worry. However, it doesn't prevent damage, just death. Once it hits level 5, its has an amazing 1000 range, and only 15 seconds of cooldown. 15! That means theres only 10 seconds in-between two casts of this. Without all your heals, your carry should never die.

Shadow Wave
Aoe heal + Aoe damage. It's aoe is wayyy larger than necrolyte's heal, and it starts off with a cast range of 900. Give it a cd of 6 seconds, and you have a super-spamable heal/mini-nuke at your disposal.

THE most misused spell I've seen on dazzle. It has a huge aoe, short cd, low mana cost, and amazing-fight changing capabilities when used right. It's a buff/debuff OVER TIME. Which means that putting it down when your team is almost dead is useless. It starts off with a duration of 12 seconds, which is already pretty long, but at level three it lasts for 24 seconds. No fight should even last that long. So how to use it? As early as possible in a fight. Once your initiator jumps in, slam it down on as many allied/enemy heroes as possible. You can even cast it on your whole team before your initiator jumps in. When done well, it is 2x slardar's ultimate on the enemy team, and 2x assault cuirass for your team. Sounds amazing? It is.


The starting items are self explanatory, so are boots. Couriers are a must for any team.

*Also, don't forget about items such as wards, dust, and smoke when needed. Be smart about these items. Get dust if they have fast invis heroes such as weaver/clinkz, but get sentry wards for pushes against invis, gondar, and riki. Ward at least 1 rune spot early-mid game, and use observer wards to stop neutral respawns if the enemy lane is pulling from neutrals or jungling. It gives you vision against ganks and prevents them from gaining any sort of advantage with exp/gold. Smoke ganks are amazing, so learn to use them before people learn to ward.

Soul Ring
Underrated on Dazzle, but it's a must. 150 health for 150 mana, but you have a 150hp heal spell for less than 150 mana. Thus, infinite heals. As long as your not at full mana, use soul ring to gain mana instead of only using it when you have no mana. This item alone allows your team to negate any sort of harass and lets you avoid the worst thing of all: dazzle without mana.

Magic Wand
Another amazing item. It's basically free mana and health in a fight, as long as you remember to use it. Some people think its a waste of money, but as a support that's supposed to stay alive as long as possible, this will help you in those clutch situations. DO NOT SKIP IT.

Great heal and armor boost, not to mention it boosts your own survivability as well. Since it has an armor boost, don't blow this when there's no fighting going on or about to go on. That's what soul ring+shadow wave is for. With shadow wave, that's an instant chen ulti for you team.

Please don't just look at the items and then flame "omg tanks should be carrying pipe" or some other dumb comment. Read my comments first.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Great item, good stat boosts to Dazzle. It basically adds another CC to dazzle's arsenal. It has 700 cast radius, so it is longer than most spells and longer than you think. If you ever see an enemy out of position, use it to give your team the advantage of striking first. Also great for escapes/wasting time until allies arrive or just allowing more time for cooldowns to finish.

Pipe of Insight
Yes, your tank/initiator should be carrying this, but if no one else is getting it and the enemy team is especially magic heavy, get it. With mekan, shadow wave, and pipe, that's 800hp worth of extra damage that the enemy mages have to burn through before doing any real damage. Practically negates super nukes from lina and lion.

Scythe of Vyse
Another great cc item, although hard to farm for dazzle. However, if you can afford it, a sheepstick is never a bad thing. A great counter to practically any carry.

Aghanim's Scepter
Making your ulti 6 seconds longer and increases its AOE, which is never a bad thing. However, seeing as that your ulti already lasts a ridiculously long time and already has a huge aoe, its not a priority, and rushing it will not make as much of a difference in a fight as will a Mekan, Pipe, or Euls.


Try to lane with a carry, or at least someone who has good damage potential.

Once in lane, let you carry take most of the last hits. Focus on denying and harassing the enemy champs, when possible. Be aware of creep aggro, as creeps hurt. Once you hit level 3/4, your lane can really be aggressive as this is when dazzle shines. Cast your slow, and proceed to try to kill. Since you have a heal and shallow grave, any fight should weigh heavily in your favor unless you are way outmatched. As always, focus on the enemy carry if there is one.

Whenever you have enough money to buy an item or a part of it, do it. Don't save up money until you die or tp back. You bought a courier for a reason, so learn to use it. I would usually prioritize soul ring first unless the opponent lane relies on a movement speed advantage such as Juggernaut or ursa, in which case you would get boots.

Also, keep tabs on your mana. You don't want to engage an enemy only to realize you cant cast shallow grave or any heals.

Once it hits midgame, keep a tp handy as you can practically save any ally from a tower dive unless its a full 5v1 or 5v2 tower dive.

Team Fights

This is one final section that I want to highlight.

In a team fight, prioritization and decision making is key. Spam your shadow wave and slow, but do not spam your ulti or shallow grave early. If your tidehunter has just blown all his spells and is about to die, and so is your carry, don't shallow grave the tidehunter. However, if your carry is at full/near full health, then feel free to save another ally. Be aware of how useful each of your allies are if they are kept alive. Always check if your CD on soul ring and magic wand are up, and never save pipe/mekan/ulti for when your team is already almost dead and running. Put them down as soon as the fight starts to negate as much damage as possible.

In terms of positioning, you want to be near to you allies, but definitely not in the front line. If you run up to slow/euls, run back immediately and let your allies take care of it. In terms of importance of being kept alive, it should your carry, your caster, then you. If you die before you can cast ulti, pipe, mekan, and grave, your team basically lost unimaginable amounts of health, armor, and cc.


Thanks for reading my guide, and I definitely appreciate any suggestions/comments. If you have any disagreements, please post and I'll see if I can explain my reasoning, and if I can't I'll happily change the guide.

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