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I start play this game for in 2013-2014 and still for fun playing
But i trying to be better on every day!

In 2016 and start of 2017 i drop this game, but in on over of 2017 year i comeback for playing on Dark Willow (becouse she so sexy and strong at all), and in 2018 i playing still for 3400 mmr (so bad, i know).

I think i still be a casual player (^_^')

And little info about my exp in past in this game.

I played 1000 games on Pudge and 500-600 on Techies, and now i try "git gud" on waifu for me in this game "Dark Willow" aka "Nice legs chick" (Played on her 250 games for 2.5 months)
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