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October 11, 2017

Upcoming Guide about Toxicity!

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A few months ago, I've made a guide on how to increase your Solo MMR by usage of positive mental attitude and optimal mindsets. This time, I'll be making a guide that PURELY focuses on dealing with Dota 2's toxicity and how we, as a community, can deal with it. I know it's not really a guide that will make you that much better in Dota 2, but I hope it'll still help some of you in a way.

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April 20, 2018
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Hello, everyone! It's great to finally be back on Dotafire after almost a year and let me just say... I've learned a looooottttt of things while I was gone both in real life AND in-game! Now, I'll be going back to making Dota 2 guides fulltime so stay tuned and wish me luck. If I had to get into details for why I was gone for so long, let me just say that family issues and personal problems have bogged me down for quite some time but alas, I am back like a Phoenix reborn!

P.S. Stay tuned for my Phantom Assassin guide in a short bit ;)

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