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Death Fortold : A Guide to Death Prophet

August 20, 2013 by enderarms
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Death Prophet Item Build

DotA2 Hero: Death Prophet

Hero Skills

Witchcraft (Innate)

Crypt Swarm

1 3 5 7


8 12 13 14

Spirit Siphon

2 4 9 10


6 11 16 17 18



Death Fortold : A Guide to Death Prophet

August 20, 2013


Death Prophet is an epic nuker with a spammable huge damage inflicting spell and an Ultimate great for pushing towers. This guide will help you use Death Prophet more efficiently.


Buy some Clarity for some extra spammage of Crypt Swarm. A Healing Salve and some Tango will take care of your health problems.
Immediately farm to get Arcane Boots. Buy a Energy Booster first. You will later dissassemble this to make a Soul Booster . Next, get a Point Booster since it gives you both HP and MANA.
When you dissassemble your Arcane Boots, make them into Phase Boots for better positioning. Once you get a Soul Booster craft it into a Bloodstone. This item gives you awesome mana regeneration and greatly decreases your respawn time, and gives you HUGE regen. Your next item is a Shadow Blade which is optional, but I get it as a core, since you use Exorcism then use Shadow Blade and the ghosts will still be there, but you will be invisible, so you can damage enemies without being seen.
Scythe of Vyse is a good item for any intelligence hero, and the Hex is great in a solo fight. Shiva's Guard gives you some nice armor and intelligence and slows enemies if you are getting chased. Eye of Skadi slows them even more and gives you TONS of stats! A Heart of Tarrasque will give you more HP regen and Health, and is very good combined with a Bloodstone.


Crypt Swarm is your main nuke and damage spell, so max it first. Silence is a good spell and you should put 1 level into it if you are laning against someone like Lion, Lina, Silencer, or any other annoying stun/disables. Level Witchcraft second since it gives you nice movespeed and cooldown reduction, allowing you to spam Crypt Swarm. Exorcism is a great move for pushing towers and a trolly move with Shadow Blade. Also the health gain at the end is a nice finish.

Pros / Cons

-Heavy nukeage early game
-Great for pushing early towers
-Low Cooldowns

-Spells are weaker late game
-No escape mechanism ( Unless you buy Shadow Blade)
-No ability to stop carries/No stuns

Friends and Foes

Friends of Death Prophet pretty much every hero that has control! Exorcism doesn't have much control so any hero is a good ally!

Watch out for Anti Mage since anyone with a considerably large mana pool is bad against him. Night Stalker is the worst because he will chase you down, silence you and kill you.

The End!

I hope this guide was useful into making you more efficient at Death Prophet!

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