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You Blinked First : A Guide to Medusa

August 21, 2013 by enderarms
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Medusa

Hero Skills

Split Shot

10 13 15 17

Mystic Snake

2 3 5 6

Mana Shield

7 9 12 14

Stone Gaze

8 11 16


1 4 18

You Blinked First : A Guide to Medusa

August 21, 2013


Medusa is one of the hardest carries in the game. She is the only hero that gets tankiness from INTELLIGENCE, and benefits from EVERY stat! She is quite ugly but this guide will help you embrace your ugliness as a gift.


You want to get a Ring of Basilius for the armor and stats, then make it into a Ring of Aquila. This will give you some attributes early game. I prefer Power Treads over the other boots simply because of the bonus stats and attack speed, since Medusa benefits from all stats. A Ring of Health will help your regen and can later be made into a Perserverance.


( Medusa benefits from all items crafted with Ultimate Orb)
Linken's Sphere is the best item for Medusa since it gives you stats, spellblock and regeneration. I prefer to buy this first.
Manta Style is the next item you get, since the illusions combined with Split Shot will make you an awesome pusher. Plus you benefit from all attributes.
Eye of Skadi is heaven since you get TONS of stat and HP/MANA bonuses, as well as a cold strike that will make sure your enemies don't leave.


Battle Fury : You may think WTF?? But I will explain this later in the guide.
Bloodstone is an item that gives you regeneration and more max HP/Mana, but you could get something else for a cheaper price. If the enemies have an Anti Mage, you might want to get this.
Butterfly is a nice item for any agility carry, and makes you WAY more tanky.
Scythe of Vyse works rather well for an agility hero and intelligence increases your tankiness so this item isn't a bad choice at all.
Divine Rapier is probably your final item. A well farmed Medusa doesnt need to be afraid to lose a rapier. Most well farmed medusas get up to 3 Rapiers!


I recommend leveling Stats first since your stats are HORRIBLE early game. Mystic Snake is the first move you level since it is the only good move early game. It allows you to push lanes and harass the enemy. Split Shot or Mana Shield are leveled depending on your build. If you are getting a Linken's Sphere as your first core, level Shield since it will help your tankiness. If you are getting a Manta Style, level up Split since Split+Illusions makes you an awesome pusher. Stone Gaze should be used in teamfights or even as an escape mechanism if necessary. Also use it against illusion heroes like Chaos Knight and Phantom Lancer since it deals 1000 true damage to illusions. It isnt needed at level six so I take it at eight.

Pros and Cons

-Tanky as hell
-Great late game if well farmed
-Deals damage to up to 5 units
-Great jungler with Split Shot
-Able to have epic teamfight presence
-If farmed, can be the most feared hero in DOtA 2
-Benefits from EVERY STAT

-Sucks early game
-Bad stat growth
-Easy to gank early game, requires much jungling

Play Style

EARLY GAME: Farm as much as you can and get your core as soon as possible. If you dont, you will be lagging behind for the entire game. Dont participate in teamfights. Watch out since you will be constantly ganked.
MID GAME: Farm some more, and you can now start roaming to teamfights. If you are well-farmed, you can deal some major damage and you will be extremely tanky.
LATE GAME: You are everyone's fear. The whole map is pretty much your killing ground! Walk up to someone and kill them. Repeat.

The End

I hope this guide let you become a better Medusa user!

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