January 25, 2017

The UnTold Chapter 1: Dawn

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UnTold  |  story  |  sad  |  cm  |  crystal _maiden  |  death  |  rylai
The first rays of sun are finding their way through the trees, Birds are singing their songs and the weather is full of scent of leaves, mud and BLOOD.

The more i run the more my leg hurts, it look at the wound and realized even salve couldn't heal it, but it were not the wounds that hurt the most, Memories were the killers. The flashes go through my mind and they bring Shame, Fear and Guilt I try to convince my self all of this was a nightmare, but Bane was right, No nightmare is more fearsome than real life.
It Happened all in sudden, we were ambushed and had no time to react, no time to fight, no time to run.
The memories of that fight will never be erased from my mind, When Nevermore took Chens holy spirit, when nortrom cursed us all and shut carls mouth forever, when broodmother's spiderlings ate mirana alive and when they killed my, my..., The memory of his death broke me again, I fell on my knees, covered my face with my hands and cried for my lost love, my rock, my dearest Sven.
Where was i when my whole team was being slayed? where was i when they were painting the world Red? Where was i When bloodseeker killed my soulmate with his blades?
Suddenly i realize the threat and look around, it seems quiet but i know He is looking
for me, i know he can smell my blood and its driving him crazy and he is not going to stop until he kills me.
I try to run again like the way i ran and left my friends alone with those monsters, Shame made me cry again but it didn't stop me from running, The footstep that i heard did it.
I know my time is over, I know that i'm going down but i'm not going down with out a fight, i'm not going to...
A lightning bolt goes through my body, making me shack like crazy and when i want to pull my self together another lightning bolt strikes me. My senses are messed up, my ear rings like hell but i can hear them coming toward me and then,i see them, circling around me, i try to get up and fight but i already know what is going to happen.

To Be Continued...