February 13, 2017

The UnTold Chapter 2: Blizzard

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Wind moans like an ill child and brings enunciation of frost and death. The frozen and forgotten lands of North are infamous for their deadly chill that even brings the strongest down; but coldness have never been a problem for us.
With each step I take, Snow around my feet melts and frozen snow touching my skin vaporizes instantly. I can hear Winter Wyverns, flying right above me, waiting till frost deal with me but none of them know how bright my inner fire is. I gaze deeply into the never ending Blizzard and wonder when my quest ends.
As I walk on the snow covered ground, an icicle falls next to me and creates a small cloud of swirling snow, The hallucinatory dance of snow flacks remind me the hungry flames that destroyed the Radiant.
After our teams failure, Dire dark forces took over the Radiant and destroyed it all. I saw my home turning into ash and my friends burning alive. I can still feel the stench of burning flesh and death.
I was immune to the flames but my friends weren't and there was nothing I could do for them so I ran for my life.
Towers and buildings fell down and rose dark clouds of smoke and dust that made the morning sun light so weak that I could hardly see. I could hear them following me, Thirsty for my blood and hungry for my flesh but there were easier "foods" to take so I made it to the edge of the jungle and looked back to see my home for the last time and said my last good bye in silence; then I entered the jungle.
I ran through the old tall trees and tried not to make any trace but the muddy surface of ground made it almost impossible. Humid weather, Rough road, Exhaustion and the shock of earlier disaster finally broke me so I leaned on a tree, gasping hard and trying hard to fight the temptation of resting my feet, that was the moment that I felt something.
I looked around to find her, I couldn't see her but I knew she was near. Ever since our childhood me and Rylai had a type of connection, we always could find each other even after our separation, so I trusted on it once more and tried to find her.
The further I went, the colder the woods became, I was sure I was getting closer but something felt wrong, Then I saw a semi circular area, all covered with thick snow and pieces of ice and in the center of it on the red snow next to her broken staff I saw her Dead Body.
I broke down in tears and approached my dead sister sobbing uncontrollably. I was both Very sad and furious but I didn't know was I angry of myself or those monsters.
All of her body was covered with blood and most of it was her own blood. She was stabbed several times and scorched by lightning, her chest and stomach were lacerated so bad that I could see her insides. I wiped frozen blood clots off her face and tried to close her eyes expecting to touch ice cold hard flesh but instead I felt warmth, that was the moment I realized everything was not over yet, So I picked her up and started my journey to the North.
It's getting darker and finding shelter is necessary, I may be invulnerable to cold during the day but night and the things crawling in darkness are a different story. Finally I find an icy cave so I enter and put her dead body on the icy ground then I block its entrance for safety. I could feel the dark magic of Ice Vortex already and knew my journey is going to be over soon. I wanted to sleep and save energy for tomorrow but instead I preferred to talk to her:
"Remember the day dad told us that we had to be separated?
Earlier that day you told me that you hate me because I burnt your favorite doll cause you always threw snow balls at me, we both were angry at each other but that feeling disappeared the moment we heard what dad said.
You started to cry aloud but I was silence with a bowling rage growing stronger every second, flame were dancing around my hands and my eyes were as cold as Ice. But right before I do something stupid, you took my hand and gave me the most serious look, That put out my Flames of anger instantly.
Two days later we had to say good bye and go in separated ways that none of us had asked for, But we were tough and knew that was not going to be the last time we see each other.
Those years I spent without you were the hardest Times of my life, You were the cold water on my twisted Flames and the only one I was comfortable with.
Without you I'm alone and nothing Rylai and I can't live without you and I am going to do anything to revive you whatever the cost is."

Suddenly I realize I've been crying so I vaporize the tears and go to sleep. Hope not to see any Nightmare anymore.
The Roof of the World, A magical realm, Best known for being Unknown since the beginning of time. Some say it was once a part of the Hell, Denied after the holy war. Some say It's where the End begins but ever since Kalder took over this Doomed realm It's called The Ice Vortex.
Standing next to the invisible wall, separating real world from Madness; Shacking slightly and It's not because of the cold at all But I haven't come This far to quit.
The deadly Blizzard that has been avulsing me disappeared completely and sunny sky came instead but the sky is as white as snow and the sun is bluish. Ice and snow absorb light and create a spooky atmosphere that made me become more cautious. Far and away I can see Kalders Icy castle and I can feel Its grandeur even from this distance.
As I walk toward my destination, I feel eyes staring at me but whenever I look back I see no one. After a few minutes I finally meet my Spectators.
"Lich, I never thought to see you as Kalder's personal pet. However it was not unexpected from a hard support. Where are your chains? Is he using them as a leash to Bridle you?"
He look me with his Red cold eyes and said:
"Being his pet was the least thing I could do for what He's done to me." He continue whiles looking at his reflection on the Icy ground:
"He released me from my chains and Opened my eyes, He showed me the new world we are going to create, Where there is no heat and light, Where there is no harm for the masters of Frozen Arts."
He said the last words with a combination of Greed, Hunger and Hope. "Come, My master is expecting you."
His castle is bigger than what I expected, Made out of Ice forged with ancient magic, The walls and floor are as polished as glass but they don't reflect any thing. Statues of Legendary fallen Heroes are placed on the sides of the mid Hall but when I look closer I realize they are the Actual frozen Heroes. The closer we get to the main Hall where Kalder is awaiting me, The Colder it becomes but It is not normal chill, it pierces through my spells and make me shack from the coldness after so many years.
We finally reached the main Hall while I'm visibly shaking and my skin is getting paler every second. The main Hall is very bright and shiny, Floor is covered with spells, circling around a flat piece of ice, floating in mid air which is also covered with mythical spell. Ice golems are dancing around the spell circle in a religious way and one of them shatters whenever one part of the spell is completed.
The Legendary Frozen Throne sits at the end of the main Hall and Kalder is sitting on it in a kingly way, looking at me the way like he can see my soul, Maybe he can.
He is an image projected from outside time, Ancient at time and Patient as Ice. He was Never born, Never lived and will Never die. His name is followed by death and destruction but right now, he is the only one who can save my little sister. Because Only An Immortal Is Able To Revive A Mortal.
"How did you I'm coming?" He looked at me with his old eyes and replied: "Cold wind talks and says interesting stories, The story of a little lady Who wants to save her sister and take Revenge from everyone who have hurt her, Killed her friends and Destroyed her home and will do everything for her little sister. Am I right lina?"
I replied with my livid lips: "Yes, I will do everything to get her back."
Ice golems stopped their dance and Burst instantly, Then Kalder approach the spell circle, so I do the same and put Rylai on the floating piece of Ice. For few minutes He was just staring at her, scanning her body from head to toes and pauses every time he see her open wounds on her chest and stomach. Then he touched her face gently with his inhuman hand and said:
"It's such a shame to see so much power limited in such a weak mortal body." Then he looked at me with an unexpected grief in his red eyes and said:
"Life and Death are alike two sides of a coin, Separated, Different, completely alien to each other but they both need each other to have a meaning, without Life there is no Death and without Death, There is no Life." He paused for a moment and stared blankly at me and continued:" In order to save a Life, Another Life must be taken. The question is, Are you willing to do such sacrifice for her?"
I get closer to her and start to caress her wan cheeks while tears are streaming down my face and painful claws of sorrow are choking me. I look at her again, trying to memorize her pretty face, then I give her cold lips a Warm and Long Kiss, Our first and last Kiss.
I never told her about my feelings for her. I never told her how much I need her, How much I love her; Now I can never tell her that I love her.
I finally let her lips go and say what had to say a few minutes ago: "Do It."
Kalder rise his hands and the spell circle suddenly starts to shine and Rylais body is being covered with Ice crystals, Then He starts to cast the spell, speaking an Ancient and forgotten language and then me and Rylai start to float and we both go higher every moment while pieces of Ice and snow are circling around us and make Alien noises, Then everything starts to shine and the crystals covering her body melt and her wounds begin to heal, Her Broken bones mend while flesh and skin is covering them, Her heart starts to beat again right before it be covered with flesh. Meanwhile my body is getting colder and colder every moment until the freezing begins, I can feels my fingers and toes are getting hard and fragile and the same thing is happening to the rest of my body. The more Essence of my life transfers, the weaker I become and the stronger she gets.
Now the freezing reaches my upper body but I can't feel a thing, Cause my whole body is as numb as stone.
Her skin gets some color while my skin is getting gray, Her hair becomes blond again while my hairs are falling, She is coming back in the warm and comfy arms of Life while I'm falling down on the Cold and Rough Claws of Death.
Freezing reaches my head and resistance becomes Impossible and I admit that my life is over but I'm happy because I saved my little sister, My secret Lover And that's actually Something to Die for, So I smile hardly And wait For my End with Honor.

To Be Continued...