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Archnemesis: What do you think?

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Izzet Cthulu » October 26, 2014 2:56pm | Report
So, I have been making DotA 2 Heroes in my spare time for a while now (seriously, math class to ez), but I had no idea there was a place for hero ideas. So, I decided to post a few and see if there are any changes that need to occur.
I would like to apologize: I love details. Sometimes. At least in Dota. That and I love characters that just go nuts in some ways and really suck in others. Please, any good critiquing that could be done is appreciated. Sorry, I don't know if there is some hero template or something, so all my heroes are made this way.
Sorry. I should stop talking.
Here he is:

All-Powerful Overlord of Evil
Alignment: Dire
When Picked/Rare Opening: "I, the Glorious Master of Darkness and Corruption, spread my shadow of malevolence across this pathetic battlefield, which soon shall be conquered by I alone."
Base Health Pool: 435 (845.4 at Level 25)
Base Hp regen/sec: 0.9 (0.9648 at Level 25)
Base Mana Pool: 355 (1977.4 at Level 25)
Base Mana regen/sec: 1.2 (1.5744 at Level 25)
Base damage: 34-38 (158.8-162.8 at Level 25)
Base armor: 0 (2.42 at Level 25)
Turn Rate: 0.4
Movement speed: 280
Attacks per second: 0.5
Base attack time: 2
Range: 475
Vision range: 1800/800
Strength: 9 + 0.9/Level (30.6 at Level 25)
Agility: 5 + 0.5/Level (17 at Level 25)
Intelligence: 38 + 5.2/Level (162.8 at Level 25)
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Projectile Speed: N/A
Disjointable Projectile: No
Magic Resistance: 25%
Roles: Initiator***, Carry***, Disabler**, Nuker**, Jungler**, Support*

Character Notes:

Item Build:


- Dark Treachery can be placed on allies; put it on an ally with a good escape or on a tower to return to lane quickly or avoid dying.
- Use Fuel for the Cause on small creeps in the jungle camps and begin attack it when it is low to help speed up its transformation to a thrall, but don't deny it!
- Villainous Trick can be used lure enemies in by looking low, or detouring enemies by looking healthy
- Use Sinister blast to get last hits, if possible, to gain permanent intelligence
- Sinister Blast is a strong, spam able nuke in teamfights, but try to save it to kill fleeing enemies for bonus intelligence, if possible
- Denying gives intelligence, too
- Use Diabolical Plot on choke points before a fight begins to ensure the entire enemy team gets hit
- Use Dark Treachery on Initiators, Gem-Carries, or Invisible Units to gain an advantage over enemies before fights or during fights
- You can put Dark Treachery on Thralls; use this to chase or escape enemies over terrain by attack with it.
- Dark Treachery can be used to back door; place on a enemy structure, hero, or an allied Nature's Prophet to allow you to back door after a fight
- Villainous Trick has no cast time; quickly go invisible or save an ally quickly with it
- Thralls are the most important parts of Archnemesis; learn how to use them wisely
- Archnemesis can have lots of mobility and damage, but very little disable out of teamfights; encourage allies to pick characters with strong, frequent disables
- Archnemesis has no projectile; no need for timing last hits for a projectile
- Most of Archnemesis's skills effect magic immune units; BKB carries got nothing on you


Q: Sinister Blast
Active; Single Target; Affects: Enemy Units; Mana Cost: 50/100/150/200+5% of Your Maximum Mana; Cool-Down: 12/9/6/3 Seconds; Range: 750/825/900/975; Effect: Archnemesis fires a blast of his more devastating magics. Deals magic damage to the target equal to 1.5/2.5/3.5/4.5 times your intelligence to the target. If the target dies to this spell, you gain an additional 0/1/2/3 stacks of Ruthless Ambition. If your kill a hero with this spell, these bonus stacks are doubled. Half of the stacks gained this way, rounded down, cannot be lost on death, and do not count to the percent lost on death.
"The darkest and most arcane arts are wielded by the Archnemesis."


W: Fuel for the Cause
Active; Single Target; Affects: Non-Ancient, Non-Mechanical Creeps; Mana Cost: 100; Cool-Down: 40/35/30/25 Seconds; Range: 750; Duration: Until destroyed or more than 1/1/1/2 units become; Effect: Archnemesis uses his powers to gain control over target unit. The target loses 5 hp per second and cannot gain life while under your control, until it dies to this damage, in which case, after a 10/8/6/4.5/3 second delay, it will rise as a thrall. If a non-thrall unit under your control leaves an area within 1000 units of you, it dies. Thralls last until destroyed or until you gain control of a third unit, in which time the oldest thrall dies. Thrall are uncontrolled units. They follow you, moving at your speed + 100. They teleport with you, and go invisible if you do. If you click make a basic attack against an enemy within 750 units of you and you have an adjacent thrall, instead, the thrall leaps to the target and attacks for you, instead. The thrall deals damage as you would, dealing your unique attack modifiers. If you would make an attack against a unit that a thrall is adjacent to, the thrall attacks for you. The thralls are Melee ranged, but will follow at 200 move-speed and attacks enemies within 200 units of them of you would attack. Thralls return to you after 6/5/4/3 seconds of not attacking at 300 move speed, but moving to them will return it to following you. Thralls are magic immune, don't block movement, grant sight, have 500 + 60 times your level hp, your level armor, no mana, and cannot jump unless next to you and another thrall hasn't jumped to the same target.
"Some of the most evil of the Archnemesis's powers corrupt and destroy the free-will of the weak, eventually overcoming its body, transforming it into a creature of nightmares."


E: Dark Treachery
Active; Single Target; Affects: All non: enemy hero, invulnerable, Teir 3 towers, Tier 4 towers, Fountain, and Ancient structures and units; Mana Cost: 100; Cool-Down: 60/50/40/30 Seconds; Range: 750; Duration: 5/10/15/20 seconds or until expended; Effect: The target grants vision to you and your allies as if it where an ally. You, and your allies, can teleport to the target as though it where an allied creep or structure. When you reactivate this skill, you teleport to the location of the effected unit, and end the vision and teleportation effect. If this the effected unit is not a tower, Roshan, or a hero, it will also not attack you or allied heroes and units under your or their control.
"Through trickery and guile, anyone can be tricked into harming their team."


1: Villainous Trick
Active: Single Target/Point Target; Affects: Self, Allied Creeps and Heroes; Mana Cost: 100/75/50/25; Cool-Down: 60/45/30/15 Seconds; Duration: 10 Seconds; Range: Global; Effect: Based on where/what you target, this skill creates a illusionary visual effect. If you target an allied hero or yourself, this spell will not go off until reactivated or after 10 seconds. Five different effects will cycle every 1 seconds for at max 10 seconds, and when reactivated it will create an effect based on the current effect. The effects are: The target appears to be at 95% of their maximum hp; The target appears to be at 5% of their maximum hp; the target goes invisible; or your choose one of the target's abilities that is off cool-down, and a target, if point/single target spell: The target appears to use set ability from the fog of war in your location or from itself if in vision. If used on an allied creep, structure, or unit three different effects will cycle until reactivated or up to 6 seconds later. The effects are: The target appears to be on 5% of its maximum hp; The target appears to be being teleported to; or the target goes invisible for the duration.
"Though know for the destruction he inevitably brings, the Archnemesis is more a schemer than a destroyer."


2: Ruthless Ambition
Passive; Aura; Affects: Self and Enemy Heroes; AoE: 3.5 times your intelligence units; Effect: Whenever you receive a last hit, you gain a stack of Ruthless Ambition. For every stack of Ruthless Ambition, you gain 0.25 intelligence. Also, you gain an aura around you, that applies a damage over time and damage amplify for your intelligence divided by 40 seconds to enemies in the AoE. The damage over time is equal to your intelligence divided by 6, and the damage amplify percent is equal to your intelligence divided by 10. On death, you lose 1/3 of your stacks of Ruthless Ambition. Whenever you kill a hero, you get 3 permanent bonus intelligence. If you get an assist, the bonus is 3 stacks of Ruthless Ambition instead. Also, your skill's and item's cool-downs are reduced by a percent equal to your intelligence divided by 10, and any buffs or debuffs you place have their duration increased by the same percent. This doesn't effect Diabolical Plot*. Archnemesis gain a bonus to agility and strength equal to 15% of his intelligence.
"The ambitions of the Archnemesis is limited only by imagination itself, which grow with every triumph."


R: Diabolical Plot
Active; Point Target; Affects: Enemy heroes; Mana Cost: 325/675/1000*; Cool-Down: 300* Seconds; Range: 750/1000/1250*; AoE: 600*; Duration: 15 Seconds; Effect: Creates a zone where each enemy that is inside the AoE has a, unpurgable, invisible debuff placed on them that lasts 10 seconds after the zone ends. While any unit is effected by the buff, this ability can be reactivated to cause all units effected by the debuff to fall prey to your master plan, causing them to take all damage they receive as pure damage, grant true-sight and true-strike to enemies, and have a 3/5/7%* of their maximum hp as a kill threshold for 3/5/7* seconds. Stuns on use for 1/2/3* seconds as well.
"The infamous master plan is completed in degrees, usually through incredible plots that leave the Archnemesis's foes in shambles."


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