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May 18, 2017
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Hey, wazzup guys! I just finished up my Bloodseeker guide after 7 days (80% of the time just me slacking off hehe). Anyways, I'll be working on a Sven or... Anti-Mage guide next so stay tuned for that! As per usual, feel free to leave honest constructive feedback for my guides so that I can improve their quality in the future.

Also for those who have seen my YouTube channel, I've decided that I'll stop working on it FOR NOW until I can publish a decent amount of well-updated Dota guides here on Dotabuff. Thank you for those who have supported me along the way and here's to a brighter future (at least for me heh)!

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July 22, 2017
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Hey guys! LordVesper here and I'm officially back! School's been taking up a lot of my time but I finally managed to setup schedules for my Dotafire guides. Anyways, for my first action, I will be making a guide on micromanagement, Divine Rapier usage, and guide to Sven! So stay tuned for that :D

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October 06, 2017
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HEY EVERYONE! I'm back from the dead yet again and I APPARENTLY won the ******* contest! Granted it was only one of the specific categories but still! I won, and I just want to thank everyone who supported me along the way and didn't trash me for making guides on a video game (which most of my classmates did but fck em). Anyways, I'll calm down... Okay, so for future plans, I'm going to make even more guides but the process will be much slower since I decided to focus on my YouTube channel once again. But don't worry, I STILL play Dota 2 and I will probably play it A LOT more once Puss In Boots and Tinkerbell arrives.

ANYWAYS, see you next time guys! :D

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October 11, 2017

Upcoming Guide about Toxicity!

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A few months ago, I've made a guide on how to increase your Solo MMR by usage of positive mental attitude and optimal mindsets. This time, I'll be making a guide that PURELY focuses on dealing with Dota 2's toxicity and how we, as a community, can deal with it. I know it's not really a guide that will make you that much better in Dota 2, but I hope it'll still help some of you in a way.

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