DotA 2 Item: Linken's Sphere

Shops: Main Shop
Categories: Armor
Passive Effect Recipe Cost: 1000
Total Cost: 4900

Item Details

Linken's Sphere

+15 Strength
+15 Agility
+15 Intelligence
+6 HP regeneration
+150% Mana regeneration
+15 Damage

Passive: Spell Block

Passively blocks most targeted spells once every 13 seconds.


Active: Transfer Spellblock

Cast on an allied hero to temporarily transfer the buff.

Cast Range: 700
Buff Duration: 16


Additional Information

The buff can be transferred to illusions, however it won't block a spell for them.

This magical sphere once protected one of the most famous heroes in history.

One Linken's Sphere grants a total of 285 health, 6.45 health regeneration, 2.1 armor, 15 attack speed, 195 mana, 1.5 mana regeneration and 30 attack damage.


  • Still works while the owner's inventory is muted.
  • Double clicking the item casts it on self. Although targeting self makes no difference.
  • Multiple instances of the buff work fully independent from each other.
  • This means it is possible to cast 2 instances on the same allied hero, and each buff can block one spell.
  • This also means that when an ally places the Linken's buff on a hero who has its own Linken's Sphere, both can block a spell. The allied buff is used up first in this case.
  • Puts Linken's Sphere on cooldown upon transferring the buff. During this period, it won't block spells on the owner.
  • Goes into cooldown once again when the buff blocks a spell on the targeted allied hero.
  • Does not go into cooldown when the buff did not block a spell and expired.
  • Can be cast on Lone Druid's Summon Spirit Bear, Visage's Summon Familiars, Warlock's Golems and the Primal Split spirits.

Item Discussion

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Hands of Blue | December 26, 2014 8:14pm

I dont know if this is frowned upon, but there is a really good guide on playdota that lists everything linkens blocks.

Mentioning a guide from another site isn't frowned upon. Mentioning it WITHOUT LINKING IT, however...

I think the guide in question is this one. Bear in mind that it might be out of date; if you don't mind puting forth a modicum of effort, you can find (presumably) current info on Linken's/BKB spell interactions on the DotaFire pages for each hero or ability.

(Yes, I'm horribly aware that this is a dead thread; this message isn't so much for the posters above me as for posterity.)
ConMasterFlash (2) | May 13, 2012 4:31pm
I dont know if this is frowned upon, but there is a really good guide on playdota that lists everything linkens blocks.
Xenasis (11) | May 13, 2012 11:57am
It's generally a few, particular initiation abilities, ( Mirana arrow, Pudge hook), AoE abilities, ( Rot/ Midnight Pulse/Axe taunt/ Ice Blast), things whose main purpose isn't to directly damage you ( Blink Strike, for example), and a few particular ultimates or other abilities (Axe's Culling Blade, for example) get through the sphere, however.

Generally it's click-and-target spells (quick example, Tinker's Laser is blocked but Rockets aren't), and spells that are usually for a single target ( Fissure is blocked), but for a few heroes there are exceptions, as mentioned, Axe's Culling Blade. Generally there aren't really rules for which AREN'T, since Reaper's Scythe, for example, gets blocked.

That's about as much as I know, however. Usually, after a bit, you learn what does and doesn't, such as Mirana's arrow not being blocked.
RushKilinto | May 13, 2012 11:45am
hey if someone could message me and let me know what spells Linken's doesn't block that would be great "most"doesnt tell me everything
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