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Yurnero for the strongers

October 14, 2012 by goiabaorc
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goiabaorc | October 14, 2012 7:03am
you got regen , from tango or healing salve and the ring of health after phase. i said on guide, keep walking until level 9 ,its better.
and crit its a great skill a chance to cause the double damage its great and when you spin you hit with the normal atack and with the spin ,can hit crit when spinning, 1 level of stats give you 28 hp 23 mana 0.08 hp regen 0.06 mana regen 2 atack damage you can trade poor man shield for 2 slipper of agility 1 tango and any iron branchs,and i start the aghanim with agility then str then int on the final point booster because point booster give only hp and mana and str give hp regen , agility give armor damage and atack speed and int mana and mana regen ,i know what i do on guide.and thanks for comment and sorry ,my english is very bad.
Romottster | October 14, 2012 12:55am
Early items are poor, start with a stout shield if your going poor mans, and you can finish it at side shop, so start with some sort of regeneration, also opt for stats 2-4 or a healing ward at 2, blade dance at lvl 2 is pretty much pointless as the crits will do nothing, it gives a 15 % chance to deal double damage which will be about 55 multiplied by 2 which is 110, . that means for a guaranteed stats wise, its 7 auto attacks until a guaranteed critical strike. I have read your reasons for these skill choices, but i still think that statistics wise, blade dance is not worth another spin with stats, and with your build, i'e not getting any regen for starter items ward will give you 50% of your hp, which is loads of hp if you don't have any regen. if you are going aghanim scepter, get the point booster first or second, not really worth the ogre club as the point booster gives more hp and more mana than the wizardry/ogre club for the cost of the items added up.
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