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Worlock- A summoners guide

May 1, 2012 by Shivanti
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Support - lane

DotA2 Hero: Warlock

Purchase Order

support laner

Animal Courier
Ring of Protection
Healing Salve
Sage's Mask
Arcane Boots
Aghanim's Scepter
Refresher Orb
Pipe of Insight
Shiva's Guard
Observer Ward
Observer Ward
Observer Ward
Observer Ward
Observer Ward
Observer Ward
Observer Ward
Observer Ward

Hero Skills

Fatal Bonds

2 4 8 9

Shadow Word

1 3 5 7


10 12 13 14

Chaotic Offering

6 11 16


15 17 18

Worlock- A summoners guide

May 1, 2012


Hello! My name is Shivant! and i will let you know how i play worlock.this is my first guide and i would love tips if i end up saying something completly wrong.
i am not the most experienced dota player and i have around 250 hours played so far.

this is the way in which i play worlock, and is not the only way you do play him. worlock can go mid but normally he shines in the easy lane as support with a melee hero.

Hope you like the guide and i hope is allows your teams to DOMINATE


obviously your a support, a godly support! so buy the courier and dont be a **** about it, "oh i dont wanna its money!" shut up and suck it up and buy the dam donkey chicken thingy.

Ring of protection give you some armor for suviability and eventually upgrades into your ring of basilius also you are unable to buy this in the side shops unlike your sage mask so buy this before the damn mask.

Luckilty worlocks heal is a great hero killer or heal for your team. mosly this is used as harass and heal during early laning so no need to buy tango's just some clarities 2-3 as well as a salv for emergencys

arcane boots or power treads depending on team comp. if your mana reliant team needs mana all the time then get mana boots but if they are not or if another hero has mana boots already then get power treads.

mech or pipe depending if another hero has one or the other. to get both or to not get both? do not get both, eventually the enemy team will just focus u down first and your items that help your team will go to waste.

Septer or refresher. septer makes your golem ***** get angry and makes her call her husband. this means you get 2 bad *** golems to do what ever the hell you want them to. unfortunaly this also means they do less damage! so some people if they have mana boots or excess mana choose to go for refresher first allowing you to have 2 stuns as well as 2 fully impowered golems to do your bidding.

if your just loaded with gold get a shiva's guard! YOU ARE SQUISHY and if you ever need to get away the extra armor and the slow will help + the armor helps in team fights so does the aoe slow

obviously if your team is getting ganked GET TO WARDING unless there is another support like character doing that for you. but dont expect that to happen just do it yourself. NEVER TRUST A PUG GAME TO ACTUALLY WARD


the reason you max your shadow word is because it is a great HEAL and DOT! it can kill that pesky hero who always seems to get away at like 30 hp, as well as heal your self and other in the same situation! its also great for harass in the early game

Fatal bonds is next to rank after your shadow ward because of its great harassing and pushing potential! but be warned DONT use it EVERY CREEP WAVE! that is a waste of mana and it may push your lane to far and stop you from getting LH and Deny's. this is also the skill that goes well with you ult. Use fatal bonds then ult on a group of enemies or enemies with creeps and it will take 20% of the damage your ult does to each linked target! imagine the stacking potential! at maxed level that is 6 people taking 100 damage +20 X 6! so a great AOE stun that does 220 damage to the intire team. great way to start the team fights off.

your Ult Rain of Chaos is amazing in my opinion. use your fatal bonds(be sure to click a hero not a creep) and ULT! it stuns them for a ***ping one second(not great) but that can make the different in a team fight! get it at the standard 6,11,16 because its good.

upheaval is a great slow and perfect for team fights when they want to run away. use your other skills and combos then pop that down in a team fight so they cant run. this is ranked only after everything else due to its uselessnes in early game + its only good for team fights/ganks since it only slows movement speed


The way in which Worlock should be played is basically summed up in one combo. Fatal bonds ult and shadow ward the hero's running away. hopfully you have a mech in order to compenstae for using ur W as a dot. this is basically all you do for team fights and as a support you then just ward and let the carries get the kills. REMEBER you don KILL you get ASSIST's!

early game i harass with the DOT and chains when appropriate... if they are to close to the tower its a good idea...incoming gank on them, chain and dot the target, ect. ect.

mid game follow the carry around for exp and assists, and DONT FORGET TO WARD as well as UPGRADE the courier.

late game is the combo described above.

Pros / Cons

Great harass early game
great team fight capabilities
possibly a mid hero if none are chosen
great dot/heal can finish off running hero's or save an alli
great 84% movement speed slow!
ult = great for; pushing towers, ganking, and teamfights

like any support he is squishy
item dependent somewhat(money goes into wards and chicken)
he himself is slow
team dependent! if team sucks you wont be able to do much
****ty entertainment lines

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