October 27, 2012

DotA vs LoL: The Unending Battles

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Hello and welcome to Nubtrain's blog about Dota vs LoL: The Unending Battles. We'll be taking a look at the differences in both games, whether X game is better than Y and company design principles. So enjoy the read both new and seasoned players!

Disclaimer: I will try my best to be as non-bias as possible!

Borrowing a few ideas from a mod in Starcraft called Aeon of Strife gave birth to Defense of the Ancients which in-turn spawned games like League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth. The most successful out of the Dota-like games is League of Legends which had about 1.3 million active players at its peak (at the current writing time). League of Legends was very successful thanks to its easier accessibility and free to play model while the DotA mod suffered in countries other than Asia mainly due to Warcraft 3 being needed to play. Since DotA was a mod in another game, it was very limited to what it can offer to players like a reconnect feature, hard to access compared to a free…
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