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Dark Willow (Mid)

June 21, 2018 by DevilDaddy
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Dark Willow

Dark Willow (Mid)

June 21, 2018

Chapter Title

Hello there!

In this guide i show best item and skill build for DW in Mid (In my opinion)
Of course this guide not 100% correct, but in mostly situations i win on this build.

63% win rate and +200 games on that hero with that build.

Sorry for mistakes, its my first guide on your site^^


I will start to tell why you should buy "Veil" and "Kaya" for first items. Not Eul or something else.

First of all it will give you such a good boost for your spell DMG
You will kill anyone on map, no matter solo or with team.
Yeah becouse DOTA 2 is situation game you will be hard to kill someone if their heroes have immune or good escape, but in mostly good Positioning you will have successful kills.

Most heroes dont' survive this procast (Veil and Kaya+Bedlam+Realm)
Even if they have too much HP


I take in 1 lvl "Realm" becouse we will have escape if enemy team try to kill us in first minute

Becouse i take second spell i should have some stun and dmg, well on level 2, i take "Bramble" becouse this spell give me a good dmg and consternation

I take on 5 level on one "Crown" becouse it helps kill enemy Mid hero easily

And when i take 6 level, i max 1,2 spells.


Well. On 10 level i take 30+ dmg becouse it make DW ADC (Attack Damage Carry) more potential in late game

On 15 level i take +90 gold, becouse it boost our farm and GPM.

On 20 level i take +300 DMG on "Realm", becouse its make our procasts in late game still good.

On 25 level i take +200 speed attack, becouse it like our talent on 10 level, boost our ADC potential.

Team Work

About team work.
If you feel what you lose your mid lane, or you can't creeping, becouse enemy roamer don't let you do it. Well, here you should call your support to help you.

But what about MID game? If you have 2 "most have" items Veil and Kaya, here begining fun for you, for your enemy begin Fairy hell! >_>

You must gank enemy carry, and make his life like hell, or you can kill with your team anyone who have some good farm. Your role with that build its go, and kill everyone who don't walk with team.

Try to kill two or more heroes solo, its bad idea, becouse you can just die like nothing, and lose your advantage. But if you want to kill some more heroes, just walk with your team, after all, DOTA 2 is team game.

Creeping / Jungling

Well, if you go on Mid, you must have good last hit, and try to get your items as soon as possible, becouse if you get you veil on 20 and Kaya on 25, its will be not as it should be.

Try to farm and kill enemys as many times as possible, becouse in late game, your skills still good as ****, but with good items, its become good as good **** with good items.

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