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Yurnero for the strongers

October 14, 2012 by goiabaorc
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The build

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Purchase Order

First items

the start of the build

the start of the kills

Jugg win the game

you can choose the final item

you can start with this to

if you need make a vlad.

Hero Skills

Blade Fury

1 3 5 7

Healing Ward

9 12 14 15

Blade Dance

2 4 8 10


6 11 16


13 17 18

Pros :D / cons :(

Have a good bkb. the spin.
have crit.
a very nice ult.
a great heal.
Very good hero to get first blood.

Dont have slow
dont have stun
Depends on items
low mana
whitouth Battlefury , you is a trash

I go explain the yurnero very fast.

spin = better than bkb because BKB give immunity to magic and spin give imunnity and cause damage.

healing ward = Very nice heal , can make you team win the game.

Crit= great damage and chance, go give you much kills.

ULT= JUMP!!!!!! the more great ult on x1 ,or a very good damage in group battles. dont ult when have creeps close.


easy, phase boots to you use when you are spinning to dont lose the radiu of you spin and opponent get a live.

Battle fury: damage ,regen and easy farm.

Aghanim: give hp mana damage and more jumps on ult, Get aghanim start to kill.

Sange and Yasha: give HP , give damage, atack speed, you run fast, and a slow.

Cranium basher, only 3 words: stun , damage , HP.

assault cuirass: armor and atack speed, juggernaut is carrier and carriers need damage and atack speed to kill, and need hp and armour to survive.

you can chose the final item.
Damage and armour reduction
Life steam and armour
Much hp and regen
hp , mana , damage , and slow.

Why this skills?

Why spin and crit and no spin and stat?

because you go spin and atack and lose first blood for 30 or 40 hp and a crit can change this

healing ward only on level 9?

yeah , walk with healing salve ad on level 9 use healing ward because on level 9 or 10 you have a nice hp and healaing salve no make much more you ward make

Teams battle.

If you team dont have tank, go on front and spin because wpinning you dont take magic damage and with my build you ahve much hp and armor.

first thing to do in the battle , use totem and set the totem to follow you , and start spin , focus the more weak of the other team or who have more stuns or atacks in area.
only ult when dont have creeps, or when have 1 enemie with low hp.

Yurnero and you enemies.


More easy to kill: meepo ,why?
you spin and cant get slow or immobile , spin and ult give damage to hes clone, 1 clone die all die

pudge: lol poudge? yeah, pudge pull you and you spin cant take damage from the ult and pudge take much damage from the spin , and if pudge get alone , ULT! ( ONLY ULT WHEN HAVE ENEMIES WITH LOW HP OR ENEMY WITHOUT CREEPS CLOSE )

more hardest to kill : lycan, you spin , lycan atack dont use amgic to kill , you ult , lycan have much hp and his wolfs , you get he with low hp , lycan ult and run.

a good duel: balanar!!! balanar cant mhit slow or silence on you because you are spinning more he have damage, you to . only win this duel who get more itens ou know more to play.

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