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7.01 Ember Spirit - Magic Damage Build

December 29, 2016 by nfgiii
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InfuriatedBrute (2) | March 9, 2017 12:14pm
1) Nice guide, will use.

2) You don't have to recommend [Blink Dagger], but don't call it an initiation item, it's an escape item. You can initiate with remnants just fine, but then you have no instant-cast-time escape becayse you don't have a remnant in the map. Blink dagger is there to initiate without consuming the remnant, therefore allowing you to always have an instant cast-time escape ready.

3)Im 2k, but no linkens?
Yellulzquiet Reborn (4) | December 30, 2016 4:46pm
Liked this magic Ember Spirit build, but it has a couple of flaws i would like to point out

Early on, poor man shield gives far better survability than a Wraith band, and you do want bottle to abuse from remanants and tps, also you have almost 5 runes to use it. Ring of Aquila is generally bad because you dont need the damage, you already got armor from veil and the aura sucks.If you want to fill slots buy a Magical Wand, it is very as people will thrown A LOT of spells on you.

One strategy you didn´t mention with Euls Scepter is to Cyclone > Flame shield > put the 3 Remanant > Chains > Veil > teleport to the remanant and watch enemy burn away.It is generally bought because of the purge and the mana regen as people tend to silence you a lot.

In Late game he needs more armor and survavibility as he main source of damage is Mjornl and Eye of Skadi. Blink Dagger is good, it stays with a 7 seconds cooldown, Blade Mail cd will be 10 seconds, so its almost 50% uptime and a lots of regen when in shield.I am a big fan of building Bloodthorn on him as this item gives almost everything of utility and insane damage amount.Enemy dispelled it ? who cares his cooldown is 6 seconds, this is almost 90% uptime. Dagon + Etheral is also insane as each one has 9/11 seconds of cooldown.15 seconds cd Sheep stick and Shivas Guard deserve a mention as well.

It needs more writing and editing as well, but for now its a up +1
nfgiii | January 3, 2017 9:42am
Thanks for reading, liking, giving a +1, and commenting! It's my first review, just had to put it together because I hadn't seen it done yet and was piecing together what other people had done along with what I liked. I totally plan to keep up the edits on this guide though, and I appreciate your input.

My thoughts. I've tried out the Poor Man's Shield vs the Ring of Aquila more thoroughly and I think I'm agreeing with you (and the pros lol). It gives you some added survivability that stays with you for the early to mid game for a bargain price. Though I will say that after growing accustomed to the early Aquila, I did notice the difference it made to my mana pool, and it cost me a few kills due to juuuuust barely running out of mana and not being able to secure an early gank, a kilI would have been able to get had I gone with the Ring of Aquila. You could call it poor prep on my part, or maybe I just wasn't used to it yet, but I'm still on the fence over which I prefer. Magic Wand of course is situational, and I didn't list it originally because I always base this on who I lane against.

Did I not mention/specify the Eul's Scepter use? (looked back) Nope, just briefly went over item, I'll have to go back and give more detail because yeah, this is a frequently bought item and very useful depending on enemy lineup.

As for the controversial Blink Dagger exclusion, I'm sticking to my guns here. Maybe I'm just not the best farmer, but if I go Blink, I just feel too far behind afterwards. That 2250g is just too much for me, especially when I can just use a Remnant to initiate in most scenarios. It's a great item, don't get me wrong, but the cost here is more than I myself can justify.

Then the Bloodthorn suggestion. I'd considered using this before but never tried, and you're definitely right that it does work wonders in the right situation. Adding this for sure. Dagon/ Ethereal Blade I did mention, and yeah that combo is just ridiculous and fits in with this build wonderfully.

Thanks again for your input, I'll be updating the build accordingly!
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