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How To: Dragonus, The Skywrath Mage

October 17, 2013 by xCO2
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DotA2 Hero: Skywrath Mage

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How To: Dragonus, The Skywrath Mage

October 17, 2013


Dragonus is a sky-bound sorcerer astute in the arts of arcane warfare. Mystical in nature and veiled in secret motives he joined the sentinel (Radiant) to battle the scourge (Dire). He is said to come from the ancient bloodline of blood elves that has ascended to unknown heights in the arts of mystical magic. It's suspected that Invoker and Dragonus were prodigy's of ancient time and were fighting for the prestige title of the supreme mage. The art of his supreme knowledge of magic enables him to seal any magic and his Mystic Flare is capable of burning any foe in matter of seconds. Many allies are proud to have strode alongside this mythical being, but few enemies have lived to survive the full extent of his mystical arsenal.

Dragonus is a mystical hero who excels in creating large amounts of magic damage. He is a somewhat inflexible hero and is very item dependent in nature. The Skywrath Mage is a very threatening spell cannon, able to throw out numerous casts in the short amount of time that his foes last.



YELLOW - Good, go for it.
ORANGE - Situational, a maybe.
RED - Bad, generally a stay away.
GREY - Is titled accordingly.

PURP - Q, your first ability.
LIME - W, your second ability.
BLUE - E, your third ability.
PINK - R, your ultimate.
The below content is appropriately color coded to the above key. All of the following information, with the exception of the actual [ RUNES ] or the [ PLEASE READ ], initially correspond with their description accordingly. If something is not understood fully regarding the color code, please comment with your question / issue.



Skywrath Mage: NUKER

Dragonus is an offensive spellcaster who's spell damage output is incredibly large due to the great damage and low cooldowns of his spells. His kit accentuates him to be an exceptionally effective NUKER, an adequate in-lane SUPPORT, and in some cases a GANKER. The Skywrath is an adept in the terms of damage, and very inflexible in build and playstyle, with that being said he is a niche hero, and he fills his role to it's potential.


Assuming you bought your starting equipment as suggested and are wondering what to do now, you might want to consider your lane or jungle position; for the purpose of this guide you will head to the MID lane or TRI lane. Dragonus is most compatible in the MID lane to have that early access to the runes, and experience. You may take a TRI lane according to picks.


Bottle: A bottle should be PICKED UP you plan on taking it solo to the MID lane; in which you should try to have full control of runes as you should with any solo mid hero with a bottle. Try to have a caster with a summon to scout runes out for you.

Illusion: You do not benefit much from this rune, this should only be PICKED UP in special cases.

Double Damage: This should be picked up EARLY and MID game, and avoided LATE game.

Invisibility: Generally not needed, but for a sure gank you may PICK UP.

Regeneration: SITUATIONAL, for the most part you will pick this up if no one needs it anymore than you do.

Haste: Use your better judgment, this will be PICKED UP to catch up to the pack or escape.



Lvl 1: Save your W, only using in defense or a secured kill.

Lvl 2: Save your Q and W, only using in defense or a secured kill.

Lvl 3: Play accordingly and hold out on using much mana.

Lvl 4: Play accordingly and hold out on using much mana.

Lvl 5: If you haven't already, try to secure a kill using Q, W, E.

Lvl 6: You should now either continue your lane, or commence ganking. Save your R for ganks.


Lvl 1: Save your W, only using in defense or a secured kill.

Lvl 2: Harass accordingly, pull and stack creeps if needed. Ward.

Lvl 3: Harass accordingly, pull and stack creeps if needed. Ward.

Lvl 4: Try to coordinate with your carry to secure a kill, using your E, then W, then Q.

Lvl 5: Continue to harass your lane. Use your Q as a nuke.

Lvl 6: You should now either continue your lane, or start roaming. Save your R for brawls.


Coming soon...


Here's where you decide your wings, where its flight or fall.

Dragonus has synergy with a variety of heroes. Essentially any massive AoE TEAMFIGHTER or MANA fountains set the Skywrath Mage up to do some hurting either fueling his power or setting him up to release his ultimate. On the other hand, you make NUKERS exceptional, amplifying their damage.

+ Disruptor - Stormcaller
+ Enigma - Darchrow
+ Elder Titan - Worldsmith
+ Twin Head Dragon - Jakiro
+ Admiral - Kunkka
+ Magnoceros - Magnus
+ Tidehunter - Leviathan
+ Treant Protector - Rooftrellen
+ Warlock - Demnok Lannik
+ Crystal Maiden - Rylai
+ Keeper of the Light - Ezalor
+ Outworld Devourer - Harbinger
+ Bane - Atropos
+ Bone Fletcher - Clinkz
+ Doom Bringer - Lucifer
+ Tormented Soul - Leshrac
+ Slayer - Lina
+ Demon Witch - Lion
+ Moon Rider - Luna
+ Geomancer - Meepo
+ Nyx Assassin - Anub'arak
+ Queen of Pain - Akasha
+ Lord of Olympus - Zeus

Without his wings Skywrath Mage is nothing. To clip 'em all you need are heroes that can SILENCE, as a caster you rely on spells. Heroes that are equally detrimental to voiding Dragonus consists of sapping his power source, in this sense any MANA DRAIN heroes can easily hinder you.

x Bloodseeker - Styrgwyr
x Death Prophet - Krobelus
x Disruptor - Stormcaller
x Doom Bringer - Lucifer
x Drow Ranger - Traxex
x Night Stalker - Balanar
x Fairie Dragon - Puck
x Stealth Assassin - Riki
x Silencer - Nortrom
x Anti-Mage - Magina
x Invoker - Carl
x Keeper of the Light - Ezalor
x Nyx Assassin - Anub'arak


These guides are somewhat time consuming to produce, and most of them do lack some at the moment, but for the most part I believe they provide enough information to play properly with the given hero. Even though the guide is still UNFINISHED, I still need feedback on how to better it. The item build and such is always up for change, and your opinion is wanted as long as it's not something that smashes the entire guide because you don't like a little detail. Please keep in mind: if you have the time to read this guide and vote on it then you should have a sufficient amount of time to comment what pleased or displeased you.

Please take the time to provide feedback.
What can I change? What areas need improvement? Is the guide visually unappealing?

Guide Discussion
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Beowolf008 » April 24, 2013 11:27pm | Report
GREAT guide +1!! bt still furi should also b in his alies wont he?? sprout + mystic flare = a secured kill!!


Posts: 2
Quote | PM | +Rep by Dimchuck » April 25, 2013 8:47am | Report
Add Pugna to enemies please. His ward will zap Skywrath using level 3 Mystic Flare for 800*1,75=1400 dmg, not mentioning all damage increase items.


Posts: 1
Quote | PM | +Rep by Abe1st » April 30, 2013 5:24am | Report
i think even though you're mid lane, I find Eul's Scepter of Divinity is much better. The mana regeneration is great for SM, also the cyclone ability has so much usage especially VS early Blade Mail picker. Cycloning yourself also will dispel silence.

Veil of Discord is great choice, amplify your damage even more. This item is purely EVIL.

Ethereal Blade should be added to offensive luxury. The agility bonus will increase your EHP, it's actually good.

And about the skills, i think putting level of Ancient Seal at level 8 and maxing Concussive Shot instead will do better since silence 3 second and minor amplify isn't making a big difference early game.

Overall, great guide. +1


Posts: 4
Quote | PM | +Rep by EvilDevil06 » May 4, 2013 2:56pm | Report
Please add Shadow Shaman to friends : )


Posts: 7
Steam: adtet
Quote | PM | +Rep by Franimal » May 7, 2013 6:53am | Report
Good guide but I disagree with your tactics for the first few minutes. I think one of Skywraths huge strengths is being being to spam the enemy mid for the first few minutes with Q - I would always take Q over W especially if level one fights are a possibility. I also like to go a mantle and a clarity along with a tango and 3 GG branches for a bit higher damage Q spam, then rushing into bottle. By that point Q is at level 2 or 3 and you can bottle crow so much your enemy can't even come back to lane.

Also, a lot of the heroes listed under Foes are actually pretty bad against Skywrath until they silence him. Silencer is a good example - Skywrath can melt him with a few Qs and a silence of his own. Antimage is also very scared of Skywrath early with such a long silence and very high damage.


Posts: 11
Quote | PM | +Rep by Sirpolar » May 9, 2013 2:29pm | Report
Why isn't Pugna under foes? Apart from that + 1


Posts: 7
Quote | PM | +Rep by chenboy3 » May 11, 2013 10:25pm | Report
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbuxXySS88s NAVI DID IT :D


Unremarkable (2)
Posts: 13
Quote | PM | +Rep by -Col- » May 18, 2013 4:07pm | Report
xCO2 wrote:

If you go mid, please don't use the recommended Bloodstone. If you want a tanky build, Shiva + Atos is all around a better choice, I might make a third build for a Durable-Int orientation.

I'd be really interested in seeing that tankier build. I really like using Rod of Atos on him, and later game getting Shiva... But I'm always unsure of how to progress with my items overall and what else I should be getting. :/

So yeah, if you could put up your ideas for the build I'd really appreciate it.

EDIT: Also, I feel like you might want to add Eul's Scepter of Divinity as a situational item. If your team is behind in gold, or you just need a rather cheap but cost effective item in general, Eul's works out pretty well. Gives you some Int, more movement speed, extra mana regeneration AND a useful active ability.


Posts: 5
Quote | PM | +Rep by YamataNoOrochi » July 1, 2013 10:58pm | Report
Really well-written guide.
If I may suggest 1 tiny thing, it would be to add Tuskarr to the list of friends. In my personal experience, Ice Shards give the opportunity to perfectly lock 1-3 heroes to set up your ultimate, a lot like Magnus, which, ecspecially in Early and Mid is rather devastating...
Also Tusks ability to initiate with snowball and finish with his ult synergize really well for that purpose, ecspecially in pubbies.
(Pit Lord and DS work well for that purpose too on a note, but one lacks the ability to hold them in position and 1 lacks the ability to crowd them)


Posts: 3
Quote | PM | +Rep by knight96-1994 » July 23, 2013 6:04am | Report
Good guide for now, but the use of colours just makes it difficult to read.


Posts: 5
Steam: kn0bbulo94
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