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6 Votes

Cuttleboss' Guide to the Agent of Apotheosis [6.86]

January 20, 2016 by Cuttleboss
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YellulzQuiet (8) | August 6, 2016 9:15am
Hey man Great guide ! atualize for 6.88
Also how do i do carry oracle ?
Cuttleboss (28) | August 6, 2016 11:07am
Thanks. I have not been in a rush to update the guide because not much changed and I have not played as much Oracle recently. Much of the information is still useful.

As for carry Oracle, its not viable, the 1.4 BAT is a bonus, not a selling point. There is no reason to run Oracle as carry since so many others do it better (Silencer, Drow, Huskar, even Sniper). Mid Oracle can be done in pubs with more success if you go Euls, Aether, Aghs, or something like that. Oracle's big crippling weakness when it comes to playing high core positions is mainly his slow turn rate. It's the same reason why Shadow Shaman mid is not really viable either. You're sluggish and can't maneuver well, and your main purpose in fights is to cast all your spells once for the most part, more if you're lucky or farmed. He's more suited for supporting, but you can play as a mid 3 decently if you don't expect enemies to gank you (like in a recent EG game where they ran the Sumail on Oracle and he was very easy to shut down), since the 0.4 turn rate means you are almost certainly gonna die.
michimatsch (26) | August 6, 2016 9:51am
Do you mean pos. 2 or pos. 1?
Because pos. 2 is actually semi legit and involves going mid with an early Aghanim's Scepter coupled with a Eul's Scepter of Divinity and in rare cases a Dagon.
It's not that viable but it can work sometimes. It's kinda the same idea like the new Scepter-Mirana but with the emphasis on single target damage. You either snowball out of ccntroll or go for utility with the money you got from the kills.
pos. 1 is completly trollish and involves getting a Maelstrom and some more carry items to use his low Bat (although the Maelstrom damage gets blocked by your just get a Moonshard)
SouthernForce (1) | November 30, 2015 2:42pm
I don't think you included this, but to maximize his nuking potential you can fully channel Fortune's End and release it. While it is in flight hit the enemy with Purifying Flames. The heal will almost immediately be purged along with trapping the enemy, allowing you or your allies to quickly kill them.
CommandX3 | September 23, 2015 1:56pm
This was a pretty good guide overall, the only thing I took issue with was your advice that Purifying Flames does not synergize with False Promise. At level 4 Purifying flames does 360 damage and heals 396. False Promise doubles that heal, causing it to be a grand total heal of (396*2)-360= 432 hp healed. You can do that 2-3 times in a single False Promise at high levels, and that can lead to a significant amount of healing.

This was noticeable in your picture example (nice work on that btw). If Oracle had cast Purifying Flames on Spectre once or twice while she was under his ult, she probably could have survived the gank.

Also, you mentioned that Glimmer Cape doesn't synergize with Fate's Edict, but I'd like to mention that it works well on Oracle because it allows you to use Purifying Flames on your False Promise target, and increase the heal even more. Assuming that you do two Purifying Flames on the False Promise target, the equation with Glimmer Cape is:
(396*2)-(360*.35)= 666(!) hp healed. That's an extra 200 hp healed over the regular method.
Cuttleboss (28) | August 30, 2015 7:22am
I did not notice any sort of trend of the sort, although Baumi did once build it and it worked alright for a solo queue Oracle that was invis when he attacked.

I personally considered discussing Maelstrom as an item on Oracle, as he attacks quickly he'll get many procs, so it makes it useful if the enemies have supercreeps in 2 lanes, but I decided that if enemies have supercreeps in 2 lanes, you're in massive trouble anyway and the Maelstrom is not gonna help you win. otherwise it's other function would be to try to disable dagger, but honestly, in games, Oracle will not get the opportunity to right click for most of the fight, as he's spending most of his time repositioning himself away from trouble and casting spells.

And if you were going to hypothetically make Oracle into a dps right clicker hero, Maelstrom would not be the way to go, because Fate's Edict blocks magic damage, so procs of it will not deal any damage to the disarmed opponents. Go for like a Moon Shard and a Daedalus or something.
Rylon Crestfall | August 30, 2015 4:08am
Yes. So far it's either Abaddon Lich and Necrophos if ever my beloved Crystal Maiden gets taken away from me. Have you noticed the Maelstrom-hitter Oracle build people made when he first got out?
Cuttleboss (28) | August 29, 2015 9:08pm
Hello Rylon, I'm glad you liked the guide. I see you got some input. I would not say False Promise got nerfed, but changed to be worse in small skirmishes and better in late game high stakes fights.

Oracle I can't really recommend as a solo queue support at least until you get everything down well. If you're in a stack, that is a good time to try him out. If you're a CM player, Oracle might not be the best choice, as he's considerably less aggressive than CM. I am not a good CM player, so maybe you can write Chichi or Bunkansee to see if they have a certain support that would suit a CM main.

I'm glad you're interested in learning the hero, remember it takes a lot of practice, so it takes some time and devotion to get everything down.
Rylon Crestfall | August 29, 2015 5:42am
As a Crystal Maiden player I was so happy when False Promise got nerfed (no more dust purchases for me). LOL just saying!

Yeah, Crystal Maiden is my usual pick in pubs but in the low chance that someone else picks, I was thinking about going Oracle as an alternate support (at least more than Io anyway). This guide has a nice tone to the discussion. Very humoring, very down-to-earth, nice short story with the screenshots there, and hell of a lot of facts about the cons on Oracle (making it easier to understand why he's hard to play). My confidence for trying this alien if ever Rylai gets taken from me has increased. :p
Hamstertamer (89) | August 28, 2015 8:16am
Well maybe I underestimated the heals a little...sure if you stack them it can kind of work in the end to safe your carry's life.

Of course you can't get early Satanic on every carry...for example on Tiny it's just god-awful. In general you don't go satanic on kiteable carries. But on Luna or's really really good. Gyro/Luna only need to stay alive, they don't need more damage early.

Oracle has always been Io though. I really like the ult change because it's not only a huge buff, it actually forces people to play the hero as a Dazzle-like support which is the only way that makes sense. There are like 100 better mid heroes than Oracle, seriously Crystal Maiden is a better mid, at least she scales with farm and levels beyond level 7 :)
Cuttleboss (28) | August 28, 2015 7:19am
Oracle is a bad solo queuer, yeah, although I have moderate success with him in solo queue, either as a counterpick to right clickers or as a complement to certain heroes picks, like Slark, Sven, and Alchemist (although Alch rarely works out). But my success with him is not really indicative of my skill, but rather of him still being a bit too powerful. And the point stands in that when I do queue with my friend who plays Tiny or Luna, I win a lot more because I make his hero twice or thrice as tanky. When I play with that friend that I Oracle with, he still never gets the Satanic rush, since he prefers to do more damage, and if he can't be stunned, the enemies generally won't be able to kill him even without satanic, still, it is insanely powerful, but game has almost never come to that case so far in my 45 Oracle games.

As for healers, they are still fairly powerful with Oracle. Not nearly as much as the last patch where you have a False Promise up every fight. Still, with an Omniknight carrying a Mek, its 1220 heal for the target, which would be someone like Leshrac or some other midgame powerhouse, and its not that strong late, it is still certainly something of value, and something that has won many midgame fights for me before.

And expanding on the pub oracle and loss of interest thoughts, Oracle getting a better False Promise at high cooldown made him a better symbiosis hero, but lowered his solo queue potential, making him just a bit more like Io, which turned players off from him. It also killed a lot of his early game potential due to needing level 11 or 16 to have the ult be really strong in exchange for some insane late potential with proper hero pairing and some changes in carry itemization.

Anyway Hamster, as usual, your insight has been helpful. I will try to attempt your Satanic rush at some point, and I may update the guide with more information drawn from this.
Hamstertamer (89) | August 27, 2015 9:56pm
Oracle *can* be strong in pubs. It's just, he's as good of a solo queue hero as Io is :)

To work, he needs to be paired up with a competent carry player. Oracle is as much a symbiotic hero as wisp is. Maybe even more.

When paired up with this carry, have the carry practically rush a Satanic, since Oracle ult doubles the heal. If the carry ever gets caught out, ult him, he pops satanic, and ez rampage.

That's why his best friends are not healers. Sure False Promise doubles the heals from Omniknight or something but come on, in the long run the game impact of doubling those ~300 HP heals is essentially zero. Same thing with mek, urn, etc. What it *does* double however is the 4K+ HP that you can lifesteal with a satanic. And this is literally gamebreaking.

So yeah, pair him up with heroes like Gyrocopter, Huskar, Spectre, Phantom Assassin, Dragon Knight, Bristleback, Luna, Troll Warlord, Shadow Fiend, Slark etc, have the guy get a satanic essentially as a second item or even as a first item (he can delay BKB since you're pretty much his BKB), and ez game oracle OP :)

ALso Oracle can dispel Ghost Scepter. This makes carries who are vulnerable to it really good friends. E.g Lifestealer stands out here.

Cuttleboss wrote:

Another reason people really lost interest in this hero was when False Promise got the massive cooldown nerf and invisibility removed, so you can't just False Promise whenever you wanted to place a ward to save a friend anymore, it made the hero harder and winrates plummeted and people were put off of him.

If you don't think that changing an effect from a Shadow Blade to a Black King Bar is a massive buff, you're pretty much new to this game. Let them...

So yeah, Oracle *is* good in pubs. Just don't solo queue with him EVER, and instead 2-stack with a decent carry player who buys early lifesteal, go around the map with him to find kills and wreck some pubs :)
Cuttleboss (28) | August 27, 2015 6:39pm
Sure it was a lot of effort, but hopefully some people out there will find this guide useful. For the people who enjoyed the guide so far, thank you.

Currently, no one is interested in commenting on any guides because everyone is hyped about 6.85 so all the excitement is there right now. I also released a guide on the same month as Goo, Safecyn, and Sofa, turns out that was a bad idea for traffic :D

And few people are interested in learning Oracle because they just don't want to, the hero is just too weak in public games, and Sando's guide is much friendlier for newer players to read. Another reason people really lost interest in this hero was when False Promise got the massive cooldown nerf and invisibility removed, so you can't just False Promise whenever you wanted to place a ward to save a friend anymore, it made the hero harder and winrates plummeted and people were put off of him.

All this guide really suggests that is different is that all that mana you used to use/save on False Promise in 6.83, you now use to spam Purifying Flames to get easy last hits.
michimatsch (26) | August 27, 2015 2:39pm
Well. As I thought no one is really interested in Oracle guides anymore.
I guess that's due to his skill-ceiling and the amount of guides which already exist
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