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Dragon Knight Killer Tank Build Guide

June 18, 2014 by aceravi
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Killer Tank Build

DotA2 Hero: Dragon Knight

Hero Skills

Dragon Blood (Innate)

Breathe Fire

3 12 13 14

Dragon Tail

2 8 9 10

Wyrm's Wrath

1 4 5 7

Elder Dragon Form

6 11 16


15 17 18

Dragon Knight Killer Tank Build Guide

June 18, 2014


Dragon Knight ,or Knight Davion is a strength melee hero that can also be a range hero with his ultimate that can turn him into a dragon for some period of time.
Dragon Knight is a great late hero, especially when he's fully farmed. Dragon Knight has the ability to increase his armor and HP regen that make him a good tank.

Starting Items

With your minor starting gold (625 for the exact number), you should be looking for some items that can help you last hitting enemy creeps and some consumables items that can help you endure the damage taken from your enemy (creeps & hero). To help you last hitting enemy creeps, Quelling Blade should be enough.

In the early game, you need to make boots. Power Thread should be the best to increase attack speed, movement speed, and strength, this hero attribute all at once. So, you need to buy Boots of Speed as the 1st material and then complete the other materials. Bracer is also important, to help you increase your stat in the early game.

Core Items

After a while, when you've gained some gold from farming enemy creeps, you should be ready to make Dragon Knight's core items. Here are the explaination on why these items are core items for this build:

Helm of the Dominator is a really important item for Dragon Knight tank and killer build. Helm of the Dominator provides damage, lifesteal ability, which will increase your HP when you attack enemy, and armor. This item will help you farm and gain gold efficiently.

Black King Bar provides damage and strength stat point. Other than that, it has the avatar ability, which prevent you from taking any effect or damage from enemy hero's skill. This item is a really important item for a tank such as this hero.

Being a tank means you are ready to take any physical damage from enemy. Even damage from your enemy can also be used to damage them back, and that is by using this Blade Mail. Other than that, this armor provide you with some useful stat.

Item for Killer Build

Daedalus is important for killer build. With Daedalus, it will be easier to deal greater damage to your enemy. Also, this item provides the ability to deal crit. damage, which will work well with the skill Elder Dragon Form level 2 or 3, that can do splash damage.

Mjollnir provides major attack speed and damage. Other than that it has the ability to release Chain Lightning that bounce up to 4 target.

Abyssal Blade provides major damage and strength stat point. If you're facinng with 1 enemy hero, Abyssal Blade stun ability will work well with Dragon Knight's stun skill, Dragon Tail.

Divine Rapier grant you a very high damage, that can help you defeat your enemy faster. Though, it has a weakness, it is dropped upon death. If you want to play safe, you should make Heart of Tarrasque or Satanic first.

Heaven's Halberd provides damage, strength stat point, and chance to evade from enemy attack. This item will work well to build both tank (with its chance to evade and strength) and killer.

Item for Tank Build

Since you've made Helm of the Dominator, Satanic must be made. Satanic provides damage, major strength stat point, and armor. It has the ability Unholy Rage, that increase your lifesteal ability up to 175%. This item will work really well with Divine Rapier and Daedalus.

Heart of Tarrasque provides major damage, major HP, and major HP regen. Heart of Tarrasque is an obligatory item for Dragon Knight.

Vanguard, a quiet cheap item and suitable for tank build. It provides HP, HP regen, and Damage Block ability.

Assault Cuirass is an armor that provides excellent defense (armor) and attack speed. But if you have Mjollnir, there is no need to make Assault Cuirass abd vice versa.

Skills Upgrade

For Davion tank and killer build, it will be best to add more skill points on Dragon Blood first. But before that, you should add 1 point each to each of Dragon Knight's skills, continued on adding more on Dragon Blood. When you reach level 6, 11, and 16, it's best to add your skill points to Dragon Knight's ulti, Elder Dragon Form. When Dragon Blood has already reached the max, add your skill points to Dragon Tail until the max, then continued by Breathe Fire, and then stat.

Skill Usage

Use this skill to damage your enemy heroes on a war, a large wave of creeps for multiple last hit, or on dying enemy heroes. Breathe Fire will be more useful when it has reached it max level (level 4).

Use this skill to save your dying ally hero that was attacked by an enemy hero, ambushing, or to finish off enemy hero that is alone with your ally heroes.

Elder Dragon Form is useful for farming or jungling quickly. When Elder Dragon Form has been upgraded to level 2 or 3, its splash attack will work well with Disruptor's Kinetic Field or Dark Seer's Vacuum as they (bunch of enemy heroes) trapped or united (Dragon Knight in Elder Dragon Form could defeat enemy heroes faster if he has made item for killer build).

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