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Clockwerk essentials 6.83

December 17, 2014 by Praetor42
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Basic build

DotA2 Hero: Clockwerk

Hero Skills

Battery Assault

2 3 5 8

Power Cogs

1 7 10 12

Rocket Flare

4 9 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Clockwerk essentials 6.83

December 17, 2014


Clockwerk is a very plug and play hero with solid stat gains across the board and good ganking and crowd control abilities.

in this guide i will cover 3 points.

1. Clockwerk's role in lane and what lanes to use him in.

2. Explanation of specific items to build and skill leveling.

3. Heroes that he counters, heroes that counter him, and heroes that combo well with him.

Laning phase

Clockwerk's best positions are the offlane and mid. the reasons for this is that clockwerk benefits from the early levels a great deal as they allow him to gank almost anyone with impunity.

once you have reached level six the enemy supports will have normally started wandering around trying to help lanes or ward. these are the perfect oppurtunities to gank them and hopefully stall enemy warding and rotations. you can gank people in lane with creeps but it becomes a much risky endeavor due to the fact that creeps will surround your cogs and absorb some of the battery assault hits and it is morelikely that rotations will come and catch you out.

when the mid game rolls around you will normally not be able to gank people effectively as the supports will either stick with the carries at all times or have farmed up a force staff. this does not mean you cant gank people but you have to be more conservative about it. it is in the mid game you switch from ganker to initiator as you should have enough money to have some tank items such as mek or blademail. this will be your role throughout the game to be the tank of the team.


GG branches are obvious items to get as they build into wand and they provide great early stats. the stout shield provides great harass prevention and tangos all the regen you should need till you get your bottle. a bottle is a standard item on clock especially with 6.82's double rune patch.

the next item is where the most discussion about clockwerk comes in, what type of boots to grab. most people grab phase boots for the extra chase and rightclick damage. this is redundant as clock has high base movement speed and his battery assault will prevent running by making people stutter step. you see tranqs and mana boots for there armor bonus and hp regen and there extra mana respectfully. these are also redundant as you will be roaming with a bottle so you need no extra regen and you will but items soon that provide extra int for mana. my boots of choice are power treads as they boost your tankiness and attack speed and allow for some super pro tread swapping.

what you build next depends on the team. if someone is building a mek and/or they have some glass cannons go blademail first. if they have no glass cannons and/or there are no meks on your team you should consider going mek but you will probably have mana problems till you get some int items. after one of those respective items you should pick up a force staff as it provides great mobility into and out of your power cogs. after you grab the staff you should go ags, blademail or maybe even crimson guard.

do not go mek if you grab some other items first as it loses its power severely the later it goes.

Once you grab ags for the twelve second cooldown and stat gains you should have enough room for whatever utility items your team needs such as dust, wards, smoke etc.


Power Cogs are Clockwerk' main tools. the mana and health drain should be used offensivly in lane to harass and zone out the enemy laners. you max out Battery Assault first due to its massive damage boost with each level.this skill is tricky as any other unit will take some of the hits and greatly reduce your damage. you get a value point in Rocket Flare to scout and get some spot damage. cogs are maxed second as they prolong the duration, durability, and damage of your cogs.

all of these however are set up by your Hookshot. an incredibly fast projectile it hits and stuns all units in that area and all pulls you to that location. the skill is easily misused as if it hits anyone, even creeps, it activates and pulls you to them so be careful about whats in between you and your target. you may also use it on allies to try to rush to their position if you cant see any enemy units.

Counters and combos

Clockwerks chief counter is the Force Staff. a guaranteed escape, it is really hard for clock the catch back up with whoever forcestaffs out. blink dagger is a bad item against him and he will almost always be able to disable the dagger before they can use it. however any hero with an inate blink like Storm Spirit

will also always escape unless their blinks are on cooldown for some reason. pudge and disruptor also counter clock in their own ways. Pudge is able to hook people or clockwerk out of the cogs and thus ending that engagement. Disruptor can glimpse clockwerk after he hookshots all the way to his starting position. Clocks main enemies are the spirits. all super mobile, he can never pin them down and they are all able to enter the cogs to help allies trapped within.

sup fool.
Earth Spirit is such a counter to clock he deserves his own little kingdom. able to pull allies out with impunity he can escape, enter, nuke, and in general **** on clockwerk with his cogs up.

Almost all of clockwerks counters also work well with him. anyone who can blink into the cogs to add damage or throw nukes into is great with him. a great hero with clock though is Skywrath Mage. Mystic Flare damage is split among everyone in its area and over about 2.2 seconds. cogs lock people down for its entire duration and will normally allow one person to absorb all of its damage allowing for maximum efficiency .

Clockwerk counters and squishy people, people with long cast times ,like Earth shaker, and and channeled abilities such as Black Hole.

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