DotA 2 Item: Gem of True Sight

Shops: Main Shop
Categories: Arcane
Passive Effect Total Cost: 900

Item Details

Gem of True Sight

Passive: True Sight

Gives the ability to see invisible units and wards.

Radius: 1100

Additional Information

Illusions that possess Gem of True Sight will also provide True Sight around them.

The Gem of True Sight is both the most reliable yet risky of the True Sight options. It provides a constant aura of True Sight around the holder which can reveal any invisible enemies and wards. However, when the holder is killed, the item is dropped on the ground. The Gem cannot be destroyed and will persist until it is picked up by either team. Because of the potential investment lost, coupled with a stock cooldown of 10 minutes in the store, having only one in stock, and backfiring on any invisibility-based heroes on your team, purchasing this item is a decision that must be carefully considered.


  • The True Sight is provided within the whole area, regardless of the carrier's actual vision.
  • It is fully unobstructed.
  • The True Sight is provided by an aura, its effect lingers for 0.5 seconds.
  • Can not detect units under the effect of Shadow Dance and Smoke of Deceit.
  • True Sight does not work when the Gem is in a courier's or in Lone Druid's Summon Spirit Bear's inventory.
  • True Sight is disabled by hex and an Aghanim's Scepter upgraded Doom.

Item Discussion
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Plus it fells in death,,,


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