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Hanson, The Prizefighter (Radiant STR)

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » Hanson, The Prizefighter (Radiant STR) 2 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Haus » June 2, 2015 9:42pm | Report
So, the gist of it is I've had a f***load of hero ideas, but never actually elaborated on any of them. So here I am making my first actual complete concept, please feel free to give any advice.

I've imagined Hanson as being a huge man with massive muscles. He wears no shirt and attacks by punching enemies. He is a tough, cheerful character that enjoys fights (much like tusk and brewmaster). Underneath his calm attitude, Hanson holds a painful secret from his past, one he keeps to himself. On the battlefield Hanson is played as an initiator and disabler. The closest I can relate him to is Centaur, his ultimate can turn the tide of a battle, but can also lose allies a fight. He requires careful positioning and a good sense of when to strike.

Hanson - The Prizefighter

Radiant Strength
STR: 24 + 3.2
AGI: 15 + 1.8
INT: 15 + 1.6

Hit Points (Lvl 1): 668
Mana (Lvl 1): 224
Base Armor: 5
Base Magic Resist: 25%
Base HP Regen: 2.2
Base Damage: 58 - 64
Move Speed: 310
Sight Range: 1800/800
Attack Type: Melee
Base Attack Time: 1.5

Roles: Disabler, Initiator, Durable


Not all heroes are forged in the fires of war. Some are tempered in the aftermath of battle.

Hanson had always been strong, the loudest at the table and the first to raise his mug. Life was simple in the small town of Ra'an, hidden by the trees and connected to the outside world by just one small, mountain road. The most the town's inhabitants had heard of the war had been from vague stories from occasional weary travelers staying the night. Those born in Ra'an lived their lives and died without leaving their tiny, peaceful world.

Hanson worked a lumber mill by day, returning to his family at night. He took his young son hunting in the mornings, and visited his elderly parents daily. and every afternoon, he headed into the woods to find the largest trees to fell, carrying them back upon his massive shoulders. His jovial singing in time with the dull thud of his axe could be heard for miles.

Then one day, the singing stopped.

That day Hanson ran through the burning streets, yelling for somebody, anybody to emerge from the ashes. He turned his massive strength upon the remainders of the army that tore through his town earlier that day. Cloaked in warm blood, he knelt in his own living room, cradling the still forms of his wife and child. He knelt there, still as stone until the first rays of sun arrived. Finally, he rose fists clenched, swearing revenge on those who butchered his entire world.

Those who arrived at ruins of Ra'an in coming days would find nothing but charred ruins devoid of any life. And in the center of town, over a hundred neat graves, each with a hand-carved wooden headstone.

And next to that, a pile of broken bodies clad in red armor, left to rot in the sun.


Crack Some Skulls (Q)

Ability: Point Target
Affects: Enemy Units
Damage: Physical
Pierces Spell immunity: No
Cast Range: 650
Cast Point: 0.2 seconds
Charge Speed: 900
Grab Distance: 350
Damage: 80/140/200/240
Stun Duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5
Bonus Damage (single target): 80
Stun Duration (single target): 0.5
Cooldown: 16/14/12/10
Mana Cost: 100/100/100/100

Hanson dashes forwards, grabbing the first two units he encounters. He then smashes the two units together, stunning both and dealing damage. If there is only one unit encountered during the charge it will be stunned for a shorter duration but take extra damage. Hanson is immune to stuns for the duration of the charge.

Hanson's charge ends when he encounters two targets or reaches the end of his range. If only one target is grabbed Hanson will still reach the end of the charge before stunning.

Hanson will not grab flying units

Grabbed units will be deposited at either side of Hanson after being grabbed. If only one unit is grabbed it will be deposited directly in front of Hanson.

Ability has an animation time of 0.4 seconds after reaching end of charge.

A couple of concussions!

Ability: Passive
Affects: Self
Damage: Physical
Attack Radius: 200
Buff Duration: 2.5 seconds
Bonus Health: 100/200/300/400

Hanson's physique passively grants him bonus hitpoints. In addition, for a single attack after using an ability, Hanson will spin around, striking at all nearby enemies in a small radius.

A spin to win!
Strike a Pose! (E)

Ability: No Target
Affects: Enemy Units
Pierces Spell immunity: Yes
Effect Radius: 375
Allied Speed Boost: 15%/20%/25%/30%
Allied Buff Duration: 1/1/2/2 seconds
Cooldown: 10/8/6/4
Mana Cost: 60/60/60/60

Hanson strikes a pose mid-stride, interrupting all enemies and forcing them to turn towards him. In addition, all allied units are inspired by Hanson's manliness and gain increased movement speed for a short duration.

All enemy commands and spells are disrupted, cast points are interrupter and enemy attack orders are cancelled and must be reset.

Pierces magic immunity.

Allies are phased for the duration of the speed boost.

Enemies must turn to face Hanson completely before they are allowed to move away. This stacks with any slowing effects to turn rate such as sticky napalm and smoke screen.

A display of daring!

Ability: Area target
Affects: All Units
Damage: Pure
Pierces Spell immunity: Yes
Cast Range: 800
Effect Radius: 1200
Arena Radius: 750
Arean Duration: 15 seconds
Movement Speed Boost: 80%
Attack Speed Increase: 25%
Health Regeneration per Second: 2%
Leave Stun Duration: 2.5/3/4
Leave Damage: 300/450/600
Self Health Regen Bonus: 8.5/13.5/18.5
Survivor Health/Mana Recovery: 15%/25%/35%
Cooldown: 120/100/80
Mana Cost: 180/160/140

Hanson leaps to a targeted area, instantly pulling all enemies and allies in a large radius into an arena. While inside the arena, all allies and enemies gain increased movement speed, attack speed and health regeneration, while Hanson himself gains greatly increased health regeneration in addition to the other bonuses. The edges of the arena are solid and cannot be walked through, any unit that leaves the arena by any means (such as blink, teleportation and movement abilities) will take massive damage and become stunned for a long duration. All projectiles from outside the arena are disjointed, and any damage from outside the arena is halved. If all units from either team are defeated, the arena walls instantly fall and the surviving team instantly gains a large amount of health and mana back. Hanson can walk through the arena's walls at any time and takes no damage or stun from doing so.

Allies killed via leaving the arena will count as being denied by Hanson.

Invisibility, Decrepify/Ghost Scepter, disarm and Guardian Angel are purged and disabled for the duration of TEAMFIGHT!

Hanson may leave the arena with no adverse effects.

Faceless Void's time walk will avoid the damage from leaving the arena but not the stun.

Non-targeted abilities will not be disjointed by the arena's walls.

Magic immunity blocks the damage upon leaving the arena, but will not block the stun.

Aghanim's Scepter: All enemy passive abilities are disabled, all items are muted and all damage dealt within the arena becomes pure.

Makes for a good fight!


Spawning in:
-"A good day for a fight!"
-"Hanson...of Ra'am"
-"Some call me the Prizefighter"
-"I think I've taken a wrong turn"
-"War? Well if I must"
-"Do you sell drinks here? No?"

Battle Begins:
-"How many will die today..."
-"I will fight for those that cannot!"

First Blood:
-"First blood, a toast to the fallen, and to those yet to fall."

-"A bold move, friend!"
-"All right, all right."
-"I'll take the chance."
-"Do you smell...burning?"
-"If you insist."
-"Trees...Reminds me of home."
-"They'll not stop me"
-"Hmmm...I don't know..."
-"I need new boots"
-"To the fight then"
-"Into war we go!"
-"Where are we going?"

-"Come take your lumps!"
-"Ho, Scoundrels!"
-"Hah, run now."
-"For the fallen!"
-"I should have wrapped my knuckles"
-"Limb from limb!"
-"Can't we talk about this...No?"
-"Diplomacy out the window!"
-"Pummel them!"

Last hitting
-"Honest work, honest pay."
-"Like felling a tree."
-"Enough to feed my family."
-"Just enough."
-"I'll give you a proper burial later."
-"You were in my way."
-"Blood money"
-"Sorry friend"
-"I wish I didn't have to..."
-"Cash in pocket!"
-"To repair my home."
-"And still...I must kill."
-"Another corpse for the pile."
-"so many to bury..."

-"An honorable death"
-"Go to peace"
-"Put down."
-"You fought well."
-"Rest now."
-"Brave soul..."
-"They shan't have you."
-"Sorry friend."
-"A honorable burial."
-"I'll carve you a headstone."

Casting Crack Some Skulls - Dash:
-"Here I come!"
-"Time to crack some skulls!"
-"You can't run!"
-"You're in my Way!"

Casting Crack Some Skulls - Stun

-"I take no pleasure in this"
-"Concussions coming right up!"
-"Ha, a hell of a hangover!"
-"I'd stay home tomorrow"

Indomitable Spin Attack:
-"Dizzy now..."

Casting Strike a Pose!:
-"Over here!"
-"I flex!"
-"Strike a pose!"
-"Look if you must!"
-"With me!"

-"Time for a good brawl!"
-"Time for a good melee!"
-"All together now!"
-"And a one, and a two!"
-"Together now!"
-"(Battle Songs)"


-"I'll let you go now"
-"Awww...and it was just getting good"
-"My back hurts..."
-"Hey, come back here!"
-"We're not done here!"
-"Ahhh...we'll finish this later."

-"Together we stand!"
-"I'm feeling better already!"
-"Nothing like a good brawl"
-"Wait, shouldn't we bury these people?"
-"Are we sure that one's dead?"

-"Uhhh...where is everyone?"
-"I'll get them next time!"
-"Am I here alone?"
-"Have I...had too much to drink?"

Killing a Hero:
-"I add you to the body pile"
-"I'll carve you a nice headstone"
-"I'll give you a proper burial"
-"Better now then later eh?"
-"Your death was necessary, sorry friend."
-"I'll drink to your death."
-"Save me a spot down there"
-"You die so others may live"
-"For your crimes"
-"Go to your choice of god."
-"And so goes another"
-"Ha, down goes another!"
-"That looked painful!"
-"One step closer to vengeance"

-"I'll my family."
-"And one for the ditch..."
-"I'll come back...for my revenge."
-"Shouldn't have skipped...leg day."
-"I...felt that one..."
-"You fight...well."
-"Well...that's unexpected."
-"One not the war."
-"I'll be back for you..."
-"Ha, good show..."

-"I'll take another swing at it."
-"Back to work..."
-"My work is not yet done."
-" again?"
-"A fleeting moment with my family."
-"I don't intend to fall again."
-"I cannot fall until my enemies do."

Purchasing Items:
Tranquil Boots: "Ahh...that feels nice."
Tranquil Boots: "Tranquil Boots!"
Blink Dagger: "One step goes a long way."
Aghanim's Scepter: "This will liven things up!"
Radiance: "Radiance! It burns with my spirit!"
Blademail: "I'll give as good as I get!"
Heart of Tarrasque: "Ugh, It's bleeding all over me..."
Vanguard: "A shield? I guess it'll do"
Assault Curi***: "I guess armor has its uses
Bottle: "This is just water, you charged me for a bottle of water?"
Shiva's Guard: "Cold to the touch...I like it."

Killing a Rival:
Alchemist: "My fists hit harder!"
Alchemist: "Greed was your downfall."
Axe: "I admire your skill, your mind...less so."
Axe: "For someone named Axe, you're not very sharp."
Brewmaster: "No, I'll raise a glass in your honor."
Brewmaster: "Leave the drink to the tavern, friend."
Brewmaster: "Save me a mug, wherever you are."
Bristleback: "I'm going to be picking these out for days!"
Bristleback: "Disgusting...yet effective tactics."
Kunkka: "Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of no."
Kunkka: "Scuttled!"
Gyrocopter: "Act your age, old man."
Gyrocopter: "You should be more down to earth."
Meepo: " I drunk, or is there five of you?"
Meepo: "We've got another rat infestation!"
Phantom Assassin: "Wait...till I get a hold of yo-oh wait, I got you"
Zeus: "Hah...I never believed in gods"
Zeus: "Well smite me!, oh mighty smiter!"
Queen of Pain: "Put on some armor you damned fool!"
Ember Spirit: "Your fire burns out"
Ember Spirit: "Fire burns to ashes"
Dragon Knight: "I shatter your shield"
Dragon Knight: "I need no armor!"
Legion Commander: "Ha, a good fight!"
Legion Commander: "A noble practice."
Techies: "Finally got my hands on you you cowardly little..."
Omniknight: "Put your back into your swings!"
Treant Protector: "I cut down thousands of your kind, you are no different"
Sven: "If only you could fight as well as you shout."
Io: "I...uh...I don't even...what?"
Vengeful Spirit: "You lost what...your birthright? I lost more my entire town."
Vengeful Spirit: "Quit your whining, you don't know the meaning of loss."

Meeting an Ally:
Brewmaster: "I don't suppose you have a spare keg?"
Kunkka: "You lost your fleet, I lost my town."
Kunkka: "I've always wanted to see the ocean..."
Sven: "How about an arm wrestle?"
Io: "Guys? I think I've had too much to drink"
Gyrocopter: "You think you could get me one of those?"
Beastmaster: "You throw your axes to cut trees? Are you insane?"
Beastmaster: " good a way to lose your arms as any."
Zeus: "I thought the gods didn't take sides"
Centaur Warrunner : "On your mark, we take the charge."
Centaur Warrunner : "We'll follow your lead, Warrunner."
Vengeful Spirit: "Vengence...we walk a long road spirit."
Vengeful Spirit: "Smile, do not let them see your pain."


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by IgnoranceIsBliss » June 3, 2015 7:37am | Report
Seems like you put alot of effort into this, good.
every thing seems good and well made, especially the lore itself, but i think the ultimate pulling everyone in a large radius is totally unnecessary, what about he just leaps to the area stunning enemies but dealing no damage, after the stun, an arena appears to the area where he jumps (dont change the arena size and the stun at the leap is the same AoE as the arena size) keep everything you put in the areana just take away the pulling radius its just like Magnus's Reverse Polarity but with no stun and has a 1200 AoE, which is very large.
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