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Rubick Cubed (The Side-Lane Support)

August 8, 2012 by Azazodia#267007
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Build 1

Dat Sexy build.

DotA2 Hero: Rubick

Purchase Order

Starting Out (Rubick^1)

CORE (Rubick^2)




Hero Skills


1 3 13 14

Fade Bolt

2 4 8 9

Null Field

5 7 10 12

Spell Steal

6 11 16


15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25


Hello! Im Azazodia, a casual MOBA player from the states. This is my first guide for a character in DOTA 2, but not my first guide written in terms of MOBAs. First off a little blurb.

This is a work in progress, please leave helpful critique, items you could see that are useful, ideas, compliments and other positive things in comments. I'll try to get back to y'all as fast as i can.

So, Without further ado, here is my take on Rubick, The Grand Magus

Item build order and other helpful stuff.


So, there you are, at the start of the game. and you are thinking, okay, Rubick is an INT based champ so i need INT items... while that should be the case, but you will get strength gloves. and you will like them. k? k.

Get the Tango's to eat trees like you Willie Nelson in an all you can munch brownie buffet.
Getting one stack will suffice, if you are having trouble with keeping your health up in early game remember these two things.

1) you are ranged, stop running into Bloodseekers face to try to bash him with your staff, it's a bad idea. Blades > Wood.
2) Q. If you start getting jumped on, q the melee target into the air, click q again and aim it at his lane partner (who will usually be behind him) there you go, support is stunned, and melee is outta range.

if neither of these work for you, consider getting two Tangos, and ditching a Clarity.

KK, now you are deep in to lane phase, and you look at the bottom right and say, holy **** I have gold to spend. this is where decisions need to be made, so ask yourself these questions.
1) Do we have a courier?
if yes, get wings. now your *** is flying. :P
if no, get courier. gg donkeys (donkeies?) are op.
2) Do i have 1k?
if yes, finish your urn and get boots.
if no, get your boots. finish wand if you have money left over.
3) do i have barely 500g?
if yes, learn to farm. jk jk, stuff happens i get it, just get Harry Potter's weapon (Magic Wand) and go back to lane. then get your boots before your urn.
if no, if you have less then 500g at first back I don't know what you do other been buy a scroll port back and farm harder, then in a little bit, go back to question 1.

After you get your boots, and either an Urn, or a wand. finish your boots. you need 1000g to buy Energy Booster. Then finish your core up, at this point it should be cheap to finish up your Urn or wand.

Congrats, you now have the ability to be a boss. ( for just under 3k )


Start by getting Bloodstone, then the Pipe of Insight, finish it up with Shiva's Gaurd


Start by getting Perseverance, so as you run around to gank and show up to team fights, you can full heal/mana with urn/wand/boots.

when you get 1200g, get your Point Booster, it's only 100 more gold then the Vitality and the Energy Booster, you get the effects of both.

next get your Vitality Booster and follow that up with Energy Booster. you now have Bloodstone. laugh at people.

1200g - Point Booster
1000g - Energy Booster
1100g - Vitality booster
875g - Perseverance

Pipe of Insight

Get the Hood first. Try to buy it outright if you can, if not, buy in order of highest cost to lowest. It provides the most stats, and makes up for a big chunk of the total cost.

Finish it up by buying the Headress, and then the recipe.

you finished your pipe and now you have the power. it's all in your hands, OP shields win teamfights.

Hood of Defiance - 2125g
Headress - 603g
Recipe - 900g

Shiva's Gaurd

Buy the Helm of Iron Will first. let it sit in the stash, cause it will take a valuable tp scroll slot if you keep it.
Same with the Platemail, finish that before getting Eaglesong.
If at any point you can outright buy Eaglesong (after you finish the pipe of course) do it, no point in trying to save that money twice.

Eaglesong - 2700g
Platemale - 1400g
Recipe - 600g

Build cost up to this point, 16378.

assuming you made 350g per minute
8 minutes for core
22 minutes for core+bloodstone
33 minutes for Pipe ( game should be over around here )
41 minutes to shivas

a fairly quick core, and all the items add a significant amount as you build them.

As a secondary note, if you buy Aghanin's scepter, when you steal an ult, it will be the upgraded version. even if the person you stole it from doesn't have a scepter.

Pretty funny stuff . :P

Reasons And Numbers

Well, you just read the item section and im sure your saying what the hell is that build?
ill tell you.

You steal Tidehunters ult. without being tanky you run into enemies to use it, and get insta gibbed. This build gives you the tankiness you need to get in there and start fights without dying it gives you the ability to support like a boss, you are a tanky caster.

Lore Break --
You think Rubick killed the other Magi to get his title without taking some of their spells to the face? with this build you can get into the fight and use your abilities (or their abilities, if you know what i mean) and not die instantly. you have high hp, you have armor, you have 2 forms of spell resistance. --

So you just built shivas, and have 6 stacks of Bloodstone, and 10 on your wand

+ 650 Mana ( with a 300MP Heal )
+ 250% Mana Regen (plus 6 per second via stacks of Bloodstone)
+ 500 HEalth ( with 550 hp heal, 150 burst, 400 over 8 seconds.)
+ 19 Health Per Second
+ 30 INT
+ 6 STR
+ 50% Spell Resist
+ 15 armor

On top of that, you have nice auras for your team, and good support heals and mana heals for everyone to keep them topped of after teamfights for pushing.

if you want kills, play a high dmg carry. if you want wins, you support your team and get assists, cause you are a support. Carries fed > Rubick fed. you can be underleveld and still play a big role because you steal spells, regardless of what level you are, you get their spells according to what level they are.

Supporting 101

You are supporting, it is your job to get the courier, add the wings and


It is your job above all else, to protect your carry. the number 1 way to do this, is everytime you back, or whenever you can. buy wards. you should always carry 2-4.

If the enemy team has those pesky invisible champs, buy a gem a true sight, it will save you more then once, and be well worth the money invested.

Did i mention wards?


I will include a picture of places to ward for bot and top lane, hopefully a video as well.
but i need to find them first.

You should have the wings to your courier either you finish the core build, or shortly thereafter.



Team fights

Picture this. the Enemy Bloodseeker is fed. he is lvl 16, most other players are 12-14. he ults your carry, you hit your carry with an urn to negate a litte bit of the dmg, and a wand to keep them up. you steal Bloods ult with R, then you W him so he does less dmg, and loses a bit of hp. when your team converges on him, you q him into the air and watch him get wailed on. you focus your attention to the enemy team running. you see their carry in range, and hit em with a lvl 3 Bloodseeker ult, killing the **** outta them if they run, secureing another kill for your team and if they dont run, you still secured that kill. As your team runs up lane, you urn another low hp champ, and use your boots to give mana to the casters.

This is the power of Rubick, in that short exchange, you saved a carry, and secured two kills for your team. then allowed them to capitalize on it by pushing.

With this build it is your job to make your pug live and win. You can intiate because most pugs are pansies and scared of taking any damage. you can keep team mates alive by lowering dmg of enemy physical carries, and AP carries by nature of your w and e respectively. you can lock up a squishy target, then use them to stun the rest of the enemy team. If the other team has a pesky ult to win champ, you can steal that ult and do it right back.

Guide Discussion
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Quote | PM | +Rep by DotaBawss » August 7, 2012 1:28am | Report
Azazodia:Soooo, I drew inspiration for this guide from Lucaristar and his excellent Rubick guide
Link is here ----> OMG ITS A HYPERLINK!

You don't have to share every single guide he makes, and let alone your "inspirational" one. It's practically the same as going
Also you don't have to but try to add some color to your guide. Colorful is always more fun :)


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Huskarian » August 7, 2012 1:40am | Report
This is pretty confusing to read and I agree 100% with DotaBawss, the Hyperlink thing wasn't cool and add some colour.


Unremarkable (1)
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Azazodia#267007 » August 7, 2012 1:52am | Report
I appreciate the insight, i was questioning the hyperlink thing as i wrote it, ill take it out. :)
y'all seem knowledgeable, if i wanted to add pictures of the items, because it's just as annoying for me to write every item as it is for you to read every item, but i have no idea how to do that.

Colors will be added, that was always the plan, i just wanted to hash out a the text before i went in and cleaned it up.

Thank you for your comments btw they are helpful!!!!! :)


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Steam: Azazodia
Quote | PM | +Rep by wilddeonpwn » August 7, 2012 2:01am | Report
HOLY MOLY DotaBawss' random guide wasMINE! I feel special :3

THANK YOU DotaBawss!

Share your ideas on my Blog!

I guess I have to keep the tradition going with DotaBawss and Huskarian so...



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Quote | PM | +Rep by jaslam » August 7, 2012 2:06am | Report
if you're sidelane support, you won't have money for these items, so I'm not sure what you are trying to get at with 350g per minute. It's not possible as a support hero, unless you are getting creeps.

Every hero has 25% base magic resistance, making your Null Field OP. 1 level of Telekinesis will do, max Fade Bolt and then max Null Field you and your teams survivability will go up drastically. don't forget the physical dmg reduction from fadebolt.
Your item build is ok, but you lack the power of your ulti - consider getting blink dagger or force staff, in order to use your ulti more effectively.

I don't like guides which make farming look easy 'o and once you have your 4.5k for bloodstone buy it, while buying wards, tp's, tango's etc. Know your role, your place in the team lineup, and just do it while assuming you are broke. (unless you are the carry)


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Azazodia#267007 » August 7, 2012 2:35am | Report
I Apologize, i made the mistake of not including wards because i assumed that if you play support. you get them. :P. that will be fixed.

Also the reason i don't max null field until later is because as a side lane, you dont have to deal with the type of spell dmg huge mid lane nuke can do as often, and that extra bit is more then enough to save a carry. i tried maxing null second and i found to a high dmg carry, and for when a mid/jungle is ganking, i find Suppression to be way more of a utility. why negate dmg when you can prevent it.

With regards to blink dagger, while that does help me, it doesn't help the team. i can find a better way to spend 2150 then an item that you can't build into, and doesn't build into anything.

force staff is nice, but again, i think you get the same benefits from q as you do the activated ability of force staff. and i don't agree with building int > surviability and utlity

The power of my ulti isn't that i make it powerful, the power of Rubicks ulti is that he donest need to be fed or stat'd up for it to be potent.

I dont know what average gold per minute for a support is, but with getting a creep here and there, and getting assists over the course of a game i average 320-380. compared to the 450-500 of my carries. the core build is 3k. which isn't much. and it leaves plenty of money for wards at every back.

That being said, every game is situational, but i feel that with Rubicks Kit, he isn't item dependant at all. which is why i build tanky so that i can support for longer in fights. :)

i will however give that item/skill build a try and get back to you. :P


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Quote | PM | +Rep by jaslam » August 7, 2012 3:43am | Report
I agree with your thoughts, the chances are your 300-350 gpm is coming from the late game, when you burst down waves and get assists for kills.

Your first skills also last longer - so it takes an extra second before you stun another hero. I would get extra levels of the first skill to prevent blinkers from escape like AM.

I disagree with your thoughts on the burst damage. By level 7-10, 3v3 and team fight skirmishes will start, and that's where there will be a lot of burst damage flying around. Null field is an insane skill.. try it..


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Admiral Chocobos » August 7, 2012 10:33pm | Report
Not a bad build at all! You also showed how versatile Rubick is to helping his team out. Though you did kinda forget about Rubicks passive ability that decreases spell damage (Null Field). That can sometimes be a Huge help for your allies. I did read what you said about Null Field so I'll lay off :P

Just remember that Rubick is a jack-of-all-trades, that is with the right spell he stole. But In all good job making this guide. *gives you a high-five*

Admiral Chocobos

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Azazodia#267007 » August 8, 2012 2:33am | Report
I tried something i little different and it will be refecled in the skill build, as i think it's the best of both worlds.
i still get to 6 the same way, getting 2 points in tele. w in fade, 1 in null, then after i max w>e>q. and i think that provides q with enough disable to be super effective, as well as adding tankiness to your partner.

again, this will be reflected in the skill build as soon i am not the most lazy person on the planet.

Thank you very much! *high fives back*
i did not forget about null field, i just under utilized it. learning experience. :) it is a huge bonus and i over looked the OP-ness of it.

Im gonna try to get a section on useful spells to steal, and what champ they belong too.
i.e. Omniknight, he ults, you steal it, ult back. full teamfight pause, cause no one does any dmg to each other. if anyone knows where a list like this already exists, let me know. if not, i just have to put the legwork in and write one myself. :( and as stated im lazy. :P


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Admiral Chocobos » August 10, 2012 8:22am | Report
Here, I found a good video of some of the Ultimate's that Rubick can steal and their usefulness.

Sometimes the spells Rubick steals are so hilarious. For example Huskars ultimate or Lycans (turns him into a ranged attacking wolf instead of melee)
Rubick can even use Broods webs against her, giving the same helpful mana/health regen and invisibility if hes in the web. The possibility's are endless with Rubick cause hes so awesome!

Hope that video helped somewhat, and good luck! I'll be looking forward to seeing what interesting Ultimates you find to help the team.

Admiral Chocobos

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