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7.01 Ember Spirit - Magic Damage Build

December 29, 2016 by nfgiii
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Standard Magic Damage Nuker

DotA2 Hero: Ember Spirit

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early Game

Mid-Late Core Items

Optional Items

Hero Skills

Searing Chains

2 4 7 8

Sleight of Fist

5 13 14 15

Flame Guard

1 3 9 11

Fire Remnant

6 12 18


10 16

Hero Talents

+20% cooldown reduction
+2s Searing Chains​
+10 Armor
+500 Flame Guard absorption
+20 Movement Speed
+6 All Stats
+8% Spell Amplification
+30 Damage

7.01 Ember Spirit - Magic Damage Build

December 29, 2016


Considering your early game you'll be mid and usually at a disadvantage, you'll want to focus on being able to stay in lane and get your last hits. You want to be ready for ganking, but your focus needs to be in making sure you can stay in your lane, get your last hits, and not getting bullied off. Therefore I place heavy emphasis on (first of all) FLAME GUARD and (secondly) SEARING CHANIS. If the opposing mid gets too close I'll Flame Guard to back them off, and if they persist I'll Searing Chains. This does some hefty damage, and will distance most, though you'll be taking damage too (ranged) and your mana will constantly be out or low. Use your bottle charges wisely.

SEIGHT OF FIST (SoF) only gets once point in it (at lvl 5) to have it available for ganks, but you'll generally be too mana deprived to use it early on anyway. Late game however this ability will be huge in both clearing creeps/farming, and getting kills.

FIRE REMNANT should be leveled as they come, and will be used for ganks and escapes. The damage on Remnants in 7.00 was upped dramatically, and is very effective now at securing kills.


Standard Items in "the usual" order of purchase:


-WRAITH BAND: (Optional) Good starting Item that helps with last hitting and early dps. You can start with this or elect to save for bottle.

-BOTTLE: you're probably mid, and you're probably being harassed. Being that you're melee and most mids have an advantage over you, you're gonna need to keep them off you by using timely flame guards and searing chains. Your bottle keeps you in the action. Keep it filled up and rotate to those bounty runes every 2 min.

-RING OF AQUILA: (Optional) If you got the Wraith Band you may as well upgrade to the RoA for the added Mana Regen and armor. Any Mana Regen is much needed.

-BOOTS OF SPEED: Since you'll be roaming and picking up runes often and early, you'll want your brown boots asap to up your Movement Speed.


-VEIL OF DISCORD: And here is where this build starts to differ from the standard Ember (Battlefury) build. The Veil provides a boost to your magic damage output, which makes ALL of your abilities pack even more of a punch. You'll want this completed by the time you reach Level 10 and get your "+15% Spell Amplification" because now it's time to gank and get those early/mid-game kills.

-MEALSTROM: a damage item and the starting item to your battlefury substitute, Maelstrom actually does a great job of clearing creep waves and keeping your farm up as you build up for more damage items.

BOOT OPTIONS: After the Maelstrom is built, securing your farm game, you have some choices to make in the boots department.

-ARCANE BOOTS: (optional) depending on the game, and your farm, since your brown boots are just sitting there unused, you may want to go ahead and get the Energy Booster for your Octarine Core now to give you the extra mana. It delays the completion of your Radiance, but if you have the gold to spare it could be well worth it.

-PHASE BOOTS: maybe you're farm has been especially good and you'd like to splurge, maybe you're thinking you want a bit more damage. If you don't mind spending an extra thousand gold or so and delaying your Boots of Travel, Phase boots is a viable option.

-BOOTS OF TRAVEL: then of course, BoT's are core on ember for good reason. Low on mana? Cast a remnant and port back to base to top-off and bottle up, then remnant back to action with little time spent. You can get these before or after your Radiance, but get these you will.


-RADIANCE: technically, this is an optional item, but with this build I consider it core. To me, a Radiance embodies what it is to be ember Spirit and it just feels right. You add magic damage (which is amplified by your +15% Spell Amplification) andf in a fight that damage is felt in addition to your flame guard, always on, even when using SoF through enemies and mobs. The build up tp this item is steep, and can be rough, but the payoff is huge.

-OCTARINE CORE: again, some claim this is optional, but to this build I consider it core. Reduced Spell Cooldown, Spell Lifesteal... yes please. Then the added stats to beef up your fragile Ember. If you're not going for an Octarine Core, why bother with a magic damage build.

-MJOLNIR: an upgrade to attack speed, an added damage active that you can place on yourself and others, and a bit more damage from the weapon proc. A good upgrade to an item already in your inventory.


-BLINK DAGGER: First and foremost. I know. Some people are already calling me a noob for not making this core. And it isn't that having a blink dagger isn't extremely useful, because it is. Very. BUT, it's just too damn expensive for my tastes when there are other options that I feel are just more beneficial. I'd rather beef up my Ember than spend 2250g on an item that gives me a short-ranged teleport, something I already have in the form of remnants. I know, I know, the initiation is better with a blink, yeah, it is, but is it worth the 2250g that could be spent elsewhere, I just don't think so. I've played games with and without, and in the games without I just don't miss it more than I miss the 2250g.

-EUL'S SCEPTER: Sumail thinks this item works here, and what Sumail does, I'll at least strongly consider. I think he's on to something here. 150% Mana Regen, +40 Movement Speed, and extra Int = extra mana. Then nesides the basic stats, you can use Eul's to guarantee an escape while also adding some extra damage: cast a remnant away, activate Eul's (which gives time for the remnant to move and doesn't leave you vulnerable) and then remnant away and maybe even get in an extra SoF before going.

-DAGON: kind of a pub stomp item, but I can't say it isn't effective.

-ETHREAL BLADE: more pub stomp and bordering on trolling, but again, effective.

-EYE OF SKADI: like always, Eye of Skadi is nice to have. Good for survivability and mana. Adds a slow to prevent enemies from getting away, but they weren't getting away anyway were they...

-MOON SHARD: lastly, if you have more gold than you can spend, and all your slots are full, there's always a moon shard you can add on yourself.

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