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how to up solo mmr

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Nubtrain » March 29, 2015 3:15am | Report
Xyrus wrote:

While the replays you've lost are definitely the most important, start by looking at the replays where you won and feel you had a big impact in the game.

I'm going to have to disagree with you big time, you don't look at the games you've stomped because you don't learn anything. You'll maybe see some small mistakes here and there but those little nitpicks are not nearly as important as decision making, if I didn't carry that game and make so much space you wouldn't have had that farm.
Remember this game? I basically ****ed around and tried to see if you guys can carry without me. You guys couldn't and especially you Xyrus had a problem farming too much and made very little impact. Relied on other players to make impact and space for you.

You're suppose to look at games where you're pressured especially if it was a very close game, win or loss. You also have to look at the games got stomped at and see if you could've done anything different or avoid something that snowballed the game. Look at replays where you think you could've won but didn't and watch what YOU did specifically. Don't look at other teammates, just focus how YOU played from a spectator point of view. It's pointless to look at games you've stomped, it's only to make yourself feel better.
If you cannot see what's wrong with your gameplay then have someone that is very high skilled review the game for you. Check out Aui_2000's replay analysis, they're really good.

Here's the first one:


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