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Loveless' Guide to Spirit Breaker

September 23, 2013 by LuvLes
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Spirit Breaker

DotA2 Hero: Spirit Breaker

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Loveless' Guide to Spirit Breaker

September 23, 2013

Loveless' Introduction

Hello, I am Loveless and this is my guide on Spirit Breaker. Any and all of my guides are built around my personal opinion of the Hero and how they should not only be built, but played. It is built off what I have done myself, which is a mixture of my own ideas and what I have seen others do, to make it the best I will be able to put forward in game with that Hero.

I will be going over the hero in general, my recommended items, and overall play style for each phase of the game. Again, these are all of my personal opinions and you can take them with a grain of salt. Start with the build and use it until you get used to the hero before you start to build differently for every match.

About Spirit Breaker

I greatly prefer the Heroes of Newerth version of Spirit Breaker, as he adds a lot more to the hero, but I digress. This is a site for DOTA2 and it's heroes, so let's talk about the original version.

Charge of Darkness has no base damage, meaning you are relying on the bonus movement speed from it's effect and your passive, Empowering Haste, to deal any significant damage from this ability. Instead focus on it's stun and relatively low cool down early on. This is why contrary to other guides, I suggest getting two points into it early on. It gives you much more use in the laning phase, at the cost of your damage output and Spirit Breaker's dominance over creep score.

What makes this hero is Empowering Haste, it is the source of all of his damage. It grants a passive movement speed bonus to you and your allies, while it gives you bonus damage dependent on your movement speed. The high amount of damage offered early on gives you an extreme advantage in the lane with your ability to last hit and many guides/players use Quelling Blade to enhance this trait.

Greater Bash ensures that Spirit Breaker isn't complete ****, offering a chance to stun with a very good chance to occur. Taking one level provides the same chance, it only improves in damage. In combination with his ability to chase and two sure-fire stuns, he can easily take on most opponents one versus one with relative ease.

Lastly we have Nether Strike, which brings this hero altogether. It provides a short blink, a great stun and if used to it's fullest, you can even use it to disjoint enemy attacks. It is improved through Aghanim's Scepter, which gives Spirit Breaker the ability to use this attack multiple times in a single fight. You would be a fool to not pick it up as the game progresses.

Item Recommendations

The largest majority of players get Mask of Madness on Spirit Breaker. The life steal and increased chance to activate Greater Bash attracts many, but at the cost of your ability to absorb damage. Do not pick this item up with the play style I am suggesting, instead focus on being able to survive battles and ***** your active abilities, focusing less on your passives.

As a hero that will be ganking a lot and roaming around, Urn of Shadows is for you. It provides strength which increases your damage and mana regeneration to keep your mana flowing. The bonus damage on a fleeing target and ability to heal yourself afterwards is fantastic. Any hero that is put into the role of ganking and gets up close a lot, should have an Urn of Shadows as a desired item. I have replaced Urn of Shadows with Vanguard, it is pretty much a requirement if you want to do well with this hero in just about every game. Pick it up and if you cannot find a lane to get some decent farm, start stacking jungles and farming off the small camp between ganks/pulls. Sorry to say, you cannot have both, too much money spent this early on small items can lead to failure.

Black King Bar really is the holy grail of items for Spirit Breaker. Once activated, you become a moving slaughterhouse in battle. If the opposing team has even a single disable or high damage nuke, get this item. It boosts his damage and health, while offering the chance to become magic immune in battle: Ensuring you can use Charge of Darkness and Nether Strike again, and again.

I cannot stress enough how Point Booster is amazingly good for it's price: A huge increase to both pools for a low price, that can be built into Aghanim's Scepter down the road, boosting Nether Strike from a minute long cooldown, to a short twenty seconds. That means instead of just using it once per fight, you will be using it at least twice. Note that once you buy Point Booster, you do not have to head straight into Aghanim's Scepter, only that it is an option later down the road.

If the opposing team has a problematic auto-attack carry, where Black King Bar just wont do you any good, or just isn't helping, pick up a Blademail. They have two options when you pick it up: Ignore you for at least four seconds and let you run around as you please, or attack you while you pound at them. It is by no means an item to pick up every game, but know that it is a viable option for Spirit Breaker.

Another high end item for Spirit Breaker, as it is with just about every melee hero that deals any kind of damage, is Assault Cuirass. While Greater Bash and Nether Strike may not do physical damage, it sure helps with the some fifty to eighty additional damage from Empowering Haste. Enjoy the large attack speed and armor boost as well.

Play Style

Early Game

In the early stages you should be concerned with your creep score, you have a good attack animation and Empowering Haste should give you a much higher attack than your enemies, so taking the last hits from them shouldn't be that much of a challenge. If you have a hero that can stun with you in your lane, go for a kill once you have Charge of Darkness. You should be able to put out enough damage for a kill relatively easy.

You will want to get Boots of Speed quickly, followed by finishing Urn of Shadows. From there you should look for opportunities with whoever is middle, to get some kills and put some charges on Urn of Shadows and work your way towards finishing Power Treads.

Your Goals Early Game:
  • Passive Aggressive
  • Creep Kills/Denies
  • Sync up with mid for ganks

Things to Avoid Early Game:
  • Being inactive I guess

Middle Game

Now it is time for your farming to pay off and return the favor to your team: Gank anything and everything while your skills are off cooldown. Let your teammates know who you are charging, because the enemy will be notified if they look at their buff bar and see that they are being charged! So your allies need to distract them or somehow cut them off once you get within roughly 3000~ range. Between Charge of Darkness and Nether Strike, your enemies should not be getting away. Be sure to use Urn of Shadows to make the battle progress as quickly as possible. After you have exhausted your skills, farming and pushing always work.

Remember that it is paramount that you are ganking and harassing the **** out of the opposing team during this phase. If you really need to, you can get a Magic Wand or Bottle to keep your mana high. It is Spirit Breaker's role in any game, to demolish your team during this phase and give you the advantage, as true with any ganker hero role.

Your next item should be Point Booster and now you are evaluating the match for what you need next. If they have a lot of magic damage or crowd control, get a Black King Bar. If you are more worried about taking a lot of auto-attacks, you can get Blademail or Assault Cuirass. Obviously one is much more expensive than the other, take into account how easy the match is going for you and typically, Blademail is not the optimal pick if you plan on getting a Black King Bar anyway. Getting your hands on Aghanim's Scepter is always a good decision, it helps how often you can gank, boosts your stats and is a great asset in lengthy team fights.

Your Goals Middle Game:
Things to Avoid Middle Game:

Late Game

If the game drags on this long, you are in trouble. From here on out, you will fall off into becoming a stunbot with a decent amount of damage compared to the carries. Your new focus should be stunning high priority targets and focus on getting an Armlet and Aghanim's Scepter. These two items should put you at least on the board and keep you from falling off.

Your Goals Late Game:
  • Stun priority targets

Things to Avoid Late Game:
  • Not stunning

Loveless' Outroduction

Well, that sums it all up for Spirit Breaker. For now and forever, please leave any comments about the Guide with what was good and what was bad, it will improve this and any future Guides made by myself or even others.

If you have any guides you would like me to make, please feel free to PM me or post in this guide's comment section to discuss it with fellow DOTAFire members.

With much love and hate,

Guide Discussion
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Quote | PM | +Rep by CountryClubAntics » November 9, 2012 2:55pm | Report
The best out of a bad hero, +1


Unremarkable (2)
Posts: 62
Quote | PM | +Rep by No Bear No » January 8, 2013 5:08pm | Report
This guide could really use an update lol

No Bear No

Posts: 19
Quote | PM | +Rep by Bucfan » January 10, 2013 7:56pm | Report
Hey man i love the guid and im soooo glad you realize the problems with MoM however i have one fun idea you could try. Try rushing a boots of travel and a sange and yasha(for maim and stats). add a drum and vanguard (or heart,bkb,shivas, etc..) and it becomes ridiculous. You have 522 move speed and because of that empowering hate bcomes amazing. Of course this might not work very well but i have used it before aand it worked for me (team was pretty bad) Just an idea and your build is probably much better but i think it would be a fun alternative. Thanks for contribution



Posts: 25
Quote | PM | +Rep by MonsterCat » January 16, 2013 10:27pm | Report
Cool guide mate helped me a lot as a new player of Dota 2


Posts: 5
Steam: monstercatmix
Quote | PM | +Rep by firehawk747 » January 21, 2013 10:06pm | Report
Hmm... Ive never tried spirit breaker without Mask of Madness. How does this build work without it?


Posts: 1
Quote | PM | +Rep by Bucfan » January 21, 2013 10:35pm | Report
It works becaue MoM isnt very good. It gives you attack movespeed sure but one nuke or stun and ur done for.


Posts: 25
Quote | PM | +Rep by Eviscera » January 22, 2013 6:46am | Report
Spirit Breaker doesn't suck, haha. You made a very good guide and the tactics section is good. As for staying alive, if the enemy is perma stunned, they can't fight back. I only put 1 point in Charge at level 3 after empowering haste at lv 1 and greater bash at lv 2. Then leave it there til haste and bash are maxed. No extra damage and no shorter CD make it pointless as you can stun them with normal attacks anyway, thats why MoM is key for faster movement speed which boosts Greater bash damage and faster attack speed for more chance to stun. I create a killing build instead of survival for fun ganking. I have no idea how to make guides so I just offer the skill build and items I get as a comment. Starting - 2 tangoes, shield, 3 branches. Next are boots, then magic wand and urn of shadows following. Upgrade to power treads then Mask of madness after this puts you in a really good position for farm. Using it on creep waves whever not on CD gets you good gold. Just keep an eye out for any ganking opportunities. Aghanim's Scepter next. Situational after this. I typically shoot for mjollnir as the attack speed coupled with MoM allow you to solo pretty much any non invis hero if you haven't failed a gank and gotten killed earlier slowing you down. If you set-up ganks well and ping your targets, easy days. Since SB is mostly auto attack, you don't need too much mana, and with the wand/urn you should have no problem ganking every 35 seconds or so when your charge is off CD. Also, use your charge as far away as your can so that you can use it again if a chase ensues to finish off the escaping enemy. Last night went 21-5-27 with SB, kill and assist leader.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Eviscera » January 22, 2013 6:49am | Report
dresmasher wrote:

This hero completely destroys supports, that's his biggest power during all stages of the game imo, nothing can escape that, just permabash them to hell.

Another bonus he has is that unlike Night Stalker and Slardar he doesn't have problems getting where he wants to go, his charge makes him go through terrain at high speeds, sure you can get stunned/mini-stunned out of it fairly easy but the impact is just as dangerous for the other 2.
If the enemy team has stuff like Viper Venomancer Warlock, or heroes with slow effects, this guy is way more effective at doing stuff than Night Stalker or Slardar.

His mobility is something that gives him some upper hand, the speed boost from his aura is a welcome addition as well.

The guide is hard to criticize, it mostly has stuff that I get though my core is different.
Power Treads is obvious, then after that it really depends, if we need dmg to take out targets fast a armlet can do well, if I'm doing a good job just with treads go for a Hyperstone and later on go for that Aghanim's Scepter. BKB is a must only if you are one of the few guys that can seriously cripple the enemy team in teambattles, otherwise I go for tankage.

I wouldn't get Urn of Shadows, games with baranthrum are not certain on how they will go imo, and urn says "I will get kills.. or at least be around", and with bara, there are situations where you might just have to literally suicide to give your team the initiation that they need, a bit like Clockwerk except he's generally more tanked.

this thing already got a +1 from me already

oh yeah, his greater bash, it procs before his attack hits so that makes him more effective against those evasion dependent heroes since he doesn't even have to hit them to disable them.

also, his greater bash works even if he's Doomed. The only big problem with this hero is that he gets countered way too much by magic immunity even though he's a autoattacking dmg dealer; no bash on magic immunity, no stun from charge and no pushback from ult... :-| meh

also i max charge first

Good info about destroying supports but maxing charge first? silly


Unremarkable (1)
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Eviscera » January 22, 2013 6:59am | Report
Bucfan wrote:

It works becaue MoM isnt very good. It gives you attack movespeed sure but one nuke or stun and ur done for.

Dude. You got it all wrong, it adds 100 attack speed, meaning more procs for stun, increased damage because more movement speed with empowering haste, more chase ability. 30% extra damage? They will be running from you, not attacking you. Also it has lifesteal so it makes up for exta hp lost. Stun and done? They won't be able to get off their attacks. Down rep for faulty logic.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Sarcy » January 22, 2013 7:33am | Report
The problem that Mask of Madness users tend to run into is that it will only work in pubs where teamplay is dismal at best. A well coordinated team will be able to shut down a MoM Barathrum very easily with either CC or just focus before the damage is done.


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