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Why so serious?

September 2, 2013 by Pioneerguides
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Why so serious?

DotA2 Hero: Warlock

Hero Skills

Eldritch Summoning (Innate)

Fatal Bonds

8 9 10 15

Shadow Word

1 3 5 7


Chaotic Offering

6 11 16


2 4 12 13 14 17 18

Why so serious?

September 2, 2013


This isn't the best build by far you can do for this class but I thought this is something to share for the community because its fun and effective! Sure hope someone reads it and ofc tries it out. It's a public game build. Remember to build armor items first against auto attackers and magic res against mages. Common sense is welcome.


Starting of with the items I've listed as starting items makes a strong presence on any lane on the first minutes of the game. Being a bit more faster and stronger early on means a lot. +6 on all stats from the gear and leveling 2 times to stats (+4) gives you +10 on stats at level 5. Try to poke with your auto attacks when possible but don't overextend. Remember you've got a good range. Ganking you is a lot harder due to those bonus stats you have and your heal from W but watch out venturing too far alone because you lack speed to run away. Make sure you have enough mana to use you W always due to ganks and fights. Find a balance between W and "Tango" If you get in trouble just hit W on yourself and run away. Eat a tree on the way if needed. Your mission is to stay on the lane before you hit level 6. If you get easy kills that's fine.

+Very durable
+Strong auto attacks
+Manapool and manareg

-Run speed
-Single target only
-Easily CC:d
-Lack of your own CC

Early game

Your mission after hitting level 6 is to initiate fights and push as much as possible. Having good core strength from skills and items (+int/agi/str) makes you all around strong. Heals from your Mekanism, Magic wand and W skill makes you very durable for these levels. Your weakness is getting chain CC:d because your endurance comes mostly from using items and skills. Also the lack of run speed before "Boots of travel" (or other) is something to keep in mind. Positioning helps. Still remember to use those auto attacks on fights because they still actually do something. Remember to heal your pet if needed.

+Very durable
+Good amount of spell dmg (single and mass)
+Manapool and reg
+Strong auto attacks
+Strong support with Mekanism and your W

-Easily CC:d
-Lack of your own CC

Mid game

Team fights have started or are starting in any second. Level up your "Fatal Bonds" and try to get "Boots of Travel" and "Linken Sphere" if there's a lot of CC:rs. Being strong and mobile makes it hard to kill you on team fights. You might even get ignored? Having "Linken Sphere" makes it harder to chain CC:d and kill you aswell. Bonus stats are always welcome. Don't be afraid to initiate fights but remember to hit that Q skill before you rain down your golem. Your tactic is to take some initial heat in the team fights -> fall back -> heal and return. Try to hit your ultimate on as many enemies as possible. You should be durable enough to take some amount of punishment before you can heal up with Mekanism, W and Magic Wand. The magic is to know how much damage and CC you can take before you die.

+Still fairly durable
+Good amount of spell dmg (single and mass)
+Decent auto autoattacks
+Strong support with Mekanism and your W

-Lack of CC:d
-Still a bit weak against chain CC (who isnt?)


You've failed. Never should have come here with this build or any other as Warlock. If you have, your task is to support your carries as much as possible and try to kite possible focus you might get. Try to rain down your golem on them when they try to kill someone and stop them atleast for a while. Hit your heals and "Shivas Guard" and run. Your still fairly durable and take some punishment but watch out on getting stuck on CC. "Fatal Bonds" can still turn the tides of a battle.

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