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Hey everyone!

It's been more than a month since our latest guide contest has started! After a week of judging all the guides that have been created and updated throughout September, we're finally ready to reveal the best guides of this edition! *drum roll*


Congratulations to our grand prize winner, oaj99, the author of From One, an Army (7.06f): Phantom Lancer Analyzed, the best guide of this edition! They have won an Arcana of choice, 50 USD Steam Wallet and the Grand Winner Badge, hooray!

From One, an Army (7.06f): Phantom Lancer Analyzed, as the title suggests, is a guide for Azwraith the Phantom Lancer. Oaj99 has played over 1.400 matches as this hero and in this guide you can find all the information and answers you need in order to properly play Phantom Lancer. The guide kicks off with an introduction to Phantom Lancer and his strengths and weaknesses, where we can learn that Azwraith is a hero that's great at 1 versus 1 fighting, chasing enemies and avoiding spells and debuffs used against him. Moving on, we can find a breakthrough of Phantom Lancer's abilities where we can learn how the abilities work, how to effectively use them and even some tips and tricks that could make the difference in some situations and match ups.

Sounds good? You can find out more about talents, item builds, mechanics and game play by checking out Oaj99's guide, From One, an Army (7.06f): Phantom Lancer Analyzed, the Grand Winner of our guide contest!

Congratulations to the winners of the Strength category! Wisper_the_Wisp, KingLouie111 and Sh1ftR are the worthy winners of an Arcana of choice and the Strength Attribute Badge! The lucky heroes featured in these awesome guides are Io the Wisp, Mangix the Brewmaster and Vrogros the Underlord!


The 1500+ Commend Io Guide
Io the Wisp is one of the most complex heroes in the game, requiring a high amount of matches to be played in order to fully comprehend the hero. That's where this guide comes to the rescue! Wisper_the_Wisp has over 2.000 matches played as Io with a win rate higher than 55%, which is 20% higher than the global average! Their passion for this hero has been a great asset to writing this guide, where you can learn everything you need to know about Io such as basics like item and skill builds, advanced builds and techniques that make the difference between a good Io player and a great Io player, and even situational alternatives that you have to keep in mind. If you're not very fond of playing Io, there's still much to learn from this guide! By checking out a guide for any hero you can learn its strengths and weaknesses and take advantage of this information while playing with or against the respective hero!


6k MMR Offlane Brewmaster Guide
Brewmaster is one of the most versatile heroes in the game. As KingLouie111 mentioned, the guide is focused on the offlane role, but Brewmaster can also be played both as a mid laner and as a carry. We can find out from the introduction of the guide that KingLouie111 is a 6.000 MMR offlane player and this guide was made for players of any skill levels and should help them in increasing their MMR and overall player skill. Moving on, we can learn that Brewmaster is one of the best initiators and strongest team fighters in the game, being able to deal high amounts of damage while also being able to disable his enemies. However, he's a hero that requires mana to be effective, his ultimate requires good positioning and his ultimate's long cooldown can be problematic. Not sure what to aim for in the laning phase? Have no fear! You can find information about each phase of the game and what you should try your best to achieve.


Walking Through Flames
Vrogos the Underlord is one of the heroes that can turn the game around if played at his full potential. Sh1ftR mentioned in their guide that they have been waiting for Underlord for a long time and they have been playing him ever since his release! As the guide kicks off, we can learn about Underlord that his skill set enables him to maintain the lane equilibrium efficiently, he's able to save his allies and counter-push effectively thanks to his ultimate, and prolonged fights make him even stronger thanks to his Atrophy Aura. On the other hand, his mana pool is quite low, his only ability that disables his enemies still allows the trapped units to fight back, he doesn't have the greatest mobility, and let's not forget, he requires good team coordination and communication to be played at his full potential.

Congratulations to the winners of the Agility category! Carabermaindota, Lord_Vesper and msl198 are the worthy winners of an Arcana of choice and the Agility Attribute Badge! The lucky heroes featured in these wonderful guides are Slark the Nightcrawler, Strygwyr the Bloodseeker and Nevermore the Shadow Fiend!


Slark 'the Nightcrawler'
Slark is a notorious hero for his popularity in public matches and his ability to snowball and dominate. However, as easy as it seems sometimes, it is very important to know when to pick Slark, what heroes he's strong and weak against, and of course, what items to pick up and in which situations to do so. We can learn from carabermaindota's pros and cons section that Slark is a difficult target to take down, he's strong at every stage of the game, and his damage output becomes greater the longer the fight. However, he's weak against nuke damage and mana burning, and his first ability must be timed correctly or either Slark will only get damaged without taking advantage of the ability's perks. In addition, you can find advanced tips and tricks that are joined by explanatory videos, tricks such as treads switching to save mana and tank damage and ability combo for efficient escape.


Personal Guide to Bloodseeker
Strygwyr is one of the most popular counters to mobile heroes thanks to his ultimate, as we can often see him picked against heroes such as Queen of Pain, Anti-Mage and Spirit Breaker. His skill set allow him to be played in any lane and even in the jungle, however LordVesper's guide has 2 different play styles that you can follow, the nuker (the best choice in their opinion) and the right clicker. Even if you're a new or advanced Bloodseeker player, you can find a tremendous amount of information useful for every skill level. As the author mentions, the best lane for Bloodseeker is the middle lane, since he can use the solo farm and experience to quickly come online and start creating havoc around the map. Remember, since Bloodseeker can self sustain himself, he's strong against most lane adversaries and he can become a great threat if out of control!


Shadow Fiend Mid
Nevermore the Shadow Fiend, one of the most iconic heroes of DotA since Warcraft III's DotA map! Msl198 likes to pick Shadow Fiend whenever the enemy team's supports are weak at ganking and at reacting to greedy plays. This is a simple information that's very useful and at the same time easy to miss! It's important for Shadow Fiend to be able to farm and handle his lane, but that's a tough objective since in most matches he's against many of his counters. Moving on, even if the laning stage is the beginning of every match and it's important to have a good start, you must be aware of what to do next in the mid and late game. Lucky for us, Msl198's guide has exactly what we need about each stage of the game! If you're having trouble against a specific hero on the mid lane, you can find tips and tricks on how to deal with heroes such as Invoker, Queen of Pain, Tinker and many more!

Congratulations to the winners of the Intelligence category! TheSofa, Masked_Man98 and RadwanX are the worthy winners of an Arcana of choice and the Intelligence Attribute Badge! The lucky heroes featured in these amazing guides are Puck the Faerie Dragon, Lion the Demon Witch and Auroth the Winter Wyvern!


Gather 'round! TheSofa's guide to Puck
TheSofa's guide is currently the top rated Puck guide on DOTAFire, impressive work by our Veteran! Puck is a very popular hero both in public and professional matches due to its ability to efficiently initiate and counter-initiate. As mentioned in the guide itself, Puck is great at escaping, initiating and dealing burst damage, but he requires quite a lot of practice and fast reflexes to be played at full potential. However, TheSofa's got you covered with a great amount of useful information to help improve your Puck playing skills! In case the match isn't going as planned, you can find tips on how to react and come back in the chapter "Worst-Case Scenarios", a brief chapter specially written to prepare you for the worst! Having problems against a specific hero on the lane? You can find strategies on how to lane against problematic heroes such as Storm Spirit, Queen of Pain and Templar Assassin.


Hell To Pay - A Guide To Lion
Masked_Man98 is one of our most active authors as he entered our guide contest with 5 different quality guides, way to go! His guide for Lion is the one that impressed us the most, emphasizing how important the support role is while explaining how to properly play the Demon Witch. As we can see, the guide features two different builds that we can pick from, the first one being dedicated to supporting the lane and the second one focused around roaming around the map joined by the other support. Masked_Man98 has included in his guide a thorough explanation for each ability, item choice, talent and stage of the game and many more, which makes us certain that this guide should teach you how to be a great Lion! Not enough? Well, if you need more, you can even find information on which heroes Lion goes well with and which heroes are the Demon Witch's nemesis.


How to Play Winter Wyvern
Winter (Wyvern) is coming! RadwanX believes Winter Wyvern is one of the most well-rounded supports in the game due to her versatile skill set. Even though she's an intelligence hero, she has 24 base strength at level 1, the second highest base strength of all the intelligence heroes, tanky! Winter Wyvern excels at dealing with melee heroes and physical damage dealers thanks to her ultimate, make sure to keep that in mind during the picking stage! Since her abilities can greatly influence the outcome of the game while being difficult to use, RadwanX has provided us with in-depth breaktrough for each of Winter Wyvern's abilities. If you're not a big fan of playing support but you like Winter Wyvern, you can try out the core build that is inspired by iceiceice's professional play style!

Congratulations to the winner of the Best Looking Guide category! Eddnamed has impressed us with his formatting skills and illustrated examples used in his guide for Lyralei the Windranger! They have won an Arcana of choice and the Best Looking Guide Badge!


Meet the prevailing winds
A hero that can be played on any lane, what could be better? Thanks to her skill set, Windranger can fit in any team composition since she has one of the longest disables in the game, a strong long range ability that deals magical damage, the ability to escape or chase, and also a strong output of physical damage. However, good positioning is crucial while playing Windranger and she's an item dependent hero. Speaking about versatility, Eddnamed's got you covered with 3 different builds that you can follow, offlane, midlane and even support. Even though she's great in any team composition as we've already mentioned, you can find out which heroes are the best allies or enemies in the guide's latest chapters!

Congratulations to the winner of the General Guide category! Blackfrostia has crafted a unique guide on how to be a happy and healthy DotA player! Important advice on how to enjoy the game and be a better player overall! They have won an Arcana of choice and the General Guide Badge!


How to be a happy Dota 2 player
DotA can be a pretty stressful game, especially when you're trying your best to win every match and increase your MMR. You'll always encounter difficulties such as bad teammates, really strong opponents and maybe impossible to win matches, however you should remember at all times that it's a game and you're supposed to have fun! Instead of blaming your teammates and having a bad time, you can try to win no matter what and learn something from every experience. Blackfrostia's got for us 5 steps to follow in order to become happier and better players, and also some extra tips that are worth checking out! Stay positive and have fun! :)

Congratulations to the winner of the Most Comprehensive category! DJjojo has worked his fingers to the bone while crafting this guide for Carl, the Invoker! They have won an Arcana of choice and the Most Comprehensive Guide Badge!


Glorious Invocations - An in-depth guide
With over 30.000 words (about 190.000 characters), DJjojo's guide for Invoker must be one of the most complex of all time! The most comprehensive guide for the most complex hero, it makes sense! In this guide we can learn everything that we need to know about Invoker, and some extra tips on how to efficiently practice using his spell combinations, how to pick the right build based on the hero match ups and other factors, and even hero specific scenarios (such as how to play and defeat Ember Spirit, Phantom Assassin and many more). It took us a good while to go through this guide and we can say it's the perfect handbook for Invoker!

How to Claim Your Prizes (It's Pretty Easy, but We Need Some Info From You)

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  4. Enjoy your goodies!

We would like to thank everyone for participating in our guide contest and for being awesome! We hope that you enjoyed this contest as much as we did and you can expect more contests of this kind coming soon. Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for us to improve the quality of our future contests!
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Congratulations to all winners.
oooo look at that sexy badge.
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The post itself deserves a prize! I love the abstract you have written for each guide; it is extremely well-written! I can't thank you enough for all what you are doing here. Congratulations to all winners and especially to oaj99 for winning the Grand Prize, his guide is really god-tier.


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Congrats everyone!


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RadwanX wrote:

The post itself deserves a prize! I love the abstract you have written for each guide; it is extremely well-written! I can't thank you enough for all what you are doing here. Congratulations to all winners and especially to oaj99 for winning the Grand Prize, his guide is really god-tier.

Completely agree with this one!

Congratulations everyone!


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Congrats for all winners!


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Congrats to the winners!!


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Okay, this is hard to take in, guys. This is such an honour, thank you so much. And congrats to all the other winners too. For some reason I had expected the winners to be announced on the 11th of October, don't even know why. I just opened Dotafire today to look if my guide had any comments or anything and BOOM! I'M THE GRAND WINNER? THIS IS AMAZING.


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Your guide is a bomb dude. You deserved it. Congrats
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Congratulations to every winner and thanks to everyone for making those quality guides B-)


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