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Xin Miniguide

June 3, 2013 by 8thdensity
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Ember Spirit

Hero Skills

Searing Chains

2 4 8 14

Sleight of Fist

1 3 5 7

Flame Guard

9 10 12 13

Fire Remnant

6 11 16


15 17 18

Xin Miniguide

June 3, 2013

The Hero


Solo mid, high farming priority

Pros & Cons

+ 310 MS
+ Quick animations/casting
+ AoE DPS w/o committing
+ Big damage output
+ Spell Shield

- Low armor
- Low stat gain (aka cant man mode lategame, but we have Sleight)
- Possibly mana-intense

Dota 2 Wiki Page on Xin

How and Why

Skilling Xin

Sleight of Fist is Maxed because of cooldown improvement -> from 30 to 6 sec ! Imperative to max 1st. Provides lane control.
Searing Chains gotten to lvl 3 and not maxed to 4 until later because of duration scaling of 2/2/3/3 sec repsectively.
Flame Guard constant cd of 35. Impractal/situational DPS potential. Gotten mostly because of defensive purposes.
Fire Remnant can be left at level 1 if you need more Stats or Flame Guard instead.

Laning and Ganking

Get bottle + boots + venom orb + tp -> Gank


Further Chasing

Remnant Downtime but don't need regen? Farm a little
Need Regen? Lay Remnant -> TP scroll home -> Regen+fill bottle -> Activate Remnant to come back


Spam Sleight of Fist on every cooldown. Use to dodge spells/projectiles/attacks. Keep in mind the time used by Sleight of Fist based on amount of targets. Activate Flame Guard before jumping in with Remnant(s). Remember 400 AoE of Chains. Try to postion yourself for optimal 2-target Searing Chains. Fire Remnant for better positioning/chase/escape.

Remnant Tips

- Try to always save one Remnant for escaping.

- Shotgun:

Send 2+ Remants to X location -> activate Remnant -> kill

- Fresh'd up and ready for more:

Fire Remnant -> TP to fountain -> regen -> TP back to remnant
- Fire Remnant -> fight to low hp -> throw Remnant before death -> buyback -> activate Remnant


Buy Orb of Venom to get more mileage out of Sleight of Fist, it improves your chasing and harassment. You can stick with normal Boots of Speed for a very long time, making Boots of Travel the best choice, especially in conjuction with Fire Remnant. Sell Bottle after building into the 2nd Battle Fury. Stacking these together with Deadalus is the most efficient way of dealing damage. Monkey King Bar to counter evasion. Desolator to soften up foes before you and yours jump in. Amplifies next set of Sleight hits. Maelstorm for procs all over the place, not necessary to upgrade. Abysall Blade is self-explanatory. Same as Divine Rapier.


This is not meant to be an in-depth guide. Based personal experience, I think that people only need guidelines on what the general mechanical idea of the hero is, how to fight, what items are most beneficial, and basic tricks. The player itself will fill in his own needs as the number of games played with the hero increases, and thus the accumulation of wisdom and correct desicion-making.


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