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Double or Nothing

April 5, 2012 by Leech
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Build 1
Build 2


DotA2 Hero: Ogre Magi

Hero Skills

Dumb Luck (Innate)


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Double or Nothing

April 5, 2012


Hello and Welcome to my Guide for Ogre Magi. There are two skill builds so be sure to check out both. Ogre Magi is a noob friendly Intelligence hero with a melee attack animation. He has been classified as several things a Roamer, a Support and a Semi-Carry. I'll show you how I play this hero as such minus the latter (Although Multicast can be unpredictable).

Pros / Cons


    A Stun
    A Slow
    A Buff
    Easy To Use
    Fairly Tanky
    Unpredictable yet Satisfying Ultimate

    Melee Hero
    Low Intellect Scale
    Suffering Mana Pool
    Unpredictable Ultimate


1Q: Fireblast - This is Ogre Magi's key ability in that it is a stun with decent damage attached. This will be used for Ganks as well as any opportune CC moment that may arise in the game. Paired with Multi Cast this ability has the power to not only stun but to destroy opponents, as it inflicts the damage multiplied as well as the stun.(Multi Cast applies with this ability every 0.3 seconds by the multiplier)

2W: Ignite - This ability is more effective because it has a slow, yes the damage is useful; however, as a roaming hero or a support this slow will allow you to help pick up kills for your team and also help you save either yourself or a teammate in a chasing scenario. (Multi Cast recreates this ability as an AoE)

3E: Bloodlust - This is high support ability. In my alternative build I get this to pump up my laning partner and my team in team fights. MS and AS makes a ton of difference for most heroes and especially those auto attack carries. Be sure to spread the joy of lust to your team. (Multi Cast allies will be selected randomly in an 575 AoE to be Bloodlusted.

4R:Multi Cast - This is Ogre Magi's signature ability and also his ultimate. Although this ability is glorious when it procs, it should not be treated as a guarantee. Always remember that this ability is not a 100% successful proc and to make sure that you do not make this out to be a factor in a fight. Treat every fight as if Multi Cast does not even exist, and when it does proc, capitalize on the opportunity.

Special: - Unrefined Fireblast this is a wave version of Fireblast that does increased damage and stuns as well. This ability is only obtained by purchasing an Aghanim's Scepter which I do not personally recommend. It's an expensive item and I feel as if there are better options available.



Arcane Boots - This is a naturally supportive item and also solves quite a bit of Ogre Magi's mana problems, IMO best possible boot choices unless you are in a "pubstomp" situation where you can later sell for Boots of Travel.

Orb of Venom - Not usually a core item or an item seen much in general, but it acts fairly unique for Ogre Magi. Orb of Venom's slowing effect stacks with Ignite causing an increased slow amount and making Ogre Magi very annoying to deal with. Also this cheap little item can be bought at side shops for a small price.

Magic Wand - My favorite item of all time, incredibly cheap and incredibly useful. Helps with Ogre Magi's mana problems and you will find it saving your life at times.

Bottle - You should do a fair share of roaming whether you are building a bit more supportive or going to try and carry, dominating runes is key to turning the tides of battle. Not to mention Double Damage and Multi Cast Fireblast's will give you chills.

Urn of Shadows - You don't necessarily need this since you have a Bottle as a roaming hero, but it's nice to have since it will gain many charges being involved in the majority of Ganks and team fights. Definitely do not get this if you have a carry like Nightstalker or Dragon Knight who have already acquired it.

Blademail - I tend to get focused quite a bit as Ogre Magi so I recommend picking this item up versus a melee DPS team, should the occasion arise.

Pipe of Insight - Ogre Magi is a support and he is beefy as hell, a great team candidate for this item when facing heavy nukes and magic blasting opponents.

Observer Wards - Buy These, Use these. (Regularly)

Town Portal Scrolls - Buy these, use these. (Regularly)

Role / Play-Style


As Ogre Magi they're a few ways to lane. When paired with a carry try not take CS from him/her especially if that person knows what they're doing (non-baddie). Check their jungle periodically if you happen to be bot as Dire or Top as Radiant, as well as your own jungle. Bloodlust will give your carry an advantage in lane and you should also use it to save yourself as well as your partner in lane seeing as it increases MS as well as AS. Later on you can Farm an entire lane by yourself as long as no carry is there to pick it up, spam Ignites in lane to spawn Multi Casts and farm creeps in lane. (Only do in later game when mana is no longer a huge issue)

In the even that you are lane partners with someone who is not a carry such as Initiators. Feel free to grab CS, Ogre Magi has a great base damage early game which makes him quite good at last hitting. and since Ogre Magi needs to obtain items like Arcane Boots Early CS is good if laned with someone who doesn't desperately need.


Roaming is an attribute that Ogre Magi really excels in. He has a stun, a slow and is a beefy hero in general. Obviously you are going to want a Bottle as soon as possible for maximum ganking potential. As long as you have mana and it's mid game and up Roaming is a very viable option. Even as support you should be making a good Gank effort. Dominate Runes and keep an eye on them as well since you should be warding regularly. The rest is fairly self explanatory, Open with Fireblast follow it up with Ignite and Bloodlust the carries.


Ogre Magi is a great Ganker, Support, Roamer and just a solid pick in benefiting a team overall. Keep in mind a few things while playing Ogre Magi. You are still warding for your team, you are not a hard carry, you are very useful so make sure you are not absent from the majority of fights, play smart, don't be selfish, DO NOT rely on Multi Cast, treat it as a luxury proc.

I realize this hero is yet to be implemented into the beta; however he is one of my favorite heroes and in anticipation I decide to share the way I view and Play Ogre Magi, I hope this helps, comments welcome, enjoy!

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