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Drow Rampager (7.01 Version)

January 28, 2017 by The Jade Dagger
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Hard Carry

DotA2 Hero: Drow Ranger

Hero Skills

Frost Arrows

2 4 9 11


7 13 14 16


1 3 5 8


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+2 Multishot Waves
+12% Marksmanship Chance
-4s Gust Cooldown
+28% Multishot Damage
-8s Multishot Cooldown
+250 Gust Width
+15 Frost Arrow Bonus Damage
+50% Gust Blind

Drow Rampager (7.01 Version)

The Jade Dagger
January 28, 2017

A quick bonus

So some readers may be wondering, did you really get a rampage as Drow Ranger?
Yes, I did, here's proof. Some of the items in the photo were different and I was playing against unfair bots because I was having a hard time finding people to play with.


Drow Ranger is a hero for beginners of Dota 2. I'm not going to call them noob, but if you have started, this is the perfect hero to play. And this is the perfect build to come to!


I don't want to make this build too hard for beginners, so here's the breakdown for Traxex.
Frost Arrows
You can autocast by pressing ALT+Q
Only autocast in ganks (targeting enemy with adavantage in numbers) where you have a considerable mana pool. If enemy is about to get away, autocast.
Defensive ability. If getting ganked, pull off the perfect Gust and run away. Be wary that Gus has an animation cast time :(
Precision Aura
Level it up for the range and damage. When activated, gives creeps (your troopers) extra range. Activate when creeps are chasing after an enemy.
Not the best ultimate, but helpful, nonetheless. GIVES TREMENDOUS AGILITY BOOST PLUS A LOT OF EXTRA DAMAGE!!!!!! :)

Talent Tree


5 stats or 15 movement speed.
You are going to get 5 stats via items, so get the 15 movement speed. In patch 7.00, they nerfed Drow's movemennt speed by 10. Get it back with the talent tree!

20 attack speed or 175 health

175 health is not a lot and Drow relies heavily on right-click.

14 strength or 6% Precision Aura Damage

This is a toss. Get 14 strength for tankiness. In most situations, I'd focus more on the damage seeing as Drow's agility is ridiculously high.

25 Marksmanship Agility or 350 Gust Distance/Knockback

If you're getting chased a lot, choose the extra distance and knockback. Marksmanship Agility is usually more helpful.

Pros / Cons

-Tremendous late game damage output and attack speed
-Simple skill set
-Easy to master
-Good at chasing
-Solo all the towers late game.
-Good range
-Can easily solo heroes without stuns
-Useful member in gank squads.
-Quiet voice keeps you calm and not disturbed unlike heroes such as Skywrath Mage
-Great for new players
-Very mana friendly

-Recently got nerfed (now has slower than the average 300 movement speed)
-Needs help early game


Drow's items all have to contribute to either her

BONUS EXCEPTION: Movement speed

Mjollnir increases attack speed and gives you chain lightning. Upgrade from Maelstrom later.
WHY IT IS SO GOOD: Allows Drow to take on multiple enemies.

Aghanim's Scepter:
Aghanim's Scepter gives Drow better stats, increasing agility and making her tankier.
WHY IT IS SO GOOD: Dramatically increases her farming potential and gives her higher chances of proccing chain lightning or crits.

Daedalus gives better damage and a devastating crit.
WHY IT IS SO GOOD: When you build up your attack speed, you'll be landing crits 9/10 of your time with it.

Hurricane Pike:
Gives nice stats and bonus attack range. Upgrade from Dragon Lance later.
WHY IT IS SO GOOD: Allows you to take down enemies from a safer range.

Gives some juicy lifesteal. When soloing towers, if you are taking to many hits, go hit some neutral creeps to restore health.

Boots of Travel:
Simply gives bonus movement speed and a free upgraded Town Portal Scroll.
WHY IT IS SO GOOD: Gives 100 movement speed. Good on any hero that needs them.


With this guide, anyone can shoot their way to victory!

My final instructions are:

1. Memorise this build/ write the important bits on paper.
2. Start up DotA 2.
3. Pick Drow Ranger.
4. Get loads of farm.
5. Get loads of kills.
6. Solo the towers.
7. Eat anyone in your way.
9. Vote and comment on this build.

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