Squee Spleen and Spoon

Faction:The Radiant
Primary Attribute: Intelligence
Attack Type: Ranged
Role(s): ganker, pusher, roamer

Techies's Stats

STR 67 at 25 (17 + 2/level)
AGI 46.5 at 25 (14 + 1.3/level)
INT 94.5 at 25 (22 + 2.9/level)
Health 1765 at 25
Mana 1443 at 25
Damage 29 - 31
Range 700
Armor 6.96
Movement 270

Land Mines

Plant an invisible mine that explodes when an enemy steps near. The explosion will deal less...

Stasis Trap

Plant an invisible trap that stuns nearby enemy units when triggered. Range: 150 Activation...

Suicide Squad, Attack!

Techies sacrifice themselves for the greater good, dealing massive area of effect damage. More...

Remote Mines

Plant an invisible explosive that will only detonate when triggered. Does not damage buildings....
In the storied saga of Dredger's Bight, no business has ever been more reviled than Techies Demolitions. Then again, Dredger's Bight no longer exists. Nor does Toterin. Or even Trapper Town. In fact, if one were to track the history of Techies Demolitions they might notice that shortly after Techies appear, towns tend to disappear.

Like every inevitable disaster surrounding Techies, the obliteration of Dredger's Bight began with an invention. Tasked with designing a safer way of detonating explosives in the mines beneath the city, pyrotechnic prodigies Squee, Spleen, and Spoon developed their most outlandish creation yet: a button which, when pressed, would trigger a distant device to spark a fuse.

Overeager to test their invention, the trio stuffed barrel after barrel with flamesalt explosives, piling every corner of their tiny workshop high with the newly developed remote bombs. From this stockpile they plucked a single payload, burying it in a far away field. As they cowered in a ditch, Spleen pressed the detonator button. Yet after a moment, nothing happened. Confused, he stood up, pressing his button again and again until, finally, an explosion tore a hole in the field. Elated, Squee and Spleen turned toward home just as a massive wave of sound and force arrived to knock them over.

Bewildered, their ears ringing from the unexpected blast, they gathered in the dingy miasma to see a smoking ruin where their workshop once stood. Chunks of wood and stone continued to fall as the yawning crater before them slowly deepened into an expanding pit. The whole of Dredger's Bight shuddered, and then gradually started to slide into the mines below as its panicked residents fled.

Sitting at the edge of their sinking home they grinned and giggled, as giddy at the possibilities as they were oblivious to the scorn of their former neighbors. They wondered only one thing: how could they trigger an even bigger blast?

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Techies Build Guides
1 25 129,823
19 Votes
130K 25
2 108 355,944
62 Votes
356K 108
1 7 10,184
3 Votes
New Guide
10K 7
4 9 12,142
8 Votes
12K 9
1 5 7,734
2 Votes
New Guide
8K 5
1 14 16,860
16 Votes
17K 14
1 11 30,931
12 Votes
31K 11
1 4 12,630
4 Votes
New Guide
13K 4
1 7 4,223
2 Votes
New Guide
4K 7
1 5 10,268
3 Votes
New Guide
10K 5
1 3 4,323
0 Votes
New Guide
4K 3

Hero Discussion
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Quote | PM | +Rep by supmynigguh » April 18, 2012 8:03am | Report
techies to dota2 already plz


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Quote | PM | +Rep by yubiyoy » May 26, 2012 12:25pm | Report
Why u no implent teachies?


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Herbjoern » June 29, 2012 8:51am | Report
I literally cannot wait... Come on... It's like only hero which don't even have new icons...


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Really suprised he isn't in Dota 2 yet, he was kinda popular


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wilddeonpwn wrote:

Concept art has been released for this hero! Check it out at Dota2wiki, unreleased content.

ty i literally could not find this anywhere!


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Herbjoern » October 13, 2012 3:40am | Report
Soon... very soon...


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If he doesn't come out soon Ill force my way through Valve, meet Gabe Newell, punch his face in and demand goblin techies. Updated..


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Vino » December 17, 2012 4:46am | Report
Best nuker evar!


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