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Xyrus's Inhouse Rant + Poll

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Forum » Inhouses » Xyrus's Inhouse Rant + Poll 81 posts - page 9 of 9

Poll Question:

What does an inhouse truly need (to get you to join) ? 8{3
It needs to start later for me
It needs to start earlier for me
It needs to be on a different server as my ping is bad on EU west
Different server AND earlier start
Different server AND later start
I play with friends / my team / other inhouse / etc.
I'm not interested in playing Captain's Mode
I play in the inhouse already
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Timminatorr » September 30, 2015 1:11am | Report
Sinured wrote:

This thread was very active the last days and i think theres not much more to say. Its much about attitude of how to handle with it

Exactly that, this reminds me of our Techies, Magnus, Tusk, Pudge, Viper game. We had much fun and more than the enemy sadly because they took it way to serious. In this moment its wasnt about winning, it was about doing the most suicidal things possible and to try to get the most kills with it.
For me the inhouse is for entertaining matches and not for the most tryharding stuff.
I remember when I were captain from time to time, I didnt know whether we play funny stuff or tryhard stuff. Dotafire's community isnt suited for serious gaming, for this the spread of skilllevel is way to high and for serious gaming theres something called ranked.

Personally i didnt really really enjoy the game just because my lane went aweful and no cool skwers happened but i can enjoy a bit clowney games. But i definately wouldnt want multiple games like that. XD


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