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Skeleton King - I'll cleave your skull!

February 20, 2013 by Laudes
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Build 1


DotA2 Hero: Wraith King

Purchase Order

Starting items (Lane)

Starting items (Jungle)

Early game

Core items (Suggested for newcomers)

Situational/Core options

My personal core items of choise (in this order)

Hero Skills

Wraithfire Blast

1 23 24 25

Vampiric Aura

8 9 10 12

Mortal Strike

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Skeleton King - I'll cleave your skull!

February 20, 2013


Skeleton King is a STR based melee hero which relies on his high right clicking power and overall tankiness to take down enemies.



Early game

(THIS APPLIES TO BOTH!) Get your Midas by 5-10min, if you don't have it by 10min and cannot afford it by then, don't get it. Don't even buy boots before you get your midas, it will slow down your midas by a bit buying boots before. It's not illegal to buy boots before, but it's highly situatioan to do so.

LANE Early game you want to last hit as much as possible. ALWAYS go in a dual/tri lane with support, if you are forced to compete for the last hits with another carry, or you're getting heavily denied because your support doesn't support you, get a quelling blade.

JUNGLE I highly recommend not jungling with Skeleton King from LV1, since he is not very viable to do so without constantly pulling creeps and killing the easy camp until you reach lv4. It's possible and this is a good explanation on how to do it, all credits go to the creator of the video! (Ignore everything except the jungling part, which is 0:32 -> 1:10.

Mid game

Farm, that's about what you do in this stage of the game. Most likely you will be farming in the jungle if it's not (SOLO)freefarm in your lane. Use your midas as soon as the cooldown ends on the creep with the highest level in a big/hard camp for the extra EXP.

Try to be in all teamfights if your team is winning already, or having early/mid game advantage with big AOE spells and nukes. If your team is losing (some lane fed one of their carries, but you crushed your lane, so it's not over yet) just keep farming in hope of winning the game with your amazing farm. If you rush radiance, don't risk dying, get your ******** radiance before 20min or don't get it, if you can get it before 20 or possibly 20-25min min BUT NOT ONE SECOND LATER THEN 25MIN! then farm up that item before you go into teamfights if not you have big AOES and nukes etc.....

Late game

Do I even need a chapter for this on a right click hero?!

Run into teamfights, get all the enemies nukes on you (at the same time your team is going in, getting nothing on themselves as enemy already used everything on you!) and when you reincarnate start killing people, CLEAVE THEIR SKULLS! This strat won't work in higher tier games as people will obviously know that you're just baiting, but on pubs, go ahead and do this and win the game.


Hellfire Blast - The only reason I don't skill this more then once is that it doesn't scale better then your other skills, and taking on stats is better because you get more HP/MANA/AS/ARMOR... Count on it, less then 100 extra dmg per level on this spell, that's about ONE attack or not even a half attack if you crit on attack. Not worth to skill more then once if you're not going a very situational build.

Vampiric Aura - this makes you incredibly tanky, it makes you be able to solo roshan with an armlet, it makes you jungle... It scales VERY well per level, 15% LS increase per level. DO NOT skill this in the early game if you're laning, since it pushes the lane too much to be worth skilling it.

Critical Strike - This stacks very well with your lifesteal aura and is the reason why you buy attackspeed items.

Reincarnation - This is what makes Skeleton King who he is, it's like a free aegis! If you kill roshan, this spell will trigger before the aegis does. When you got your armlet up you should try to smoke and solo roshan for AEGIS/EXP/GOLD!

Items - Explanation (long)

This is the best farm item in the entire game, it boosts your farm by an extreme amount and not to talk about the 30 extra attack speed! When you have your treads and some other attack speed item, you attack speed is extremly high! DON*T GET IT AFTER 10MIN!

Why treads? Because the increased attackspeed benefits your crit, if you got low mana and want to cast another stun, switch them to int - cast stun - switch back to str. +8 STR also gives you HP/DMG of course. It is possible to choose phase boots, if your team got Beastmaster, someone is rushing Assault Cuirass and drums (not you) or maybe some other situation where you could argue for phase boots.

This is an exeptionally godly item on Skeleton King, it reduces enemy armor, increses yours, gives you ALOT of attackspeed (which benefits your critical strike) and also, it's an aura, so it benefits your entire team!
The Skull Basher is a very good and cheap item which makes your extreme attackspeed even better! Get the upgrade (Abyssal Blade) if you're fed and want alot of DMG, or if a certain enemy got a bkb and you want to disable them, or maybe just wants another active stun. USE THIS TO PERMABASH SOME SKULLS!
Gives attack speed, ****loads of str, armor, and basically everything you would want from an item! It drains HP, so without a Heart of Tarrsque you will probably get to 1HP by this, but that's why you have lots of lifesteal! If you're about to die, turn this on and off to get about 500HP!
This item actually goes against the thing to run into alot of nukes and disables, but it's highly recommended against heroes that will rape your *** such as Axe, Anti Mage, Nyx Asassin, Tidehunter, Drow Ranger and many more... It's a game braking item which is almost always on the carry.
If you need to purge yourself or the enemy, or maybe need some mana burn, get this item. Examples of when you could get this is when the enemy team got a Sven that haven't gotten BKB yet. You could argue for that a support or agility hero should get this in your team, but I don't see why you shouldn't be able to get it. Slow is also useful since you're a melee hero.
For armor reduction and damage. Good against agility heroes with high AGI gain, or tanky heroes with lots of armor items.
Want to beat a right click hero like Ursa or Phantom Asassin? Get this item! It gives you some STR which gives you HP/DMG, it gives you Evasion which is always handy. And it gives you the ability to disarm a target for some seconds!
Gives you extreme amounts of STR,HP,HP regen! This works exceptionally well with Armlet since you never have to turn the armlet off when you have this item.
Get this item to be able to be more resistant against spells, BKB also works, but BKB is at most 10s long and this might be a good extension to counter a team full of nukers.
Attackspeed! And the active and passive of Mjollnir is also very useful.
If the enemy got evasion (Phantom Asassin, Butterfly, Halberd) get this item, YOU CANNOT MISS! Alot of DMG too...
One of my favorite items to get, if gotten early, this kan litteraly turn the tide of your team! Get this before 25min or don't get it. The DMG works well with your lifesteal and crit, and the AOE burn dmg is alot of DMG in a long teamfight. It can also kill people whom you are chasing with low hp.
Very many people dislike Radiance on Skeleton King, I do like this item on him but it's my personal preferance, I agree that an armlet will benefit him greater then Radiance, I get both but if so I get radiance first. Never get this later then 25min, preferably before 20min.
This item is another highly situational item, but it gives you some DMG and attack speed, so it's not that bad! (The mana regen is also useful, but since you've taken alot of points into stats you shouldn't be that mana hungry) Get this to silence someone, and amplify the damage! Examples of when you could need this is against heroes such as; Enigma, Tidehunter, Magnus...

Friends And Foes


Since you are a melee carry which can crush your enemies skulls with your auto attaks, anyone with a disable/slow is very useful to Skeleton King! Other friends include heroes with benefit from your Vampiric Aura such as Ursa and Phantom Asassin.

Foes Anyone with a mana burn will own your bony little ***! Heroes with diffusal blade as a core/situational item is also going to counter you.
Axe and Lifestealer should also be mentioned, Axe for his Berserkers Call + Blademail combo, and his overall tankiness and Lifestealer because... He is the nightmare of a STR based hero, he feeds on your life!

Guide Discussion
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Mirror » November 10, 2012 1:30pm | Report
Good job for putting in the time but I think there are a few things you missed. In foes I think life stealer should be mentioned because he counters almost all strength heros. Some prioritizing could also be done with the items. You could say which are core and are best early, which are best late game. 2150 cold be spent on something better than a blink dagger and your supports should be the ones getting force staff. Since sk is tanky and items that increase tank AND attack work well I do not agree with radiance. It helps farm and damage but your midas is already giving you farm and attack speed is better than raw damage because of crit. You say you will almost never get vlads or satanic, so take them off, They look good on paper but there are better ways to spend your gold. The other Items look good and I like the diffusal blade. I am going to have to try it out sometime. You comment that getting a refresher orb make you an extreme troll nut you do not put it in your long item list. I will not up-vote or down-vote yet since the guild has been out for less than a day but it looks like it could be one of the best sk on dota fire.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by wilddeonpwn » November 10, 2012 2:01pm | Report
WOW that's a lot of core choices! Nice job on writing the guide, it looks good, the presentation is wonderful.

Can you please explain when to get what core? Because it is situatinal right? You should explain when to get which core. Yeah Hellfire doesn't scale that well, but I think it should still be maxed before stats. I like your skill build other than that, it's unique, I haven't seen one quite like it!

Nevertheless, this is a great addition to the skeleton king guides, well done good sir!

+1 :)


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Laudes » November 10, 2012 2:37pm | Report
Your comments make me extremly happy, and yes this is my second guide of my life (the first was quite fail, concider this my first REAL guide) and I'm going to update it, it took at while to write it all and it felt better to publish it as it was and update it instead of waiting.

For the radiance; Yeah, there might be better items, but for some reason I just like getting this. I think the attackspeed is high enough with the Midas and the Treads for "mid" game, since the radiance should be there about 20min. After the radiance (if I go for it) then I get some attackspeed item like armlet or hyperstone etc...

Thanks! :-)


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Fishy » November 10, 2012 2:51pm | Report
Very good guide, but i disagree with some of the item choices
Vladmir's is good late game for the damage bonus, but if you are playing carry you shouldn't be the one holding it as it takes up an item slot which is extremely valuable late game.

Diffusal is also a bad choice imo as the components when building it serve no purpose to SK nor does the bonus agility.

I'm sort of iffy about leaving hellfire at lvl 1 . It costs the same amount of mana and provides more utility early game then any of your other skills. I see the reasoning behind it though.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Nlsnightmare21 » November 10, 2012 11:55pm | Report
First, Faceless Voids Backtrack isn't considered evation, so Monkey King Bar doesn't do anything to him except if he has a Butterfly. Also, why take crit at lvl2-3? Isn't better to get HELLFIRE BLAST then stats till lvl6? Still a good guide, and the items suggestions are good, so +1 from me


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Wulfstan » November 11, 2012 1:51am | Report
I don't like Battle Fury on SK,unbeneficial,gives some poor damage and the regen.YOu could substitute this with a Soul Ring thats saves your *** much,like right when you're about to die and you're without mana,just use Soul Ring.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Sp12 » November 11, 2012 5:22am | Report
IMO that's too many early non-stat levels. You should probably just keep grabbing them until ~level 8 so that you have the int pool to stun twice and reincarnate. About time we had a guide that doesn't recommend maxing hellfire blast.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Mirror » November 13, 2012 3:05pm | Report
The guild looks great now. Easily +1


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Allegiance » November 19, 2012 5:24am | Report
you should add Assault Cuirass to the item list.
Also I would remove heart an abyssal from the core items, they are just way to expensive to be considered "core" (on top of that, SK's AS is not that good before late game, so I would really prefer getting something else for my core)

otherwise good guide


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Laudes » November 22, 2012 7:23am | Report
Allegiance wrote:

you should add Assault Cuirass to the item list.
Also I would remove heart an abyssal from the core items, they are just way to expensive to be considered "core" (on top of that, SK's AS is not that good before late game, so I would really prefer getting something else for my core)

otherwise good guide

Oh, AC was in the guide, it is in the item explanations but somehow I think I removed it accidently from the item build. As Midas + Treads + (active) armlet gives 75 IAS I dunno, but I'll change it.


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