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Cute Little Grandpa <3

April 5, 2016 by Hyorin88
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Cute Little Grandpa <3

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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Early Items

Mid Game

Late Game

Situational Items:


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Cute Little Grandpa <3

April 5, 2016


Hi Guys <3
I'm Hyorin and this is my first guide..
Fyi, i'm a newbie player.. Recently I've played Sniper for a while.. Before I shared this guide, I have trial to use this hero in my recently game with so much random build and finally i think this was my best build and finally got win streak (6games in a row) with this item build.. This build is kinda hard to use because it requires to have a really good farming (Noted: not to feed enemy) and doesn't become efficient until you have all the core items. As you know, Sniper is a very late game hero, he needs a lot of farming to be efficient.. Maybe some of us considered sniper is easy to play hero, but that totally not always right.. When i played with my friend and telling them i'm gonna pick sniper, they always disallow me to pick this hero..

Until~ to which I got this build item (for me), they never forbid me to pick sniper again.. LoL XD




Starters :

Wraith Band It increases his starting damage and make easily to take last hits creeps and lane harrass.
Tango/ Healing Salve Since sniper had low health. Its keep you in the lane longer allowing you to farm longer which is a good thing and feel free to buy more later.

Early items :

In earlier you bought Wraith Band and you should go for Ring of Basilius, this completes of your Ring of Aquila and thus gives you more damage, extra attack speed and 3 armour.. After that the another item that you have to acquire is the Power Threads, you'll gain some stats and attack speed which is important for Sniper.. (Before, i always build Phase Boots caused the damage, but now i always build Power Threads, though it less damage than the Phase Boots, you will like the extra attack speed later)

Mid Game :

Shadow Blade to escape, combined with your range again you will be almost untouchable. It gain +30 attck speed is more important than the 22 damage at this point.. (i didnt know why i always build this even at enemy have hero that can track..my friend said this useless.. But i always feel more secure if i already had this item)
Dragon Lance Wohoo~ new item at new patch make your range super wow (+130).. After u got this item u will feel untouchable.. LoL XD
Sange and Yasha This item gives you a little health, a bit of movement speed (+16%). Unfortunately with so much other great choices it may be worth forgoing this item.

Late Game:

Farm all the creeps you can to get Monkey King Bar, this will give you True Strike which will allow you to always touch your target and a mini-bash which added to your own Headshot, After u got this, will start making a real annoying for your enemies... True Strike allows you to counter evasion heroes such as Windranger or Phantom Assassin.. The ministun can be very helpful interrupting channelling ultimate abilities such as Death Ward or Freezing Field..

Situational Items:

Gem of True Sight If any enemies hero that uses frequent invisibility is on the other side like Riki, Clinkz, Bounty Hunter or enemies hero used Shadow Blade.
Linken's Sphere This expensive item gives you +15 to all stats, HP regen and mana regen, but the most valuable aspect is its ability to block a whole bunch of targeted spells once every 17 seconds.. You can also cast this on allies..

Pros and Cons

* Super Awesome Increadible Ranged Attacks (this what i really like from sniper)
* Very good at harassing
* Great Ulti does a lot damage
* Good side laner as well as mid laner
* Solo Pushes Towers

* Squishy with Low Health, Mana and Armour
* Slow
* Starting with very low attack damage
* No Escape mechanism
* Always targeted by enemies


Sniper is a very powerful hero but extremely farm dependent. You must avoid dying early. Farming should always be undertaken until you can contribute in team fights. If you need to farming at jungle just make sure have the wards around jungle or always stick with your team wherever they go because if you don't, the enemy will sneak up on you, you are usually dead.. Lol XD If you contribute at team fight, just make sure constantly free hit.

This build that I have tried and use in public game..
I don't say this is the best build for sniper, but i got well along with this build.

It's my first guide, i'm sorry if it's poorly explained!
I really would like positive critism of all the guides information..
And apologize for my bad grammar as i'm not an english native..

Best regards,

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