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AHA! MY BEARD GROWS LONGER! [Utility Support Dark Seer]

September 13, 2012 by KittenStapler
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Utility Support

DotA2 Hero: Dark Seer

Hero Skills


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Ion Shell

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Wall of Replica

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AHA! MY BEARD GROWS LONGER! [Utility Support Dark Seer]

September 13, 2012

Introduction to Your New Favorite Hero

Dark Seer. Little is known of his origin, only that he was once a renown general from "A Land Beyond the Wall." He is a hero shrouded in shadows and mystery. A cunning strategist, a powerful warrior, and great thinker. And most of all, the most annoying motherf*cker you will ever encounter in Dota 2. At first glace, Dark Seer's abilities seems odd, to say the least. Most are useless on their own, but with some careful planning, and a little bit of teamwork, they can turn the tides of battle in a matter of seconds.

Pros / Cons


  • Surprisingly durable for an intelligence hero (22 starting strength + 2.3/level)
  • One of the best initiations in the game ( Vacuum and Wall of Replica)
  • Can easily get himself out of a tight spot ( Surge + Phase Boots)
  • Farming comes easy at pretty much all levels, with a very small item dependency
  • Cliffs. More on that later.

  • Can be difficult to play for some players. To use some moves correctly, you need a little creativity and a lot of balls.
  • A bad early game can snowball out of control very easily
  • You will get focused. A lot.
  • To be a truly effective team player, you might have to let others get more kills. If your carry is about to go down, do everything in your power to save him.
  • Cliffs. . . They can be tempting.


Initial Purchase

First off, you want to buy a Stout Shield, there is no debating this. The shield will give you extra survivability for the early game, and help you build your Vanguard, which is ESSENTIAL by the time the mid game rolls around.

Then, buy a courier if nobody else is going to. Technically Dark Seer is not a support class, but he is much less item dependent than most characters, so go ahead and take one for the team.

Finally, pick up a recipe for Soul Ring. Why a recipe, you ask? Well first off, it's all you're going to afford after the shield and courier, and secondly, you won't have to wait for a courier to get the items you need. Like I said, take one for the team, use the side shops.

Early Game

Finish building your Soul Ring first. Use the ring before you cast Ion Shell to keep your mana steady so you keep the pressure on the enemy lane.

Then pick up your Boots of Speed, they're going to save your life a few times in the early game.

After the boots, finish your Vanguard ASAP. You're going to NEED this item as you will get focused in just about every team fight.

Mid Game/Core

Arcane Boots. Use this along with the soul ring and you should be square on mana for the rest of the game. SOMETIMES you're going to want to pick up Phase Boots instead, as they will give you extra escape and make ganking easier, but I would only recommend this if you're playing with a group of people you know and work well together with.

At this point, all your items are all situational. I usually pick up a Pipe of Insight to help me and my team last a little longer in teamfights, but you might want to pick up a Mekansm if nobody else is going to. Talk to your team, try to assess the situation and plan out the best action. After all, you are the greatest strategist of two different dimensions.

If You Get More Fed Than Pudge
Pick up an Aghanim's Scepter and a Refresher Orb. Collect Lulz.

Skillz (and how to use them)

Vacuum: The ULTIMATE troll spell. Seriously, this spell trolls so hard, you'd think Gabe Newell came up with it himself. Vacuum is incredibly versatile, you can use it to initiate, gank, chase, escape, clean carpets, nuke, and (my personal favorite) put people onto a motherf*cking cliff. A lot of people see this as an exploit, but we're not going to care about them. It may seem cold and heartles at times, but putting the team up there is honestly one of the hardest gamechangers you can pull off. As soon as you can, ward the cliffs by the two runes, and either camp the area around them or run to them when you are escaping. Another viable option is if there's action going on in the Dire top lane. If you've got the balls, aggro an enemy creep and stand by the dire ward cliff, wait for them to walk by, vacuum, and GTFO (or Wall of Replica for extra lulz). Start leveling it at level 4, max it after ion shell.

Ion Shell: ALWAYS level this first. Get it at level 1 and level it with every opportunity you get. This is one of the strongest spells of the early game, and is your main laning tool. This spell is what allows DS to solo a lane like nobody else's business. However, you need to know how and when. When laning against ranged heros, put the shell on thier ranged creep, however most people will expect and adapt to this pretty quickly, so pay attention and adapt back. If you want Last hits, try putting it on their melee creep so you'll get the kills without pushing back too far. If you're pushing, put the shell either on you or your melee creeps, and watch the LHs come rolling in. If you're ganking, put it on yourself and run next to them, which brings us to our next goodie

Surge: Pretty self explanatory. You'll mainly use surge to escape, and help your teammates escape. Alternatively, surge can also be powerful ganking tool. Start by putting ion shell on yourself, use vacuum to position them better (if necessary), then run by them, letting ion shell do its thing. If they start to get away, use surge to run in front of them to keep them from escaping. Normally you don't want to attack them, as this slows you down and potentially gives them a chance to get away (unless they're stunned or blocked. Use your intuition). Pick it up at level 2, but don't bother putting any more in there until you've maxed your other skills.

Wall of Replica: As if DS wasn't already overpowered enough, his ult allows him to be one of the best pushers/defenders/nukers out there. If your new to Dark Seer, then expect to miss with this thing. A lot. Don't worry, you'll get better. First, keep in mind your position, as the wall will run adjacent to whichever direction DS is facing when he casts it. If you're attacking, you usually want to put the wall right in front of their tower, preferably so it spawns of the members of their team. When they start to run away, vacuum them back onto the wall, and hope you survive the ordeal. When you vacuum people onto cliffs, you can WoR them to ensure a megakill, but honestly sometimes it's more efficient to just leave them up there. Don't pick it up until level 10, as you won't have the mana to use it effectively until then.

Work in progress

So that about sums up my build. I just wanted to get this guide out and see what people think of it, if I see a good enough response then I will gladly revise it and add more detail. Tell me what you guys think below, thanks!

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