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Windrunner for bad players (like me)

May 24, 2013 by fedback
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Ginger of DOOM

DotA2 Hero: Windranger

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Focus Fire

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Windrunner for bad players (like me)

May 24, 2013


Hi, i go by the name of Fedback and english is not my first language so bear with me. Now a little about myself (because 5k words is a lot to cover with just the build), i am a 20 years old college student who never played Dota 1. I used to play league of legends on the European server until it became popular in my country but everybody decided to play on the USA server, that left me very depressed and i quit that game... also Darius.

A week ago (yeah a week of playing and i feel like i can write a guide) someone gave me a beta access to the game. I was happy, it was free stuff, so i logged in, got in queque for thirty minutes (mi first game really took that long to start). When the game started i took lich because somewhere i read he was easy, long history short i got my *** kicked. Everything was out to kill me, i could not farm because the enemy denied me, i could not harass because they out healed me and i could not straight fight because they just pwned me. I lost that game, i fed like crazy and my team wanted my head on a spike, it was the most awesome thing ever.

So i kept going around playing different guys and feeding, i picked some skills like last hitting (still kinda bad at it) and denying towers and stuff like that. Then i picked wind runner.

Why Windrunner?

First she is a ginger, and that means she is dangerous. Under a sweet female robin hood surface lies a psychopath ready to bondage everybody in the enemy team (don't believe me?, try to spam a skill on cooldown and she will scream bloody murder at you). Second she got a good sense of fashion and her clothes make sense which is kind of rare in video gaming.

Now about her actual usefullnes in the game, she is a practically omnipresent machine of disabling running everywhere stuning enemies, saving allies and taking towers. She cant be killed, her E is "you cant gank me" one button soluttion to all your problems. She also got the most awesome harrasment tool (keeper of the light is not awesome, he is an old dude on a horse), power shot, you will feel like a sniper when you land a kill in the fog of war.

If you are still not convinced of her awesomeness there is something wrong with you and i ll try to fix it with the rest of the guide.

Pros / Cons

-Fast (like amphetamine fast)
-Great at killing towers
-Good harasser mid game
-Best non ultimate stun ever
-Hilarious voice acting
-Psycho ginger with no soul

-Squishy (at least in this guide)
-Almost no damage in a team fight late game
-Mana hungry early game
-No big numbers (we all like big numbers)

Your job

First things first, you are a support, you are the lowest of the lowest, your team is gonna walk all over you and blame you for every single thing that goes wrong. Just ignore them you are a better player than them (probably not but is the thought that counts).

As a support you babsit your carry early game, keep him alive and farming even at the cost of your life and to harras/deny the enemy. Ofcourse this is not valid if you are in a solo lane where you ll just keep the farm to yourself.

Moving to not so early game you have two roles: pushing towers and disabling the enemy team. You will run acrosss the map switching from one role to another so map awareness is important. Normally by this time your carry may think is a good idea to roam (if you are in the same skill bracket as me they will roam for sure) so you can farm the lane, i recomend pushing it like crazy.

Later on your job is keeping your people alive and disabling the oposition.


It´s a stun, a good one, a really good one.
1.5 sec at level one and 3.75 at level six to up to two targets whit a meager cooldown of 12 sec.

Sadly its got a catch, it only works if an enemy or a tree is behind the target, its not that hard to land but there are some times when its just frustrating because there are no trees near.

A good Shckle will disable two enemy heroes for almost 4 seconds, couple this with your team´s disables and the team fight is almost won.

I max this second because early on i just use it to escape and survive.

Long range channeled skill that hits like a truck. You will feel like a sniper with this and with some practice you will actually be one. Use it to harass(i like to get it to level 3 before going all crazy with the harass), to farm, push, and finishing running targets. If you can line up a good power shot in a team fight (hitting many enemies) you can give your team a significant edge.

Your "i dont want to die" skill. It makes you fast and untouchable by physical means. If they gank you just run away like hell with this. It is also incredible usefull for moving around the map.

A nice use for this is when the enemy dives your tower, you pop this and gain 3 secs of not dying, normally enough time to kill them or at least run away.

Focus Fire:
Gives you maximum attack speed (machinegun style) for twenty seconds against one target at the cost of losing a lot of damage per hit. If you switch targets is ends.

To be honest i got conflicting feelings about this one. At level one is just not worth it, too long of a cooldown and only half damage so i just skip it until level 10 so i can level it up two times in a row. It is great at killing towers (if you thin you can get an early tower dont hesitate to get it at level six), killing heroes just not that much.

Why does it not kill heroes? you ask, well first no one will stand there for twenty seconds while you fire away, second you don deal that much damage and third you cant switch target so in a team fight you have to opt to end the skill early to switch to a more critical target or just keep pincushioning the guy your going at.

I think i said this alredy but is GREAT at killing towers (towers dont run away) so use it to push.

The mentallity

There are three things to keep in mind while playin

-You are a coward:
You are pushing a lane going like crazy at the tower with focus fire going on and suddenly you see someone coming out of the woods.


Even if you think you can kill them, if you are deep in enemy territory chances are they are not alone. So run like hell, use windrun and force staff to get the hell out and shackle them if needed.

Always stay out of enemy range, go in disable, nuke and go out. You are not durable and in a straight fight you are at a disadvantage.

Keep your fight or fly instinct on permanent fly

-Your team > you

You and weaver are running away from the whole enemy team, you got your force staff and have to make a choice....who survives?, answer is NOT YOU.

Also let the other take the kills, you make up that gold by almost not dying at all.


You can be literally everywhere because you are so fast, you can come from out of the woods and disable someone, down a tower faster than they can react and save comrades like a boos. Abuse this and keep your enemies guessing.

About force staff

This bad guy is your first "big" item (its kind of cheap actually), its like a blinck dagger you can use on everybody. It forces whomever you use it on to dash ahead smashing everything on its path (trees). You can use it on yourself.

You can jump over walls with this.


-Moving around:
This plus windrun plus travel boots you can be anywhere in seconds.

-Saving teammates
Someone got grabbed/stunned/is being chased.... just force them away with you staff, you can use it even on stunned allies (or enemies) and invisible players (without breaking the invi).

Seriously pudge will hate you


Chasing someone?, just dash + windrun + stun they just cant escape, you can also use it on your teamates to help them get the kill.

A wonderfully evil way to use this item is when you are all skulking around an enemy tower and someone on their team is just giving everybody the stink eye from beyond their reach, no problem just force him ahead and he will dash like a pig to the slaughter into your team (this really make enemies angry).

-Being an *******

Sometimes there are time when you just hate someone and you need to teach them a lesson about ginger vengeance.

Force team mates into the enemy fauces.

Force them into unreachable places. This one also works on enemies (i once forced a guy into an unreachable place from the river, he was surrounded by trees and could not get out got frustrated and rage quit, protip: if this happens to you you can just send the courier to buy a tp... or powershot trough the woods).

Other stuff

Scythe of sheep:

Remember to use it is practically a 4 second stun, this plus shackle you can disable ahalf the enemy team.

Divinity tornado staff:

2.5 seconds of game out for anyone.

Can be used to save teammates from impending doom, stop fleeing enemies and disabling someone mid fight.

Travel boots:

There will be a moment in the game when you mana boots will recover you for almost nothing and your regen will be more than enough... just dismantle those *****es (right click ---> dismantle) and get yourself a pair of running sneakers or traveling boots.

Final words

I know my guide does not sound impressive but by playing like this you improve your team chances of winning a lot and is really fun to go around running disabling ****.

Keep in mind that this is a guide for low level play, the only thing midly difficult is remembering to use your items but one or two games and that will come.

If you dont like please tell me why

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